Introducing the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer

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We have been asked our opinion on home freeze-dryers many times since Harvest Right came onto the preparedness scene. A few months ago I went and toured the corporate offices and was able to learn a lot more about the company and the home freeze-dryer machines. Harvest Right offered me the opportunity to test out one of the freeze-dryers to do a full review on it for our blog. I hope you enjoy following along with my adventures as I learn the ropes and determine how useful it is for long term food storage purposes!

To see my day to do journey please make sure to join our Facebook Group where I post about all of the different things I’m trying and my own tips and tricks.

To check out the amazing pricing we are able to offer exclusively for our readers please visit our Online Store.

Setting up the Freeze-Dryer

I am using the medium size unit. They are available in Small, Medium, and Large. Even the medium unit is BIG. It is not a one-person job to get in inside and situated. It is over 100 lbs and very bulky. Following the instructions in the manual I was able to get it set up on my own once it was in the house. Here is a video showing the whole process.

Filtering the Oil

I had a little bit of trouble figuring out how to change the oil in the pump. The freeze-dryer came with a filter that I have been using but I haven’t found it to be that great of a filter. A few of our facebook friends suggested an alternative home-made version that I think I will try.

I do the brita pitcher ($3 at thrift store) and I use Scott 1000 toilet paper. I used a serrated bread knife and cut down the roll of paper, peeled that off and rolled it and squished it in. I freeze my oil first so that all the water and particulants are frozen in a disc at the bottom. I pour the oil out, and throw away the frozen water disc. It takes a few hours to make it through the filter.

I didn’t tip the pump to get all the oil out of the bottom the first time, but I did that the second time and got a lot of nasty black stuff in the oil so make sure you tip it and empty as much as possible each time! Here’s a video showing how to do it with the pump and filter that I currently have.

First Batch of Food

I’ve been sharing some of the pictures of different foods we are trying in our Facebook group. My kids think it’s fun to just put random things in there and see what happens. A few things I tried that didn’t work were butter, hershey’s chocolate, and toothpaste (they wanted to make mints out of it). A few of our favorite things so far are yogurt drops, ice cream sandwiches, marshmallows, apples, oranges, cantaloupe, and cookie dough. Yumm! Here is a video of the whole freeze-drying process I captured throughout each step.

The Freeze-Drying Process

The Home Freeze Dryer uses a refrigeration condenser that freezes to a very low temperature (-20 to -40 degrees Fahrenheit); then, in combination with a vacuum pump that creates a vacuum inside the drying chamber, it makes freeze drying at home possible for everyone.

Freeze-Drying versus Dehydrating

Many people are curious about the difference between freeze-drying and dehydrating. I have done some of both and am loving having the chance to make some of my own Freeze-Dried foods. Here are a few key differences and a handy chart you can print out. The main downside listed here is that freeze-dried tends to be more expensive than dehydrated. This is true for the machines as well as for buying commercial food. But once you have paid for the machines the cost of the food is the same.

Order through Food Storage Made Easy

If you’d like to get your own Harvest Right Freeze Dryer, we have arranged for some AWESOME pricing for you. If you order through our store shipping is included and these are the lowest prices you will see online. Click here on the image below to grab your own freeze-dryer through us.

Follow My Adventures

As mentioned above, please join our Facebook Group so you can see more of what I am “cooking” up in the freeze dryer this summer. We also have tons of discussions on food storage, emergency preparedness, gardening, homesteading, and more. It is so fun to see what everyone is up to and learn from each other. We’d love to see you on the inside and get to know you better 🙂

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Back to Basics Bundle 2018

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We are so excited to announce our participation in the Back to Basics Bundle 2018. Bundles are the latest and greatest thing to hit the internet. You get TONS of digital resources from your favorite sources, all for one LOW PRICE. We have a couple of items we are including in the bundle this year and we have seen a sneak preview of some of the other new content and we are pretty excited about it! Even if you’ve bought this bundle in the past you can bet that there will be something new that will catch your attention.

