Is Europe the Next Flash Point?

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2_UK_flagWell it is official, Britain has invoked article 50 and is on track to leave the European Union. But even before Brexit was on the table, political movements in Europe and underlying social issues have created a potent cocktail of flammables that feels ever poised to be lit up. Developments in Europe are particularly disturbing, and potentially threatening. A weakening of the Union over Britain’s arranged  departure, an emboldened Russia, and a rising nationalist movement, combined with huge numbers of economic refugees spreading over the continent, are worrying signs that Europe could indeed be the next global flash point. While the mainstream media will focus on what trade deal the UK will achieve with Europe, I want to take a look at some of the other risks and potential flashpoints that Europe is currently facing.  

By Martin Anderson, A Contributing Author to SurvivalCache and SHTFBlog

Possibly the most important underlying factor for the potential of unrest in Europe is the growing sense of disunity among the members of the European Union itself. The organization is currently in disarray, the confidence in it seems further undermined each week. The opting out of the UK from the political and trade agreement signed in 1993 has prompted the populations of other nations to review their own independence from the supranational group of states. Particularly worrying are talks of a Frexit (France), and a Grexit (Germany). Although support for Frexit or Grexit is well below that of the UK’s own desires for exit, if either of these events were actually to happen, it would surely spell the end of any formal unity between European nations.

Debt Crisis

3_eurosAnother factor underpinning a potential hostility in Europe is the ongoing debt crisis. The latest big manifestation of this is the case of Italy’s banking sector. It’s estimated that Italian banks have over $400bn in bad loans on their books, putting a huge strain on the country economically. Being the third largest power in the EU, Italian financial security is vital for the stability of the Union. Additionally, a proposed EU aid package intended to bail out the struggling banking sector was recently rejected flat out. This serves as yet another example of a great European power displaying disdain for Brussels’s authority. The particular banking reforms required in order to receive the money aimed at easing the situation in Italy were apparently at odds with current Italian banking practices, and as such were vetoed in Rome. Being such a recent development, the implications of this latest crisis will not be known for some time. However, the handling of the issues that surround Italian banks will be absolutely crucial for the future of the EU. Put simply, a weak Italy means a weak Union, and a weak Union means a greater chance of general instability in the region. Instability, of course, is a precursor to flash points.

Refugee Crisis

With literally millions of people pouring into Europe from disaster zones such as Syria, and Lybia, the strain on government budgets to provide aid, and the resentment this causes among some, are clear causes for concern over the stability of the continent. The correct (both morally, and feasibly) response to the tragic displacement of these people is a serious source of division among Europeans. There are many citizens and politicians alike who disagree with the notion that Europe should be obligated to house any refugees at all. Both the recent economic hardships and a rising demand for tighter immigration controls is fueling the growth of many populist right wing movements in Europe, as well as it is further afield. Such nationalist popular uprisings are naturally anti-EU, and as their influence grows, so too does public disenchantment with the idea of taking governance from outside of one’s own borders.

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A Weaker Europe is a Stronger Russia

4_russian_flagTaken alone, a weaker Europe seems unlikely to generate the kind of flash point that would concern those in the US, what it does mean, however, is a shift in global power towards Moscow. Seemingly emboldened by the Trump presidency, Russian leader Vladimir Putin has made no secret of his desire to see his nation respected on the world stage as it once was. While there is scant evidence to suggest a Russian flag will be hoisted again over Berlin any time soon, the opportunistic leader appears to have been using a weakened, distracted Europe in order to gain greater influence on the collapsing continent. A report by the Wilfred Martens Center for European Studies states that the Kremlin has been funding the dissemination of pro-Russian sentiment across Europe through the use of NGOs. The aim could well be to create a more supportive opinion base for future foreign policy ambitions. According to the report called “The Bear in Sheep’s Clothing”, the spreading of pro-Russian sentiment seeks to “legitimise a Russian crackdown on human rights and encourage understanding and support for Russian culture, language, history and conservative values while opposing democracy”. Clearly, this sentiment is at odds with the opinion of many in the liberal democracies of Western Europe and seems likely to be indicative of a broader foreign policy agenda in Moscow.

