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Now, I’m going to say the word exercise, and don’t run away!

I know, I know, you’re going to say you get enough exercise every day with your job. I mean, all the stuff we do during the day, does that not count as exercise? Well for most of us no, it does not.
Now exercising is not all about weight control.

Let’s look at some reasons why we want to exercise.
1. It will help you relieve stress
2. You’ll sleep better
3. It can help you have more energy
4. Improves your memory
5. Improve posture
6. Become more confident
7. Get sick less often
8. White help you live longer
9. Make you stronger
10. Increase your endurance
11. Control your weight
12. Improve your mood
13. Help you meet new people
14. Help relieve some pain
15. Help with digestion

These are just some of the reasons why we should exercise.

Check with your doctor before you start doing any exercises. We wouldn’t want you to start having chest pains, while you’re trying to get healthy!

When we talk about exercise, it’s not all weightlifting and sit ups. There are many forms of exercise, then it can even be done from sitting in a chair.

1. Swimming
2. Yoga
3. Pilates
4. Bodyweight training
5. Resistant band training
6. Walking
7. Cycling
8. Aerobics

These are just a few of the ways to exercise. The idea is to move your body.

I know is not as cool, as running and gunning, or parkour. Let’s face the facts, that I am over 50 years of age, not in the greatest shape, and just can’t do that anymore. I know there’s a few of you out there like me.
So where do we start how do we get this going? Will start by talking to your doctor first. Then let’s start out with stretching. That creaking and cracking you’re going to hear, is not the floor! Walking has to be one of my favorites. Walk around the flea market, walk around expos, walk around antique stores. These are some of my favorite places to go where I’m indoors and in a nice climate. I can go to the bathroom and I can have a drink when I want!

A lot of these exercises you can do at home in the privacy of your own house. Get the kids involved. Get your friends and family involved. Or simply hide out with the shades drawn so nobody can see you!

You’ve got to get your body in shape if you really want to be self-reliant.

Years ago, at an expo in Kentucky, I made the comment to the crowd that the only thing they could depend on to get them out of a bad situation was their own 2 feet. As we found out during 9/11, people had to walk. There wasn’t any jumping into the bug out vehicle, and driving out. Just think about that , and if you can’t walk out, maybe you need to be able to roll yourself out!


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Crawfish Catch N Cook Survival -Hand Caught / Fire Grilled-

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Bob Hansler,
First collaboration with my daughter Bre as spring starts up. Apologies for the wind, Texas has been uncommonly windy this year and we are actively looking at camera equipment that has a shotgun mic with a wind screen. Looking at models and financing now, your advice would be helpful and appreciated.

The Gee’s trap extender featured at the end of this video is not commercially available. Bre and I plan on making a crawfish trapping vid in the coming weeks to show them off and see if there is any interest. If there are enough folks that want these, I’ll get in touch with the Tackle Factory to get production going. We’ll see.

Wooded Beardsman will be here in a few weeks, everything’s greening up and we’re filming every moment we can. Thank ya’ll for watching, special thanks to those who support this channel through Patreon, and…

Hand Fishing and Campfire Cooking Crawdads! A stream to fire experience with my daughter Bre and dog Huck. BUY TITAN SURVIVAL THROUGH THIS LINK: http://bit.ly/2Exofym If you have the ability and desire to support this channel please visit the links below: Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2838693 Paypal: bobhansler@yahoo.com

Until Next Time,
Bob Hansler

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Reality About Survival TV

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I know the comments, I see what people write on Facebook and other social media. If they were on that survival show they did this, and they would have done that. Well that’s not always allowed! THAT is the reality about survival TV.

You see, survival TV is about making television, the wow factor, and the shock, and the drama. It has very little to do with actually teaching your survival. If you really look at the shows you’ll see that most of it is watching people fail, cheering for the underdog, or hoping that some disaster will befall people.
Drama is great TV, and by editing the footage and bringing in the commercials, they make it seem like it’s all drama! Nobody would hang around to watch if someone had a great campsite with perfect water set up and found lots of food. Then had the time to sit back after the first two days and enjoy their stay.

Here are some untold hard facts about the TV shows.

Most of the shows are not that far out in the wild. Some shows are actually filmed within hundreds of yards of vacation resorts. A lot of these shows are shot on reserves, parks, vacation spots, and other well-known areas. It has happened more than once that the contestants and crews have run into hikers, birdwatchers, and other people.

There are medical, advisers, producers, and film crews everywhere. And trust me this help scare off the game. Speaking of game, you’re not allowed to harvest certain animals.

Crews actually go in before the contestants, and remove plants, animals and food, from some areas.

Some shows you have to wear or carry a transponder. If you get too close to someone or something you are told to turn around and go back in another direction.

Sometimes they pay you to do stupid things. “We will give you X amount of dollars when you go over there and get that lizard and eat it.” Yes that really happens.

They team you up with different people to watch the conflict.

Some shows you are paid by the episodes so the faster you tap out, the less they have to pay you.

No matter how good you are they can edit the video to make you look either great or stupid.

The show comes first, your safety comes second. Yes they will take care of you if you get injured or sick and you’re there on the set. It’s after the shows over in your back home, getting sick from a disease, parasite or an illness suffered during the show that you may not be compensated for, and yes this has happened with some of the contestants.

So when you sit back in your chair and watch these television shows and you’re saying you would do this and you would do that, remember there are rules that you don’t know about, I’ve only mentioned a few here.
Suffering through problems, conflicts and drama, gets the shows their ratings and their pay better than someone who comes in and just totally does a wonderful job.

So am I saying that everything is “fake, or staged?”Absolutely not, and some good things can be learned from the shows. You have to take everything with a grain of salt, and remember you are watching television.

Real survival can only be taught to you by getting out there putting in the dirt time. You have to get out from in front of the television set, and practice.

Television and the Internet are great for piquing your interest, but when you really want to learn skills, nothing beat hands on experience. Go out and try some of the skills that you have seen. Go take a class, with a reputable school..

By Rich@AroundTheCabin.com

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Iron age reality show

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The original reality show, filmed in 1978, 12 adults and 3 children were chosen from around 1000 volunteers to live in the “iron age”, they lived this way for 1 year, fully immersed and living the life.

The nice thing is they weren’t in competition with each other, no one was “voted” off, they lived and worked together as if it were the iron age. It also interviewed the people some 30 years later and how it affected their lives.



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