Here are the basic stats for this year. Make sure to subscribe to our FREE CHECKLISTS to get notified of when the bundle goes live. It’s only on sale for ONE WEEK so you don’t want to miss out!

Bundle Statistics

  • 51 Authors
  • 56 eBooks, Courses and/or Videos
  • Approx. $500 Retail Value (actual value will be posted by Jan. 11)
  • Approx 92% Discount (actual discount will be posted by Jan. 11)
  • Bonus offers (coming soon)
  • SALE DATES: January 17-23, 2018

Topics Covered

  • Recipes / Cooking from Scratch
  • DIY
  • Food Storage
  • Frugal Living
  • Gardening
  • Homesteading
  • Natural Living
  • Natural Parenting
  • Natural Remedies
  • Preparedness

For just the cost of one or two eBooks you can get ALL of the books, courses, etc. in all of these topics. Stay tuned. More information will be coming throughout the next few weeks!

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Deals to Meals gets a makeover!

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If you’ve followed our blog for a long time, you may remember when we first introduced you to a service called Deals to Meals. We have used and recommended it as a way to stock up on groceries (specifically three month supply items) at discounted prices without having to clip coupons. We totally LOVE it! I’ve been enjoying it even more as I’ve been making a big effort to eat healthier and found it a struggle to stay within my grocery budget with my new eating plan.

Well, Deals to Meals recently re-launched their blog (we are suckers for blog makeovers and theirs doesn’t disappoint). And they are also going to be having a series of guest bloggers begin to contribute on the blog. Keep an eye out on the blog next week as we will be one of the featured authors, and “might” just be hosting a giveaway over there, yay!

To celebrate their relaunch, Deals to Meals is offering discounted prices and some awesome bonuses to our readers. The signup process is a little tricky to get the deals so scroll to the VERY BOTTOM of this post to find out how to get the best prices and bonuses. Otherwise, keep reading to find out more what this service is all about and why we “heart” it so much!

FSME Promo Logo

If you haven’t heard of Deals to Meals, you definitely need to check out their service! It’s super simple to use and saves me $100’s a year. All you have to do is login to, pick the grocery stores you want to shop at, and then you’ll have access to all of the best deals in your area. They also rank the weekly deals to help you know which items are great, good or okay deals. This helps you know which items you should stock up on to save the most money. All without coupon clipping—hallelujah!


Besides the help with grocery shopping, they also give you a weekly grocery list and meal plan that makes your life easier! The dreaded ‘What’s for dinner?’ time of day is no longer stressful. With all of your meals planned for you (not to mention their recipes are amazing!), your life will be much more simple. You also get access to a printable grocery list that makes shopping even easier.


The best part about Deals to Meals is you get all of the deals and meal planner for less than $1 a week (or $3.50/mo.)! That’s as much as a candy bar–it’s a no brainer, right? Take advantage since this is the lowest prices they’ve ever offered. It’s a great time pass this deal along to your friends as well. With no contracts and their money back guarantee, this is a great time to sign up. Check out this comparison chart of the different services offered on the web. Deals to Meals is by far the best value, and most thorough service that we’ve come across.
Not to mention, with the purchase of a membership you also get our FREE 28 Day Healthy Meal Plan Ebook (value $10). This is their way of saying thank you for trying their service and to celebrate their 10 year anniversary of being in business.

Free Ebook Image

We hope you will love Deals to Meals the way we do! These special offers end March 31st, so don’t delay! Get signed up and email us if you have any questions or comments.

How to get this one-time-pricing deal:

Pricing Image

First: Go to Deals to Meals ( and click on the free trial button on the left. Fill in all of the information and click “Continue” (do not continue to PayPal from the free trial process if you want to get the lower pricing!) Your account will then be created.