Russia Has Eyes on Their Frontiers

The spreading of pro-Russia propaganda in European states could well be part of a wider strategy by Putin to weaken the EU and NATO, generally. Much of the information mentioned by the Wilfred Matens report is supportive of strong independent states and generally right wing “strong leader”sentiments. It seems to be an attempt to exacerbate the growing disillusionment with the efficacy, and even concept, of the Union from within its own borders. A collapsed NATO and EU would create a global power and influence map much more akin to that of the 1960s, when Russia stood atop the world stage rivaled only by the US. The dissolving of both supranational agreements would significantly weaken Europe’s border with Russia, thus allowing the latter to once again enjoy the highest standing of global power.

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5_russian_military_paradeWhether or not the plan is to expand their Western frontiers is anybody outside of the Kremlin’s guess. Putin has made it clear in the past of his intention to restore USSR power, but annexing former territory would likely be too bold even for Putin .One thing is for certain, Russia has been increasing its military preparedness along their major borders, and this is in isolation cause for concern. Owing to the current warmer relationship between the two great former world powers, Russian aggression in Europe might not even prompt American involvement. Similarly, the UK, which with France is considered a cornerstone of European military power is removing itself from the EU, its obligation to engage with those that threaten Europe will be limited to that of its NATO obligations. Should Putin decide to flex his muscles at the border in the future, he may well find very little resistance.


The current political, and social climate in Europe seems poised on a knife edge, and the house-of-cards that is the European Union is beginning to feel passed its sell-by date. Economic hardship, an influx of refugees on the continent, a bullish Russian neighbor, and a rising affinity among the masses for nationalism, all underpinned by a military and political pact that are looking increasingly fragile, are strong indicators that Europe could indeed be the site of a major global flash point. Any one of these factors alone has the potential for localized pockets of mass unrest to flare up. However, taken together it seems much more a case of “sooner-or-later”, rather than “will it, won’t it?” One thing is certain, our preparedness relies on our information. We must make ourselves aware of events overseas and well as domestic news if we are to ensure our own survival.

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5 Scary FEMA Camp Facts You Should Know

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One reason I’m a prepper is because I don’t want to end up in a FEMA camp during a disaster. I’m sure plenty of FEMA workers mean well, but they are underfunded and woefully incompetent. If you think they screwed up during hurricane Katrina, just imagine what a mess things will be during an even […]

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Homeland Security “Concerned About Security Breach” From ISIS As Refugees Prepare to Flood America

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By Mac Slavo –

Get ready. All the controversy that has just swept over Europe with migrant refugees is now coming to America.

Will a threat emerge from the ten thousand or more that will pour in? Homeland Security has noted their concern, as they vow to “carefully screen” for security risks among refugee populations.

Now that Europe has been upended by the refugee crisis, it is time for refugees in the United States. The Obama Administration admits that at least 10,000 are coming, and likely many more later, though Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson refused to hold to a number in the interview. But in a twist, mass exodus from the Syrian proxy war may well bring with it the enemies the U.S. have unleashed. There is, officially speaking, cause for alarm – according to the very same authorities who so often stoke fear in order to yield emergency power and strengthen perception.

To simplify that, the U.S. is inviting a new attack.

USA Today reports:

[Homeland Security Sec. Jeh Johnson] said vetting procedures for 10,000 Syrian refugees who are to be resettled in the United States during fiscal year 2016 refugees had been tightened since the influx of Iraqi refugees a few years ago. “We now do a better job of connecting dots, consulting all the right databases and systems that we have available to us,” he says. But he acknowledged that the self-proclaimed Islamic State might try to use the influx of refugees as an opportunity to infiltrate the United States. “We have to be concerned about the possibility of a security breach and we are concerned about that, and we’re going to vet refugees very carefully.”

Johnson has also acknowledged that “there is no risk-free process” with which to screen the refugees:

“We may have someone who is not on our radar and someone may choose to do something bad after they get here,” Johnson said.

“It is not a perfect process. There is a degree of risk attached to any screening and vetting process. We look to manage that risk as best we can,” Nicholas Rasmussen, director of the National Counterterrorism Center, said.

Homeland Security’s statement is partially in response to Republican concerns about ISIS infiltrators among the refugees. Let’s hope they don’t confuse them with any moderate rebels:

Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.) and Rep. Randy Forbes (R-Va.) sent a letter Wednesday to Secretary of State John Kerry and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson warning that fighters with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) could try to sneak into the U.S. disguised as refugees.

