20 Great Prepping/Survival Father’s Day Gifts For The Dad in Your Life!

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Just around the corner is the one day  a year that we all take a moment and thank Dad for all he does. If you were lucky enough to have a good Father, you probably look forward to this day each year. Its a reason to go and hang out with Dad. Its a reason …

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The Ultimate Holiday Prepper Gift Buying Guide

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The Ultimate Holiday Prepper Gift Buying Guide Do you have a special prepper in your life? What about someone in your life who has no idea what to buy you for the holiday. Maybe you are struggling with what you want to burn your holiday family ration on. You get one shot at this holiday …

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Prepper Gift List – Get Them What They Really Want!

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I hate coming up with gift ideas.  I also don’t like getting gifts.  I always seem to get presents that I don’t really need or want.  So, I want to help my fellow Preppers or their significant others, with some great ideas.  This is my Prepper Gift List. 

HINT: If your significant other doesn’t know what to get you, send them a link to this article.

Below you will find some DIY gift ideas as well as gifts for those who just don’t have the time to make something.

DIY Food Bucket – This one is easy and well, it will help the giftee survive in case of an emergency.  Grab a bucket and lid from Home Depot or Lowes.  Fill the bucket with canned food for an emergency.  You should throw in a good can opener too. If the foods aren’t ready to eat like soups, etc…, make sure you throw in some easy to make recipes with the canned food storage your placing in the bucket.

You can also use this same premise to make a Hygiene bucket or Sanitation bucket of supplies.

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL ALERT – If you don’t want to waste time making your own food bucket, pick one up from Legacy Foods.  They have great food buckets that will last many years – CLICK HERE.

An Altoids Tin Survival/Boo-Boo/Urban Kit is another great DIY gift.  I’m very partial to the Boo-Boo Kits myself.  This small kit can be kept at the office in a desk drawer, in a vehicle, purse, backpack or even on you, in a pocket.  This is easy to assemble and the giftee will always remember you when they open up and use their kit!

My experience with Hurrican Harvey proved this little flashlight’s worth to me over and over.  The Outlite A100 Portable Ultra Bright Handheld LED Flashlight is a powerful light that anyone would love you for giving it to them when they are in need of a light.  You can also purchase two rechargeable batteries that will give you a lot of light when you need it!

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL ALERTHydroBlu Jerry Can – You’re going to hear a lot about this one in the near future! This Jerry Can is a water filter that anyone can use.  It will hold 5 gallons of water and filter it out as you pump it.  This is a must for any survival enthusiast or anyone who thinks they might go through a disaster or crisis situation.

If your giftee is getting serious about their preparedness, then they are going to need to learn how to cook over an open flame.  The Stove in a Can is an easy way to make that happen.  The stove comes with fuel and is easy enough for anyone to use.  It is another means to cook food and heat water during an emergency situation.  


Are you Conflicted? – If you’re looking for an unusual gift, maybe for a stocking stuffer, office party or even a white elephant gift, this will be the “Talk of the Presents.”   Conflicted is a card game with survival scenarios on the back of each card.  You or the person responding to the scenario will be “conflicted” on how to answer it.  These aren’t easy scenarios. There is a lot to consider here!  Check out Conflicted Cards Here!

Amazon Prime – a gift that would “keep on giving” all year long is giving someone Amazon Prime.  There are so many items that you can purchase from Amazon, the list is crazy huge! 

Everybody purchases on Amazon.  But when you give someone the gift of Prime, they get their purchases in 2 days AND it’s FREE shipping!  Anyone with Prime also has access to FREE Movies, TV Shows, and Music!  It is a great deal! Click on the banner below to check out Amazon Prime!


Of course, you could always buy a gift from Amazon’s Survival or Outdoor section.  And then there are all the survival books to choose from.  I would suggest that EVERY Prepper have Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy’s Survival Medicine Handbook in their library!

