Interviewing Preppers – Omega Survival

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It’s common to feel alone when you have a preparedness mindset. It’s been my experience that preppers value education, being self-reliant, developing skills, and being capable of helping in stressful situations. However, many people act like having an emergency kit is a foreign concept. For example, I was […]

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SHTF Threats OFTEN Overlooked

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Look up a preparedness forum or check out some of the comments on a preparedness article after a major event.  Common themes involve guns, ammunintion, stocking food to the ceiling and water in tanks, some medical supplies and other misc items.  Skills are always relevant so there could be some discussion surrounding that (i.e. how to articles or other various sharing).

One of the biggest threats which I have discussed in the past is often overlooked because it is not “sexy” to prepare for and folks don’t give it much thought.


Before you dig into your stash of fish antibiotics and declare yourself immune consider theory vs reality.  Studies by folks you may or may not know and have read about online vs practicing medical professionals in your community.  Allow me to relate my recent story.

A few days ago I felt the tip of my finger start to get sensitive, no big deal I thought it will go away.  I went shooting over the weekend and did some martial arts training, the finger persisted and it became slighly painful to dig into my left pocket for my phone.  Two days ago I started to notice my finger swelling on the left side of it accompanied by some discomfort, like the typical man I thought it would probably go away at some point, maybe I got a splinter from stacking wood.  Yesterday my wife, who is a practicing medical professional in the Operating Room, saw my finger and said “you have an infection and you need to get it checked out ASAP.”

I made it to the DR’s office today and sure enough an infection that somehow made it’s way into my finger (they think through the cuticle).  Had I let it go for another week or two, they said it would have gotten very inflamed, restricted motion, pain, red streaks up my hand and they might have had to cut it open to drain it.  Wow.  Good thing I caught it early enough and via antibiotics should be good to go within a few days.

Now imagine: no antibiotics and no local Doc to visit with a quick script and trip to the pharmacy.   In the span of a month my left hand would be in constant pain with restricted motion, who knows how far it would spread.  All this off of something I had no idea I contracted and seemingly innoculous at first.  A simple infection much more powerful than any hoarde of fantasyland hungry and armed roving bands of evil doers just over the next horizon.

In retrospect I think about this and wonder what I could have done to prevent it, I truly have no idea since I don’t recall what exactly happened to initiate it.  What I can think of with respect to SHTF is one word: Community.  Community is everything and with that multiple talents, most importantly a Medical Doctor / Surgeon with access to prescription medications.  I’d rather have one of those on my squad than 6 light infantry types, think about it.


10 Reasons Why Building a Community is Key When SHTF

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This article is several years old, but I just came across it recently and the advice is timeless. There’s a reason John Donne said, “No man is an island, entire of itself.” Some people are more independent than others, and some people might be capable of surviving a very long time on their own. But […]

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Building a Preparedness Community from Scratch

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I am in the preliminary stages of building a preparedness community, assembling a contingent of like minded individuals / families which can trust each other when times get tough, be it a localized disaster or something greater.  The reality of the situation is that no matter how much training or preps you have, a community will be more of an asset than trying to go it alone.  The time to find out if your neighbors can or cannot be trusted or might have skills which are valuable isn’t after a major event has occured.

My journey to start this process began a few weeks ago with a handful of people around a table sipping on coffee and discussing likely vs unlikely events and how we could address them.  I hope you will follow along as I continue to document the progress we make and setbacks we face.  What follows below is a brief synopsis of how I got the whole thing off the ground to begin with.

Putting out Feelers

I rather dislike social media but also understand that it can be a good tool for open source communcation, I also understand that big bro also knows most everything about me anyways so whatever.  I put out a feeler on a local community FB page asking if folks would like to meet to discuss preparedness with the caveat that this wasn’t some doomsday / anti government type of thing, but rather a practical exercise with hopes of meeting some folks who would like to chat about some of our threats and what we can do to address them.  I had an overwhelming response to this post and it was mostly positive, we set a time and date and went from there.