 You can then pay for the promotion two different ways:

 1-Send money via PayPal: With this option you can log-in to your PayPal account and click on the blue “Send Money” tab at the top of the page. On the next page enter as the email, enter $42 for a one year membership and mark the “Goods” option and click “Continue”

2- Send a check: Make the check payable to “Deals to Meals” for $42 and mail to:

Deals to Meals
Attn: Food Storage Made Easy
5526 West 13400 South #502
Herriman, UT 84096

Once you have paid they will get a confirmation email from PayPal and will then apply the credit to your account. If you pay by check then send them a quick email (to and they will activate your account while they wait for the check to arrive. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

Don’t miss out on an awesome giveaway. Head over to their blog to enter to win products up to $300!

Giveaway Icon

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National Preparedness Month Sales

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September is National Preparedness Month which means we are doing our annual 7 Day Challenge, which just happens to be starting TOMORROW. Check it out and join the fun if you haven’t already signed up. It’s also a time when lots of food storage and preparedness companies have great sales. Here is a summary of some of the best deals going on right now!


Food Storage Made Easy eBook: ON SALE

The Food Storage Made Easy 3 PART FOOD STORAGE PROGRAM contains a BabySteps Checklists Guide, Food Storage Made Easy Encyclopedia, and Recipe Appendix. This full program is a roadmap for buying your food storage and learning how to use it, so that you can have confidence in knowing that you are prepared for a major emergency or any of life’s little every day inconveniences.
Regular Price: $24
Sale Price: $10

Thrive Monthly Q: FREE SHIPPING

The Thrive Q program will help you build a supply of delicious THRIVE food at your own pace and budget. By following these easy steps, you will be able to create and manage a food plan that is customized to your family.
Free shipping on first Q shipment in September

Emergency Essentials: SAVE UP TO 65%

screenshot-2016-09-19-23-01-34 Having more than one source of food, power, and other resources will ensure greater protection and comfort when the need arises. Check out some of the different ways in which you can prepare with food, water, and gear.
Up to 65% off many food storage and preparedness products

Bosch: BAKER’S PACK $30

Using your Food Storage daily is made much easier with a great mixer. Bosch mixers are a bread-makers dream. The mixer is still easy-to-use, multiple functions in one machine, saving money and space.
Cookie dough paddles, dough hook extender, cake paddles, and bowl scraper for $30


The Plus mill is uniquely designed to nest compactly inside its flour canister for a 30% smaller storage footprint than the Classic mill. With its patented 4-stage filtration system and included flour bagger accessory, milling at home is clean and convenient.
Free Grain Crazy Cookbook with purchase

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101 Best Preparedness Products on Amazon

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July 12 is AMAZON PRIME day! What does that mean? There will be all kinds of deals available exclusively to Amazon Prime members (we love Amazon Prime from getting free 2-day shipping plus tons of other great member benefits). You can get a free trial of Amazon Prime today AND take advantage of Prime Day so it’s a win-win. Click here to start your free trial now!

Did you know you can get A TON of great emergency preparedness and food storage related items on Amazon at great prices? Add in the free shipping benefit and it’s even better. Here is a list of 101 of our favorite things to buy from Amazon when we don’t feel like venturing out to “real” stores … because … shopping = gross.



Food Storage Education

Food Storage for Self-Sufficiency and Survival
Store This Not That
Country Beans
Survival Pantry: Beginners Guide with New Tips on Food Storage and Preserving
Yes, You Can! And Freeze and Dry It, Too: The Modern Step-By-Step Guide to Preserving Food
Emergency Food Storage and Survival Handbook

Food Storage Cookbooks

Cooking with Food Storage Made Easy
I Can’t Believe it’s Food Storage
Cookin’ with Home Storage
The Essential Food Storage Cookbook
The Prepper’s Cookbook
Cooking with Sunshine
Dinner is in the Jar
6 Meals in a Jar
Meals in a Jar: Quick and Easy, Just-Add-Water, Homemade Recipes
The Meals in a Jar Handbook