“We must be aware that groups like ISIS will infiltrate refugee camps and try to seek admittance into the United States. As you move forward with the process of admitting more refugees into this country, it is critical that rigorous background checks and security measures are in place,” they wrote.

It is blowback incarnate for the countries that brought conflict to the Middle East by waging war, and who have subsequently attempted to manage the aftermath by agitating undesirable leaders and fueling terror proxy groups as a deliberate but costly maneuver to sow chaos.

In further blowback – tougher security checks for refugee immigrants mean tougher security checks for everyone. Yet another blow to civil liberties. TSA measures at the airports may soon be stepped up to include mandatory biometric scanning just to travel.

After years of grumblings that jihadists would infiltrate America and wreak havoc, the perfect pretext has arrived. The potential pretext for ISIS to attack the Homeland, and revive the tensions of the staged War on Terror is fitting scenario for a military power that has just been publicly shamed for supporting manufactured terrorist mercenary groups in Syria – and is looking for a renewed justification for its actions.

Those who sponsor Middle East terrorism are multiplying their threat perception dollar value, by reigning down a population of unstable Syrian and Middle Eastern refugees – oddly dense in males – who are fleeing from a war torn region.

Cross your fingers as the next phase begins.

This article first appeared at Homeland Security “Concerned About Security Breach” From ISIS As Refugees Prepare to Flood America

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Refugees Over Run Germany, From an Expat’s Prospective

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refugeesThis is a letter from Germany describing the refugee problem that they now face.  This letter comes from what I believe is a reliable source and should give us some idea of what can occur here during a refugee crisis.  Remember refugees can be from external or internal areas.  This description could apply if the refugees were from large urban areas and they were desperate.


Life in Germany Today Is Getting Dangerous!

A perspective from an ex pat living in Germany for the last 30 years.  Interesting considering she is a musician with left leaning politics. —

My dear family,

You can’t imagine how life here in Germany has changed. The refugee is a big issue, as you may have been hearing on the news. Unfortunately, life in Germany is turning into a nightmare.

I will fill you in on a few things that are going on here knowing that this all sounds like something from Hollywood, but for us it is pure reality. It is not my intention to frighten you and if you don’t believe what I have written, no worries. At the end of this mail I have enclosed a few links.

For many, many months refugees have been flooding into Europe, Spain was hit the hardest because that is where they landed from northern Africa. Then all of a sudden their goal turned towards Germany. Since approximately 3-4 weeks these never ending masses of people are coming in from the south. There is a “small” land space between the mountains where they can cross the border from Austria into Bavaria. And they are now using other passage ways to get in.

The war in Syria has been going on for 4 or 5 years and now all of a sudden we are supposed to completely open up our borders and allow ALL the Syrians, Ukrainians and other war refugees in?? The fact of the matter is that the fewest of them are from those countries and MOST of them are young Muslims and black African men, mostly economical refugees. Many of them have thrown away their identity cards saying that they lost it on the way, and most of them aren’t even registered. Where are their wives and children???!!!! They are ALL given cell phones and are always checking them.  How does Germany house, feed and support all of these Muslims?

In one of the following links there is a women politician crying because she doesn’t know how to deal with all these people flooding into in Munich. There is no possible way to register thousands coming in EVERYDAY and finding places for them to stay, feed them, etc. They are now even placed in the “Olympia Stadium” where the Olympics were held. Kids are being removed from their schools and put into containers you find for workers at construction areas. The week Germans, unable to defend themselves, are being removed from their apartments saying that they need the space for refugees, without given an alternative place to stay.

It is only a matter of time until we all will be forced to take in refugees in our own homes. The mother of a student of mine works in a camp. 10 days ago it started to get cold and rainy and they are now given thicker blankets. Electric heaters are being put at each bed so they can keep warm. Most of them come from very warm countries and they are not at all accustomed to rainy or cold weather. A different tent was put up so that the Muslim women can take off their burkas without the men for a few hours a day.

Men, women and children from different countries all live together in the same tent or apartment etc. This alone is very explosive since we all know how the “Arabs” hate one other. But now they are placing them into any available housing they can find: empty office buildings, containers, etc.  If you look into these places after a short period of time, they are all trashed, disgustingly dirty. And the Germans should clean up after them?! Just look at pictures of buses when they leave them, trash everywhere. That is normality!