DIY Fire Kit – Another great DIY gift item would be a fire kit.  You could purchase small plastic bags and put cotton balls and vaseline inside and smash it to get the vaseline all over the cotton.  You can add a Ferro Rod, lighter, waterproof matches, some lint from the dryer and maybe a few tea lights.  

I tried to provide some different gifts rather than the usual “Prepper Gift List.”  I hope you find something the Prepper in your life loves!


12 Days of Christmas: Day 7, Give the Gift of Preparedness

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 Christmas gifts for preppers

So is your gift shopping all finished?  If not, this year spread the message of preparedness with a plethora of thoughtful gift ideas that carry with them the underlying purpose of preparing your loved ones for emergencies. One of these just might put a huge, satisfied smile on the face of even the pickiest person on your list, and many of these are very budget friendly. Christmas gifts for preppers and non-preppers alike.

For the skeptic in your life

Give Patriots by James Wesley Rawles or One Second After by William Forstchen, and then sit back and wait for a panicked phone call.

For the prepper who seems to have everything

Give them a 6-week Advanced Prepping Intensive course with Preppers University. As one of the founders and an instructor, I can promise you, they will be challenged in ways they can’t imagine. From learning about how to plant and grow camouflaged gardens to setting up a communication schedule with timetables and codes — this course really does cover “advanced” prepping. Here’s a link with information about the course. (The 3 payment plan is a nice feature.)

For the road warrior

Put together a customized survival kit for their vehicle.  Think combo 72 Hour Kit/Road Emergency Kit.  You can find what you need in your own stash of supplies, sporting goods stores, and automotive stores. Customize it with gear and other supplies unique to their circumstances, such as needed OTC medications (see this list for suggestions). If you’re short on time, a ready-made kit is a good substitute, and if you order online, shipping to another address is easy.

For the beginning prepper

Nothing says, “I love you and want you to survive TEOTWAWKI,” like a 5-gallon food grade bucket filled with packets of freeze dried or dehydrated foods, a portable water filter, a gift certificate for range time at a local shooting range, and a copy of my family survival book, Survival Mom. It’s very easy and fun to read with over 300 pages of helpful info, family activities, and checklists. I recommend Mountain House meals.

For the overwhelmed mom

A “Mom’s Survival Kit” filled with small snacks, coloring and activity books and small toys may be her only link to sanity someday as she and her brood hunker down in a bomb shelter or, more likely, are stranded on the side of the road.  Add a gourmet chocolate bar and a fun magazine or novel, and she’ll weep tears of joy.

For someone who needs a new hobby

A gift certificate for shooting lessons, a canning course, hunting skills and safety, a craft class at a store like Jo-Anne, a master gardener course, and so on. In one fell swoop, you’ll have that gift checked off on your list and will have opened the door to a new hobby that could last a lifetime.

And, finally, ultimate survival gifts for the King or Queen of Preppers

I have a fun list of 23 gifts that may seem extreme, or not, but for sure, they are the ultimate when it comes to gift-giving in this category. You’ll find that list here.

Christmas gifts for preppers

50 Affordable Gifts for Survivalists

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There is now less than a month until Christmas! If you know a prepper or a survivalist and you’re looking for gift ideas, we got you covered. And if you’re a prepper yourself and looking for some cool survival items to put on your wishlist, we also got you covered. Below you’ll find an alphabetical […]

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The TOP 11 Gifts For the Skeptical Prepper

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Written By Mike Harris

With the Holidays fast approaching I know how frustrating it can be trying to get loved ones the perfect gifts that is not only practical but will benefit them in ways a flashy pretty piece of jewelry or a cool video game can’t. Having first hand experience with getting high dollar prepping items for non-preppers who not only don’t appreciate them but also shake their head in disdain is a feeling all to familiar to me. So here I have compiled a list of 11 gift ideas under $50 that can put that loved one in a better predicament of preparedness without them even knowing it. This list is non-excusive that will make for great gift ideas for both guys and gals of all ages!