Emergency Preparedness Education

Survival Mom
Handbook to Practical Disaster Preparedness for the Family
31 Days to Survival: A Complete Plan for Emergency Preparedness
All New Square Foot Gardening
Dr. Prepper’s Making the Best of Basics: Family Preparedness Handbook
First Aid Manual
One Second After
Lights Out

Emergency Preparedness

Car Kits / 72 Hour Kits

AAA 42 Piece Emergency Road Kit
AutoClubHero 185-Piece Deluxe Roadside Emergency Kit with Car Survival Gear
Portable Car Battery Jump-Starter
Ready America: 2-Person, 3-Day Emergency Kit
LDS/Mormon 72 Hour Survival Kit
Mountain House Just In Case… Essential Bucket
Wise Foods Company Favorites 72 Hour Cook-in-Pouch Meal Kit
4 Person Perfect Survival Kit Deluxe

Heating / Cooling

Emergency Blanket (6-Pack)
Hot Hands Hand Warmers
Mr. Buddy Portable Radiant Heater (propane powered)
Evaporative Cooling Towel
Battery-Powered Fans

Powerless Cooking

Butane Cans
Small Propane Cans
InstaFire Emergency Cooking Fuel (granules)
ReadyFuel Emergency Fuel (gel)
Camping Stoves (wide variety)
Bushbox Outdoor Camping Stove
Dutch Ovens
Volcano Grill
All-American Sun Oven
HERC Tea Light Candle Oven

Sanitation / Hygiene

Emergency Sanitation Kit (including bucket toilet)
Emergency-Ready Family Hygiene Kit
Compressed Toilet Paper Towlettes (with travel carry cases)
Solar Shower

First Aid

Wide variety of complete first aid kits

Camping Gear

Cold Weather Sleeping Bag
Emergency Survival Mylar Thermal Reflective Cold Weather Shelter Tube Tent
Goal Zero 32001 Lighthouse 250 Portable Lantern + USB Charger
InstaFire Fire Starter Packs

Tools / Safety Gear

Emergency Safes
Car Shovel
Tactical Knives
Hunting and Fishing Supplies

Food Storage

Shelves / Organization

Gorilla Shelving Units
FIFO Can Organizing System
Spicy Shelf (spice organizing rack)
Shelf Label Maker
Gamma Lids for Buckets

Water Storage

Waterbrick (our favorite storage container)
Portable Water Pouches
Lifestraw Personal Water Filter
Sawer Mini Water Purification System
SteriPen UV Water Purifier
Aquamaria Water Treatment Drops
Bottled Drinking Water

Food Preservation Tools

Waterbath Canner
Presto Pressure Canner
All-American Pressure Canner
Canning Supplies Kit
Tattler Reusable Canning Lids
Food Dehydrators
Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer

Self Reliance

SproutMaster Sprouting Kit
Homemade Bread Slicer
Bread Loaf Pans
Garden Boxes
Survival Seed Vault: Non-GMO Heirloom Seeds

Kitchen Tools

Tortilla Press / Cooker
Instant Pot 6-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker
SwingAway Ergonomic Crank Can Opener
Cuisinart Hand Blender with Attachments
WonderMill Wheat Grinder
NutriMill Wheat Grinder
Bosch Mixer
KitchenAid Stand Mixer
Pasta Maker


Amazon Prime Pantry (groceries to your door for just $5.99)
Augason Farms Food Storage
Mountain House Food Storage
Wise Food Storage
Lindon Farms Food Storage
SAF Instant Yeast
Vital Wheat Gluten
Coconut Oil

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Our Favorite Bread Recipe in the WonderMix Mixer

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We’ve posted before about the BEST whole wheat bread recipe. Yes we said BEST! We both make it quite frequently, sometimes doing a half batch, sometimes doing a full one. In the world of kitchen mixers people have normally had two options, a KitchenAid or a Bosch. Well we just recently got a new WonderMix Kitchen Mixer (produced by the makes of the WonderMill) to try out so of course I knew the real test would be in its ability to make our favorite recipe. It is too large to fit in a KitchenAid so we’ve always preferred to make it in a Bosch. Check out my video below to see how well it did in the WonderMix!