The tension is enormous. Not only against one another but also against the German helpers. These “invaders” throw back food that is being given them saying that they want different food or drink. There are some who have gone on a hunger strike saying that they want 2000-Euro a month. A dentist we know says that the government will pay him 2000Euro per person for free dental treatment for EVERYONE because their teeth are in a rotten condition. (What about the Germans who need help??!!) When they are offered water, they throw it back at the workers, and often say that they want a coke instead, whereas, they should be glad to even have a roof over their heads or get anything to eat, for that matter.

In one camp a retailer comes everyday to replace the washing machines placed there because the blacks are too impatient to wait until the door open up at the end of a washing cycle, so they destroy the door and expect a new machine. And they get it!!

We have been seeing videos that the refugees don’t even know (and are unwilling to learn) how to flush a toilet, because they are familiar with a hole in the ground. So the toilets in these camps are full of excrements and toilet paper lying all around. They have been throwing away the food, clothes, etc given them. We saw and heard of them coming to a camp and just demolishing it for no reason at all. It is very unfortunate, but the blacks and Muslims are very near sighted and have no perception of the future. The police are refusing to go into the camps anymore because they are being attacked and they are NOT ALLOWED, by the German government, to lock up the trouble makers or even hit back!!! The helpers are also being spit on and hurt and many have stopped helping, with soon more to follow their example.

Burglary, rapes (not only by one man, but by groups of men), people being beaten up for the “fun” of it, are happening on a daily basis. In an open swimming pool 10 Muslims raped a 7 year old girl just a few weeks ago, and that is only one story of MANY. I could cry!! There are communities with up to half of them refugees, harassing the German citizens in all ways imaginable. We have heard stories about groups of them showing up at grocery stores and just taking things out of the shelves and damaging it all on a daily basis, until security guards were finally hired. Today we heard that a small town of 300 now has a camp with 1200 refugees, and the Germans are afraid for their lives!!

XXXXXX was almost harassed 2 times from black Africans just wanting to start a fight and feeling strong. Luckily, XXXXXX took self-defense for 20 years and knows how to defend himself. A neighbor was beaten up by a gang near our apartment and is still in intensive care. We are familiar with a number a rape victims. We have been seeing gypsies scouting the area for places to break into, and many robberies have taken place around here, alone in our neighborhood. XXXXXX borrowed a car on Monday and while driving down a busy road and some blacks were walking in the middle of the road, as if they owned them, not caring if they were interrupting traffic or not.
We went to a flee market a few months ago across the street from us. There were so many foreigners. I said, “I feel like we are in different country, but I don’t know which one.”

Did you ever ask why the ALL suddenly want to come to Germany? We have heard that they were promised a Muslim land where houses will be built for them and they will get money, or what other fairytale told to them. Angela Merkl has been inviting them in. Indeed, they all receive money when they arrive. We see them buying and buying. Those who come here are naïve enough to believe that they could go to a country x that they are absolutely not familiar with; neither the culture, the climate, the language, etc, and what, start a new life? They can’t even read a sign because they are not familiar with our Latin letters. My Aunt told me that in her town only 12 out of 70 refugees showed up for German language lessons.

Our canceller and her fellow politicians are TRAITORS to the German people and they have been breaking laws left and right. What country would allow conditions like this to happen, especially in Europe? The courts and judicial system is highly corrupt. We know this through firsthand experience.

The last 2 years our German “traitors” have been letting more and more (mostly) Turks and black Africans into Germany with almost all of them on welfare. XXXXXX and I live on the outskirts of Hamburg and when we started to see them move here we started to get worried. In the subway every third person you see is a foreigner. Hamburg has (had since recently) approx. 2 million citizens. About a month ago I was at the foreign office to get my new passport stamped with my residency permit. The foreigners waiting in line were very cocky. Years ago, they were all afraid to be deported.

The German unemployment is in reality very high, contradictory to the false statistics being presented. The economy is doing very, very poorly with more and more businesses are going OUT of business. Wages are at an all time low, which was unthinkable in the near past. The German streets are in a horrible condition, which was unheard of a few years ago. The social project aren’t supported anymore. Need I go on??? Just ask Mary Ann, she was here last year.