  1. Portable Power pack

Portable Power packs come in all shapes, sizes, colors and capacities. I have found these not only extremely well received by non-preppers but unprecedented by most in the overall preparedness value it brings. The typical IPhone battery is about 2,000 mah of power. With power packs ranging from 2,000 mah to the 50,000 “All Powers” external power pack. The user can charge their portable electronics many times over. Not only are their uses for small electronics great but also they provide so much diversity in regards to their many colors, sizes and applications. Giving your loved ones the ability to meet all their small electronic needs is a huge prepping multiplier! We all know inclimate weather, terrorism, earthquakes, accidents, and overall disaster will happen it’s never been a matter of if but when. According to Current statistics there are over 260 million cell phone users in the United States of America! With this knowledge in mind equip your loved ones with the ability to send that text message, write that tweet, updated that Facebook status, hash tag their ideas, post that controversial idea, record that memorable moment. But most importantly give them the life saving power they need to get in contact with Emergency services and loved ones in the event something goes wrong! You will be happier and can rest assured knowing you have set them up for success.


  1. Foldable solar panel

Small foldable solar panels are not only “hipster and progressive” in many aspects but provide a wealth of preparedness capabilities unparalleled in many respects. Not only do these solar panels provide an unlimited amount of electricity when the sun is out but are very easy to store and user friendly to use. Requiring virtually no maintenance upkeep, they can be that lifeline you can depend on when everything around you is falling apart. They can be used and implemented anywhere at anytime as long as there is light. Even under bad forecast they can provide you the life saving power you or someone you know may need in the event of a disaster.  Now couple this with an external power pack (Apple Product Power Pack) and now you have an unlimited power source that can keep you off grid indefinitely! You will be hard pressed to find something that brings more independence and stress free living then being able to personally provide for all your small electronic power needs free from the power grid!



  1. Solar flash light/ Lantern

Light more often then not is something that is taken for granted by the average person. Fortunately most of us live in a world where we can flip and switch and magically we have light. While this is ideal it’s not always the case when disaster strikes. Solar Lighting not only gives the user the ability to have light where they may otherwise not have it but also allows them to have lighting abilities indefinitely because they are not susceptible to depleted disposable batteries, or oil sources like what we see with traditional flashlights and oil lanterns. Natural sunlight light can be taken advantage of during the day and can be used at night. Also like the already mentioned items many of them have the ability to be also used as an external power pack giving them more then one use. We don’t realize the importance of light until the light goes out and we hear that boom in the middle of the night! Remember two is one, one is none. To see the capabilities these light devices have check out my product review.


  1. Cutting Tools

When you say cutting tools you are referring to a broad diverse spectrum of “sharp objects”. This was done purposely every one is different and requires different types of cutting tools. What I would give a college sorority girl that drives a Toyota corolla and has no preparedness inclination versus an avid hunter that drives a lifted 4×4 truck and stays off the beaten path for days at a time is going to be different in style and ergonomics; but the methodology and application will be very similar. Examples for a self-defense situation I would be more inclined to give a college sorority girl a “Honeycomb Hairbrush concealed stiletto dagger” or a “Cat personal safety key chain”. They are complete concealable very fashionable that can go with any purse or outfit. These items will provide a quick control for an unprecedented attack while serving primarily as an everyday use item. While for my avid hunter, Military, or EMS person I might give a “SOG Fast-hawk Hatchet” that can be used as a self defense tool, extrication device, wood cutting tool etc. As you can see cutting tools have a wide range of styles and uses that can serve a diverse array of preparedness needs without coming across as such.