More About the WonderMix

I’ve used both a KitchenAid and a Bosch so it was fun to try out another kitchen mixer option. The WonderMix is not totally comparable to either one of them, it has some distinct pros and cons. Here is a summary of what I found just with this first experiment. I’m excited to try it out on some other baking adventures over the next few weeks.


  • Compact size
  • Large capacity for big batches of dough
  • Comes with lots of attachments
  • Dough divider helps knead small batches evenly
  • Great price point for a powerful mixer


  • Noisy
  • Dough comes up over the hook
  • Possibly feels less rugged than a Bosch but need to experiment more
  • When you take the bowl off the mixer it doesn’t sit flat on the counter, the center rod pokes out at the bottom

There are so many different things you can use the WonderMix to do such as: creaming butter, mixing cookie dough, whipping meringue, mashing bananas and potatoes, shredding meat, making smoothies, and much more!

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Is Food Storage on Your Mind This Christmas?

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This is the time of year where our readers, our families, and our friends all ask us for advice because they want to “get some food storage” for Christmas.  We love the idea of spending Christmas budgets on something useful that is a great long-term investment.  However, that’s sort of a hard question to answer with a one-size-fits all solution.

A common theme we tend to see is that a lot of people who want to “get prepared” don’t want to learn a whole new system of cooking, worry about rotating, changing their family’s eating habits, etc.  Their strategy is more of a “get it and forget about it” mentality.  If this is your style, or you are buying gifts for someone who tends to think like that, the best route to go is just-add-water meals.  

Even if you enjoy following a more traditional food storage plan or like to “eat what you store, store what you eat”, we recommend keeping about a 3 month supply of easy meals on hand for a shorter term emergency or to grab-and-go in an evacuation situation.  

We are so excited to share TWO fabulous deals we have worked out exclusively for Food Storage Made Easy readers specifically for these Christmas-time purchases people are looking to make.  These are the best prices you can get for this many servings.


90 Serving Meal Bucket + Goal Zero Kit COMBO
For the month of December get a FREE Goal Zero Switch 8 Kit ($99 value) with each purchase of a 90 serving meal bucket. These two items together are perfect for your grab ‘n’ go kits. Have all the food you need for a short term disaster and charge your devices while you’re gone. PERFECT for Christmas gifts!
Click here to learn more or buy now.


Lindon Farms 1 Year Supply Package
Through December 31st, save 35% off of individual meal bucket pricing by ordering a one year supply (12 buckets). Each meal bucket features a broad variety of 19 different JUST-ADD-WATER gourmet meals and provides 3 meals a day, 4 servings per meal, 2000 calories per day for one person.
Click here to learn more or buy now.


Don’t forget that if you store these types of just-add-water meals you will need to store extra water and also have a source to easily boil water to cook the meals.  Here are a few items that can help with that!

  • WaterBricks – Easy to store a lot of water but small enough to be able to easily access and use.
  • Butane Stove – Use indoors, just like a regular stove-top.  Must store lots of butane.
  • Firebox – Can be used with a wide variety of fuels.  Light and small for portable use.
  • InstaFire – Versatile fuel that can quickly boil water using any small stove, firepit, etc.
  • All-American Sun Oven – While useful for many things, it also will cook your just-add-water meals without using any fuel.
  • HERC Tea Light Candle Oven – Safe to use indoors for when bad weather or privacy is a concern.  Cooks with tea light candles.