There are (were) approximately 80 million people living in Germany, and this is a very densely populated country. Who is left to pay for all of this??? Besides, who is paying for all of this now? They have electric heaters in the tents because since one week the weather has been getting cold and rainy. Now the government is trying to drop wages even more, because of the new possible workers that have just arrived. Most of them are uneducated and are highly unqualified. What will our life standard and quality turn into??

Many police, military, and workers who are dealing with the refugees are so fed up and feel so betrayed by our government. The police doesn’t have enough manpower, equipment and not allowed to act accordingly to the dangers they and others are facing. Our military has been sent to Afganistan etc although they are desperately needed here. The borders to Germany are still open and only “guarded” by a few patrolmen who are helpless against the masses pouring in each day. The “Hilfswerk” was supposed to remove all their equipment from their hall to let refugees live there. But this hall HAS all the equipment to help these people and it is ridiculous to move it! Most of the volunteers quit working because of the absurdity. The sound of sirens has turned into an everyday sound, more than ever before.

People here have been brainwashed with a guilt complex since World War 2 ….. guilt, guilt, guilt is written all over them. In schools the smaller children have to watch the concentration camp victim videos and are already traumatized at a young age. That is why so many hold their tongue when it comes to saying anything against foreigners. Apart from that it is against the law to say anything against certain racial groups and you can go to jail because of it. This is reality pure even though many of the Germans remain oblivious of this.

The official media is so manipulative and writing lies left and right. They are not allowed to write anything that the refugees do.
Unfortunately, so many Germans believe what is written and will experience a rude awakening when all of a sudden the banks don’t open on Monday and all of their savings are gone, no cash will be had to buy food or drink etc, or when the fighting begins. Our infrastructure will soon become lame and then nothing will function anymore The Euro could crash any day, and will do so. Germany was always the economic stronghold of Europe. If Germany falls, Europe falls. If Germany stands strong, Europe stands strong. That’s how it has always been, even before the European Union (which was a disaster from the beginning).

Inflation and higher taxes are hitting us hard already and this is only the beginning.
Other European countries are being warned to prepare for worst, but not the German people, which is such a crime!!! Our Polish friend said that many people he knows in Poland tell him how absurd and dangerous Angela Merkl is, letting so many people in. They see what is going on and know where this is heading for!!!! These Muslims are SO aggressive and are one of the few cultures who do not assimilate even after many generations. We know this as a fact because so many have been living here for decades. They think and act so differently that we can’t even imagine it, and their religion allows them to hate us (Christians or non-Muslims).

Our latest information is that more and more soldiers are being spotted, (for ex. through facebook) and are wandering freely through Germany. We can well say that when we look around that there are more and more men who look very dangerous!!! There are so called refugees who are being “housed” in military camps. I call them soldiers who are ready to take over Germany.

On my way to school today I looked around and there are so MANY Muslim and black men that look so dangerous. The other foreigners don’t even bother me anymore because this overshadows our reality. The newspapers are writing about burglaries from gangs but are holding back vital information. There is enormous tension in the air, and the aggression between people in everyday life has skyrocketed. Most people I talk to have trouble sleeping. Those who are not directly involved in any “problems” try to ignore what is going on probably thinking that if they don’t look everything bad will go away. I witness this every day. Talking about the events is fruitless because no one wants to hear anything.  As you can imagine, in Germany and in all of Europe, a time bomb is about
to explode.  I am afraid for all those unprepared: the old, the sick, the children etc. etc. etc., and for us.

It sounds so outrageous because most of us have never experienced a war before and this is GERMANY, this is EUROPE. We have included a few links and in the internet you can find so much more, or contact us and we will be happy to pass on more information to you. The world is so closely knit that what affects us here, affects everyone in the world. Especially because Germany is (was) a world leading country.  I have heard arguments that our family went through the same thing, and I say it is NOT the same thing. The Ebinals were forced to move and they went to the land of their own culture.

When our Polish friend was young his grandmother always told him that war comes silently. And then it is there.