  1. Portable water filter

Portable water filters are one of those small cheap out of sight out of mind water applications that quite frankly will at a minimum sustain life! These make a perfect gift for all people regardless of age, gender, or lifestyle. I can say from personal experience being well traveling around the world these have been a game changer. Being in other countries where the tap water was considered unsafe due to viruses and bacteria I never had to worry about where I got my drinking water. Especially with products like the “Sawyer mini Water Filter” that will easily screw onto any commercial water bottle I was able to fill up my bottle (from any local water source) attach the filter and keep moving without any fear of contracting any water borne illnesses. Most commercial portable water filters on the market today will remove over 99% of all bacteria, such as salmonella, cholera and E.coli and remove over 99% of all protozoa elements such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium. The “Sawyer Mini Water Filter” Claims it can filter up to 100,000 gallons and weighs only 2 ounces. According to science the average adult human body is 50-65% water. On average the every day American family uses about 80-100 gallons of water per day. While this is taking other water usages into calculation one can still see the importance of water especially when considering that in a disaster the average person will be expending more calories and using more water. No matter where you are whether that be in a local park, traveling in another country, or in the safety of ones home drinking clean potable water is an absolute necessity and water is unequivocally the giver of life! Make having clean and potable water a necessity!


  1. Waterproof speakers with external charging capabilities

The waterproof speakers with external charging capabilities are what gets the person from the sidelines into the action in regards to preparedness. This is a gateway preparedness gift. Regardless if you are an NCAA Cheerleader, Surfer, camper, Military Service member, or the everyday person the ability to access to and have all their music and electronic needs met is an extremely good selling point. According to a Nielsen’s Music 360 2014 study, 93% of the U.S. population listens to music, spending more than 25 hours each week jamming out to their favorite tunes. The waterproof speakers encourage the user to take their lives off the beaten path, to push beyond the realms of their typical everyday habits. The external charging capabilities give the user an added layer of support and comfort being outside in those environments. Now add a foldable solar panel and the possibilities for adventures off the beaten path are endless. It’s much easier to engage someone in a “what if” scenario or talk about preparedness if your already off the beaten path, outside the “safety confines” of the power grid simultaneously creating your own endless energy while listening to their favorite music. I’m just saying!



  1. Seed Bank/Plant

Seeds and plants are one of the only prep “gifts” that will give back in dividends that will exceed the initial cost. Being able to take a handful of seeds or a plant and create an endless life-sustaining ecosystem is truly beyond words. Permaculture does more then just provides a means by which to feed ones self. Permaculture in many respects is one of the most rewarding pursuits we can do as human beings. Giving us the ability to create and take care of life, being independent of the corporate bureaucracy of Big Ag, and allows one to create their own sustainable paradigm. The lessons gained from the successes and losses of growing.  Not to mention the invaluable skill set that has been slowly taken out of our modern day society. Living in a day and age where we have become so dependent on a system that could careless the consequences of their actions and practices should worry us all. So stay one step ahead of chaos get someone you care about a small seed variety pack, or a tomato plant. If you really like them get them a moringa tree!



  1. Multi-Tool

Multi-Tools are invaluable to anyone, they provide hundreds of functions and are more compact then wallet or small makeup case. Yet it provides the essentials to most day-to-day maintenance. Whether we are talking about opening a bottle or performing a plumbing task using pliers and a cutting tool. The Multi-Tool is a silent hero; it can be carried as an EDC or left in the glove box of a vehicle until needed. It’s a jack-of-all-trades but master of none. You won’t necessarily build a house with it but it can get you out of pretty much any tight situation you might find yourself in. To top it off, in modern day 2016 Multi-Tools are no longer big bulky steel bricks carried in the same old leather or webbing straps. They come in all styles, colors, and designs. They even have bracelet Multi-Tools



  1. Hand-Crank Emergency Power Source

I’ll let you choose what features are important to you but having a power source independent of another source but your will is absolute by its own definition!  We don’t get to choose when disaster will strike, or how it strikes, or what is affected. What we can do is decide for ourselves how prepared we will be. Having the ability to provide an indefinite amount of light, power, and communication etc. day and night is what preparedness is all about. How many times have we looked down at our cell phone and realized we at minimum battery life now, now throw a wrench in your charging plan. That’s where these device swoop in to save the day. Many Hand-Crank Emergency Power Sources charge at the same rate as plugging it into a wall outlet. So in a few minutes you can bring a phone back from the dead regardless of the time, emergency, or situation you find yourself in!



