Growing Potatoes In Crates – A Big Harvest With Little Effort!

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Whenever anyone strolls through our garden, it’s not long before they ask about our potato crates located along the back fence row. The bright green foliage sprouting out of the top of the crates is certainly an eye-catcher – but

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2 Big Garden Experiments For 2016

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I don’t think we’ve ever been as excited for a garden season as Mary and I are for this summer’s version. Not only is it our chance to build and finally move to the farm full-time – but also the year we

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4 Wintertime Projects To Get Your Garden Prepared For Next Year – And Keep You From The Winter Blah’s!

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Even though the snow and cold of winter’s dark days will be upon us soon enough – it doesn’t mean it’s time to forget about your garden. In fact, wintertime is actually the perfect time to plan, prepare and create all kinds of garden projects to help make next year’s growing season a huge success! Whether you are planning to grow your first veggies ever – or a seasoned veteran of the backyard garden – now is the time to make sure you have everything ready you’ll need next spring to hit the ground running – or should I say hit the garden planting! Here are 4 projects you can do to help chase the wintertime blahs – and get ready for growing next Spring! Plan Your Garden Out On Paper – Now! Taking time to plan your garden over the winter months is one of the most important and overlooked chores each year. By planning now – you can figure out the best ways to get the most from the available space in your garden, and make the most of your family’s food goals. It also allows you to get a jump-start on what seeds to order – and when to start them indoors.  Last but not least – […]

The 2015 Garden Experiments – What Worked, And What Didn’t!

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We have had quite a few emails over the last month inquiring about our 2015 garden experiments.  Many wanted to know how the red plastic mulch in the tomato rows worked out – while others were curious about the method of growing all of our potatoes in crates. So we thought for today’s Sunday Farm Update – we would take a little time to go over the results and share some of the winners – and losers of the 2015 garden experiments. We have a lot of fun trying out new things each year in the garden, and just like in life – some work out perfectly – while others you simply chalk up to a lesson well-learned!  But as the old saying goes, when you stop trying – you stop learning – and where is the fun in that?! So with that said – here is a look at our 2015 experiments: What Worked: The Potato Crates After successfully experimenting last year with growing some of our potato crop in home-made wooden crates – we went “all-in” this year, planting our entire crop with the crate method. We planted them in a loose mixture of straw, compost and dirt – filling up the crate […]