  • Inflatable Solar Lanterns – These make great stocking stuffers or inexpensive gifts to add to 72 hour kits.  Never worry about having batteries on hand or candles that run out.  These lanterns take up very little space and charge from the sun!
  • Snackies – Instead of filling up on unhealthy treats, get your kids (or kids-at-heart) some healthy snackies.  Our kids eat these like candy and we fell totally fine letting them do it!  Order these or any other Thrive goodies before Dec. 11th to guarantee arrival before Christmas.
  • InstaFire Packets – A 24-pack of instafire can be split up for multiple gift recipients.  It is a handy fuel/fire starter for backpacking, 72 hour kits, or stove-in-a-can type gifts.  It’s so easy to boil water and is very safe to store and use.  We love InstaFire.
  • Food Storage Books – Any number of these books would make a great gift for someone just getting started or for a veteran food storage pro in your life.  You can never have too many books on being prepared and there are always new ideas in every one.

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Fortress Clothing: Lifetime supply of warmth

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We recently had the opportunity to meet Dale from Fortress Clothing at a preparedness expo here in Utah. We knew that his products served a huge need we had been looking to fill, so when he offered to come show them to us so we could try them in action (in the freezing cold) we knew we needed to jump at the chance. We tried on the entire bug out bag set and went out by the lake with a bitter wind. We were thoroughly impressed and are looking forward to adding these items into our “heat storage” preparedness plans.

Please remember that while something like this can be critical and life-saving in cold weather, it may not be one of the first items to get as part of your preps if you have budget constraints. If you have food, water, cooking, and sanitation covered look to this as a solution as you delve more into the more advance topics of protection, shelter, heating, and cooling.


Enter coupon code FSME25 to save 25% on your Fortress Clothing order. This deal is offered only to our Food Storage Made Easy readers! (Note: this is an introductory and Black Friday special offer.)


Fortress isn’t just a coat – it’s not even just cold weather clothing. Fortress is your complete HEAT STORAGE SOLUTION, and the advantages to using this to provide your warmth in an emergency are obvious. Fortress RETAINS YOUR BODY’s HEAT. Instead of trying to heat the space around you (your home, tent, or cabin) with traditional resources like firewood, coal or propane, FORTRESS allows you to be comfortable while heating yourself. Whatever the conditions, you will be able to function!

Here is a video of us being introduced to the Fortress Clothing Line with Dale:

Here are a few of the key features we love about Fortress Clothing:

  • “Bug Out Bag” provides a complete outdoor clothing solution
  • Can purchase items individually to meet your personal budget and needs
  • Hood is adjustable in three ways to be best suited for how cold it is
  • Jacket liner is warm enough for -30 degree temperatures yet light-weight enough for a chilly day at the soccer field.
  • Breathable material that is easy to maneuver in and doesn’t make you hot
  • Mittens remove the need for expensive and disposable hand warmers
  • Pant liners are perfect for sledding or snowmobiling (very versatile)
  • Hot socks (booties) act as a liner inside boots or as comfy house slippers
  • No need to buy multiple expensive coats, simply wear a light jacket or hoodie over the Fortress Jacket for a perfect coat solution
  • Save money by storing less fuel for your family’s warmth

Complete Bug-Out-Bag

If you opt for the complete heat storage solution the entire set fits in a handy little “stuff sack”. This is perfect to attach to a backpack for your 72 hour kits to easily grab-and-go, stash in your car trunk for your car kit, or store on a closet shelf nicely compacted.

Click here to learn more or buy now and use special coupon code FSME25 to save 25% as an introductory rate for all Food Storage Made Easy readers.

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Rourke’s Weekly Recommendations

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Every week I throw out a few recommendations on things such as movies, books, knives, flashlights – all kinds of stuff. Some of these are not related to preparedness whatsoever – rather, just stuff I like. Most are available on Amazon but not all. I have a particular fondness for movies as one of my favorite things to do is to sit back and watch a good one.

So – for this week……here is my list:


Books (non-fiction)

Resistance to Tyranny – A Primer

CONTACT! A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival

Total Resistance


Books (fiction)

Walking in the Rain: Surviving the Fall – Kindle or Audible formats only

The Last Layover, The New Homefront Volume 1

The Archangel Drones



Max – great movie

Peanuts Holiday Collection

Breaking Bad – The Complete Series