  1. Emergency Car Kit

Do you know a loved one with a vehicle? Do they have an Emergency Kit in their vehicle? If they don’t they are wrong and so are you! In the United States alone, approximately 7 tire punctures occur every second, resulting in 220 million flat tires per year. Approximately 50% of Americans don’t know how to change a tire. I could talk to you for days on this subject but at the end of the day one must ask him or her self some simple questions. In an emergency situation will you depend on technology (AAA), the kindness of a stranger, or empower your self and loved ones to be self-sufficient?  I can’t tell you how many people I have helped that have found themselves broke down on the side of the road. It breaks my heart because I know somewhere down the line they were failed! Don’t fail your self or your loved ones. Give them and yourself the tools for success and most importantly train them to do the basics!



  1. Candles/Fire-Starter

Last but certainly not least we have candles and fire starters. I put these two in the same category because they go together very interchangeably. For the record U.S. retail sales of candles are estimated at approximately $3.2 billion annually, excluding sales of candle accessories (Source: Mintel, 2015). Candles are used in 7 out of 10 U.S. households, and are seen as an acceptable gift by both mean and women. Not to mention Candles come in an endless variety of shapes, sizes and uses. We see this from votive to floating candles to those that are used in religious and ritual like settings.

Regardless of why or how you use candles the ability to hold a flame is paramount in a disaster situation! So if holding a flame is paramount starting a flame is essential. Now I’m not advocating going out and getting everyone a Ferrocerium rod bush craft kit with char cloth all included. Nor am I saying go out and get your 19 year old college sorority daughter a pack of cheap plastic Bic lighters either. The great thing about fire starters now-a-days is that they come in all styles and colors. You have the Colibri Scepter lighter that looks like a tube of lipstick for the ladies to the custom Harley Davidson zippo for the seasoned veteran biker. In my humble opinion I would say that candles and fire starters are not only the easiest, and least expensive gifts to give but will arguable be, the first thing one reaches for in the event of a disaster. The ability to have a lite candle not only helps our physical needs in regards to light and heat. But the psychological ones are just as important if not more. The flame’s soft illumination reaches the soul; it can deliver hope and instill a calming relief.  This coupled the aromatherapy of a scented candle can literally make all the difference in a disaster setting!


This completes my Top 11 gifts for your non-prepper friends and family. While the old slogan “it’s the thought that counts” may resonate with a lot of people it’s important to realize that your feelings and thoughts won’t be the deciding factor in who lives and who dies. Their ability to react logically and swiftly with the right tools will be the deciding factor. While you may not be able to control ones actions you can equip them with the right tools and get the brain working in the preparedness mindset without them even realizing it and that is the purpose of this article.

I can tell you from personal experience when I realized this reality. I was there when the May 3rd Tornado hit the Midwest in 1999. Not only do I remember the destruction that it left in its wake in my small Cleveland County, Oklahoma town. I remember my mother reaching under the bathroom sink to grab three candles so she could provide just a little light to her 3 confused and frightened boys. I remember her lighting these candles she had received as a gift. I don’t remember who gave them to her, but I can tell you I will never forget the smell of that first apple cider candle she lite, nor will I forget the impact of what a simple candle can do for a small frightened family in a ravaged home. I don’t personally think that individual who gave us those candles envisioned the scenario that they would be used for. Nor do I believe they knew the impact that such a small gift would have on someone’s life. But what I can say unequivocally was that small flame ignited hope, determination, and most importantly a quenching desire to seek knowledge on all that is preparedness and to teach others everything I can. So wherever you may be, wherever life might I have taken you I want to say from the bottom of my heart; Thank You.

I hope you guys enjoyed this article, I hope to bring you more content in the future.