I’m so grateful to be with XXXXXX!! He is so loving, clear and calm, and I couldn’t have a better partner!!!! WE are preparing as good as we can so that we can stay at home during the oncoming civil war. Without him I would be lost. He is keeping his eyes open and checking daily our very reliable sources, contacts and insider information to see what the latest status is. Thank God for his common sense!! XXXXXX and I still have 2 apartments not far apart, but we are moving most of his things here because this apartment is situated in a private driveway with a dead end surrounded by trees and even unknown to the local taxi drivers. We live on the second floor with no balcony, which now seems a comfort. A few of our neighbors are reliable men who will do what needs to be done when the time comes. Emanuel doesn’t really want to see what is going on yet, although he a has great perception  of situations. But at
least he listens to what I tell him.

My Mother’s family in Bavaria are aware of what’s going on and are nervous, trying not to think of what the consequences will soon be. Winter is coming. Through all this craziness, XXXXXX and I think of Opa’s words in his

“But through the love and help of God, we have gotten over everything. I thank God for all the good and the evil.

My dear family, with God’s help we will somehow get through this, as well. You are in (our) my heart(s) and I am thankful that you are in my (our) life (lives). I will fill you in if anything major happens.


Erzwungene Nationale Psychotherapie? – Merkels Kommentar aus kanadischer
Sicht Merkls comments from a canadian perspective
politician is crying:
Masseneinwanderung: „Wir können die öffentliche Sicherheit nicht mehr
Syrer und Afghanen liefern sich Steinschlacht an kroatischer Grenze
stone throwing

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Various Things

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Part of me wants to get in a fight on a crowded dance floor with techno music going and kick butt while somehow staying generally in time with the music.

Tam brings up the excellent point that you can’t lose a fight you do not get in. Discretion is the better part of valor folks.

Weapons Man’s original quote:
These odds of survival are improved by training to hone your skills and survive an armed encounter, but they’re improved more by using your superior judgment so as not to have to make a vulgar display of your superior skills. Too few people do the former, and far too few people do the latter. (A lot of cops who are involved in shootings are just unlucky. But there are others, where none of their cop friends are surprised they were in a shooting. Why do you think that is?)
Most of us are not cops, and not soldiers (any more), and therefore, do need to saddle up and go into places where you’re likely to be engaged by gunfire. So here’s our version of some guidelines for fight avoidance:

  1. If you must go where the sharks feed — you may have reasons; we had a friend whose elderly mother would not leave her house in South Central LA until the Rodney King riots burned it down and settled the question for her — don’t look like bait. Don’t act timid, walk boldly with your head up, like you belong there — and are the baddest mother in the valley. Also, don’t flash stuff that is irresistibly attractive to the sort of people who have been listening to TV and therefore think they’re entitled to take it from you.
  2. When you have to go into the badlands, take a lesson from the cops and don’t walk alone. If you can’t help looking like prey (maybe you’re small, or elderly person), bring a buddy who looks intimidating if you can.
  3. Don’t get distracted. This is the wrong time to be facebooking, texting or reading on your jeezly phone. In fact, it’s the wrong time to be taking calls. You need to be 100% in the analog world. We don’t know what the percentage of mugging victims in NYFC and San Francisco is, who had their ear buds in, but we’d take a guess it’s fairly high.
  4. Be conscious of concealment. Don’t give anyone the chance to ambush you.
  5. Manage the Clock. Most criminals stay up late and sleep late, too. If you have unavoidable business in their precincts, do it at seven o’clock in the morning when they’re down for the count, not at midnight when they’re just warming up.
  6. Be conscious of the fact that you may have to be ready, and always be ready to deliver a violent counterstrike.
  7. Work on avoidance, but once avoidance fails you should immediately execute a drilled, conscious plan. Strike hard and decisively. (George Z. got this bit exactly right, and every day’s life he has now, he only has because he did).
  8. If you err, and are attacked, act. Save regrets and recriminations for later.

FerFal shows the contents of various refugees bags. Interesting stuff. If they could have had (or retained) compact handguns, secure rugged USB storage devices and rolls of Krugerrand’s I bet those would have made the cut for their small bags.

The Taliban have taken Kunduz. I knew they would do well when we left but they are exceeding my expectations. I figured the government would at least hold on for the most part until we stopped giving them enough money to fund their Army and buy off warlords. In light of this the already low odds the ‘legitimate GIROA’ could somehow keep violence below the (admittedly pretty high) accepted cultural boiling point and not have the kettle spill over while they eventually shrink the massive Army and Police forces to levels they can actually afford to fund seem pretty low.

Anyway that is what seemed worth mentioning today. Tomorrow I’ll get you a real post.