Meet and Greet

We decided to meet for coffee at a local shop, turns out there were about 10 of us that showed up.  Not bad for strangers all unsure of who else might attend or the actual intentions of the person who set the whole thing up (me).  There was a feeling out period where we shared information about ourselves, backgrounds, why we thought preparedness was important and what some of the largest threats were that we faced.  While there was some mention of low probability, high impact events (WW3, Supervolcano) we mostly agreed that things like fire and localized power outages were top of the list.  From there we took a look at wasy to mitigate those risks (brainstorming).

Path Forward

In the hour or two that we sat at that table we weren’t going to solve the world’s problems but we could prioritize a list of what we could address on the local level immediately.  One thing we decided was that we needed to have consistent meetings, we also needed a better way to communicate other than social media.  Another longer term goal for all of us was getting set up on HAM so that we could have consistent communicaiton and situation awareness (SA) with our surrounding community and even outlying areas.  We agreed to work on many of these things and exchanged contact information and called it a successful meeting.

The Bottom Line

I have no idea if I can trust any of these people quite yet, nor do I know if any of them actually truly want to put in the work to do what it takes to build a solid community.  What I can tell you is that by establishing gates with solid action items it will weed out those who are actually about doing something, and those who are in it for the free coffee.  What I know to be true is that there are folks like me with other skills who can be an asset to my family and together we can be an asset to the community as a whole.  This time will be filled with trial and error but if say, 6 to 12 months from now we have just 3-5 families who have started to work together toward a common goal it will be more than we started with.  I hope to keep everyone updated on the progess as we move along.


2017 Prepper Bundle – eBook Library

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  Leading authors on preparedness and self-reliance have collaborated to bring a bundle of educational products for preppers at every level.  For $30, add the Prepper Bundle to your electronic library.  Valued at over $300, this bundle is a great deal for those that enjoy learning, prepping, reading, […]

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Prepper Comic Books

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Instilling preparedness values in children is something that many parents take seriously.  It can be daunting to teach children about emergency preparedness.  If you were wondering how to expose your children to preparedness topics in a fun way, comics are a great avenue.  Comic books are making a comeback […]

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Prepper Calendar – National Observance Months

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Ever wondering what the preparedness community is up to each month?  We not only have the National Preparedness month in September but there are eleven other national observance months that make up the prepper calendar.  Here are several uses for this prepper calendar: Save money onRead More

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12 Survival Books Worth Reading

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Like many of you, I enjoy being swept away by a good book. I even carry a light novel in my bug out bag.  The Prepper in me wants to make sure I have a good book to read even if the “lights-go-out”.   The library isRead More

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Prepping Podcasts List

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Have you thought about listening to prepping podcasts while working on your spring cleaning projects? For those of you that are not familiar with podcasts, they are blog articles that have been audio recorded. This can be a great way to learn something new about preppingRead More

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Awesome Prepper Websites

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The preparedness community is growing.  Defining oneself as a Prepper, Homesteader, or Survivalist is a growing trend.  However, emergency preparedness and self-reliance information has been around a long time.  There are a lot of awesome prepper websites and blogs that can help get you ready for anyRead More

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Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Preppers

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For the last week, I’ve been asking in several online Prepper groups “Do you have a New Year’s resolution regarding emergency preparedness or self reliance”?  The responses varied and some were quite surprising.  Here are the top ten generalized New Year’s resolutions for Preppers in order:… Read More

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Emergency Communication Exercise

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Last Saturday, the church that I attend had a region wide emergency communication exercise.  The goal of the exercise was to get church leaders to consider how they would contact people within a designated area as if in a power outage scenario.  Leaders had between 9am to… Read More

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6 Summer Preps Anyone Can Do

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Yes, I not only prep for economic hardship and disasters but I also prep (get ready) for other things too, like SUMMER!  Prepping for the summer helps me save money, accomplish preparedness goals, and schedule things to look forward too.  Summer can be the best… Read More

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