Author bio

Mike Harris is a full time RV’r spending the last couple years traveling not only the country but all over the world. Being a 4th generation sailor he has not only operated all over the world but grew up experiencing the rich diversities that make this world great but also a dangerous place. He is still Active duty he is a Search and Rescue Corpsman (Flight Medic) and an Aerospace Medical Technician.  His preparedness and desire for sustainability are deep rooted in reality. Having to endure and face catastrophe is not just a job description but also his personal mission. He has trained both local and federal agencies as well a foreign. He done real life missions he was there during hurricane Sandy and was also apart of the 2515th NAAD. When not working or prepping you can find him traveling the country in his RV, hiking off the beaten path or enjoying much needed catch up time with friends and family. You can catch his adventures on his YouTube channel.

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12 Prepper Gifts for Father’s Day

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12 Prepper Gifts for Father’s Day As father’s day draws closer, you may be finding yourself wondering what to get for your prepper dad. Luckily for you, a prepper dad has shared exactly what he would want this father’s day from prices ranging from $5 to $100. If you are looking to spend a little …

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for your Favorite Prepper Mama

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas for your Favorite Prepper Mama

You have a month to get your mom (or your kids their mom) a Mother’s Day gift. I am going to share some of my favorites. (Hear that kids?)

These Mother’s Day gifts could be for prepping, homesteading, or just because.
We started prepping about 4 years ago and I am amazed at some of the stuff we have acquired.
Now, books and hands on knowledge are better than stuff in my opinion. You can’t really bug out with a dehydrator. It’s best to have the knowledge already in your head. Much lighter to carry if you ask me. But these things are nice to have and use while we can.

One of the first things I started to learn about was food storage. Canning and dehydrating. I use bother water bath and pressure canning. I also love to dehydrate.
Some books I like:

A food strainer was handy for the tomato sauce.

Then when it comes to dehydrating I love the Excalibur. Don’t forget the sheets to make fruit leather.

After food storage was just generic preparedness. You never know when the power might go out because of a snow storm or spring thunderstorm. Gadgets are fun to have around.

I bought this solar phone charger to use last summer when Boy Child #2 competed in Ironman. Outlets were hard to come by and it was great to hook to our backpack and charge cell phones.

In an emergency you may need to boil water. The Kelly Kettle is great for that and uses easy to acquire fuel sources.

Multi tool anyone? Always good to have on hand.

Or how about these Mason Jar oil lamp doohickeys. Because, well, Mason Jars!

or this style is cool too!

I love preparedness books but these three are my favorites.
Survival Mom: How to Prepare Your Family for Everyday Disasters and Worst-Case Scenarios
The Prepper’s Blueprint: The Step-By-Step Guide To Help You Through Any Disaster
(Not light reading, but educational and eye opening)One Second After

I should go without saying, but a Wholesale Membership for the Essential Wellness Team is the gift that gives all year. Saving 25% off retail prices of essential oils and an amazing knowledge skill to have down the road.

These may not seem practical from a guys standpoint, but boy are they some cool ideas.
Another idea would be continuing education classes at your local community college.
Maybe self defense or shooting lessons at the gun range.
What would you add?

Thank you for using affiliate links and such.
It doesn’t cost you extra to use them, so thank you.
Sometimes I get free stuff to review.
I promise you I will always be honest with my opinion
of any product regardless of if I were paid in addition
to receiving the free product. You can trust me.
Do you need Essential Oils of your own?
You can send me an e-mail and I will personally assist
you in choosing the best oils to fit your needs.
Please use discretion if using oils.
I am not a doctor and can not diagnose or treat what ails ya.
I can just give my advice. Essential Oils have yet to be
approved by the FDA.
Occasional Useletter
Essential Oil Newsletter

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Top 20 Best Prepper Gifts for any Survival Situation

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Written by Pat Henry on The Prepper Journal.

4.5/5 (6) Do you have a prepper on your shopping list? The occasion doesn’t matter really. It could be Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas or Hanukkah, birthdays or just because. But sometimes finding the perfect gift for the prepper who has everything can be tough. Why is that? Well, most preppers already have some of […]

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