When is it OK to Open Fire on Intruders

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When is it OK to Open Fire on Intruders Protecting your family and property is a natural instinct. You keep your guns for that unwanted occasion when uninvited intruders make their way onto your land, and you fully intend to use them. So you should, as it’s your right to protect your family, but when …

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Herbalist’s View on New “Vet Med” Regulations

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Herbalist’s View on New “Vet Med” Regulations Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live” Listen in player below! Do you rely on so-called “vet meds”? The FDA has recently stepped in to regulate these medications, specifically antibiotics. The hope here is to slow down the advance of antibiotic resistance. In this episode, I share my thoughts on … Continue reading Herbalist’s View on New “Vet Med” Regulations

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5 Reasons Why Your Neighborhood Terrorist Loves Gun Control

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survivopedia 5 reasons terrorism

I must start off by saying that walking through the mind of a terrorist with my dainty little feet is no easy task. These individuals are some of the most perverted, disgusting, sad excuses for living beings that we will ever know in this world.

But, clearly, they are not stupid.

Nevertheless, if we are to put an end to their attempts to ruin our culture, we must understand what they see as our greatest weaknesses and extrapolate how they will move to exploit them. It is my sincere contention that gun control is something terrorists love because it creates a weakness they can exploit at every level of our personal and social existence.

I feel, if there is one pet rabid viper of terrorists that we have nursed to our bosom in this society, gun control with its gun grabbing fangs is it.

Gun Control Divides People

Even though there is no such thing as an issue that everyone agrees on, matters surrounding autonomy and self defense are of major interest to terrorists.

Since their goals usually include harming people and spreading fear, they absolutely laugh with glee when one group seeks to disarm another within the same society; especially when the people being disarmed (example veterans) are the ones terrorists want to murder.

“Divide and conquer” is one of the simplest and most effective strategies when it comes to spreading terror and winning wars. The insanity of gun control itself within the context of a homeland proven unsafe from terrorists is like a free lunch to them. Any terrorist worth his or her title can do any number of things to divide us even further:

  • they can sit back and wait for other carefully scripted media spins such as the ones surrounding Sandy Hook to take hold and drive a panic based wedge between gun owners and gun grabbers.
  • they can launch one or two terror attacks such as in San Bernadino just to remind everyone they are here and can successfully strike at any moment.
  • Terrorist will act to feed and encourage anti-gun movements. This may include eliciting sympathy from them – much as murderers and rapists gain sympathy from the same group of people that see them as “victims”. No doubt, if the anti-gunners have their way, they will welcome terrorists to our homeland in hopes that they can work out their psychotic aggression and then move on to become good wholesome members of society.
  • Terrorists may also observe that the anti-gun movement is also paired with anti-war and anti-law enforcement ideals and values. The wise terrorist would make donations to the bank accounts and campaign accounts of anti-gunners in order to speed up the disarmament of our nation’s citizens.
  • Above all, the terrorist will lie and deceive so as to spread as much chaos as possible before attacking physically.

Gun Control Puts Government in a Failing Position

Prohibition and the war on drugs offer ample evidence that there are some places where law, and the attempt to enforce them does more harm than good.

Quite frankly, if people want to own something, buy something, or do something, they are going to try and achieve their goal no matter who or what stands in the way. When a government such as ours seeks to regulate guns among a population accustomed to having them, it is a recipe for disaster.

Here is what terrorists see each time a gun control measure is put in place:

  • They see something that the government cannot enforce without shedding blood of American citizens, or taking other risks that hurt the very people terrorists want to kill. Just take a look at the number of lives lost in drug related killings over the years and how many lives are still lost because the government seeks to impose rules on a culture that is not ready or willing to accept them.
  • When governments seek to control something at the price of violence, terrorists know they are succeeding. Each dollar spent on gun control, each speech made against the gun culture, and each new law is one that tells terrorists that resources have been taken away from fighting radical Islamic terrorism. This, in turn tells them that our government would rather show its weakness and “kick the dog” represented by American gun owners instead of take bold and definite action against sleeper radical Islamic terror cells in this nation.
  • No matter how much money the government prints, there is a limit to what that money will buy. We simply cannot afford to squander money, energy, and talent on gun control when radical Islamic terrorist are here in the US; and may even be seeding their ideologies in Venezuela, Bolivia, and other South American countries that gave former Guantanamo Bay detainees refuge.

Gun Control Puts Money in Terrorist Bank Accounts

Nowhere on Earth do the laws of supply and demand work so well as in the black market. The more laws you make against guns, the more people are going to want them. Since terrorists are fully capable of making guns and smuggling them into the country, rest assured that they can, will, and do make a fortune on black market trade.

Just as an example, do we really know how many black market machine guns (I mean the real kind, not some glorified hunting rifle like the AR-15) are out there and in the hands of terrorist sleeper cells? We can never know that answer anymore than we can know how many tons of illegal drugs are on the streets at any given moment.

The fact of the matter is anti-gun laws are about as realistic as a spouse thinking his/her partner isn’t cheating just because of a marriage certificate. Just because statistics show one thing or another, that does not mean specific married people aren’t tom catting under cover! “Out of sight, out of mind” does not mean these weapons are truly gone.

They may well be in the hands of radical Islamic terrorists who are just waiting for the right moment to use them. Sadly, this problem does not exist just here in the United States, it exists in every single nation that has gun control.

Not only are criminals and terrorists manufacturing and selling weapons at a profit, they are doing so at an incredible profit that goes right back into advancing their disgusting plans.

As strange as it may sound, I feel there is also a second way that gun control puts money in terrorist bank accounts. Consider a situation where you are fed up with the level of incompetence that seems to be coming from the US government. Now let’s say you are a citizen of a foreign country where ISIS, Boko Haram, or some other terrorist group is taking over at an accelerated rate. If you are looking for safety and security, how can you trust in a foreign government that is moving to disarm its own people in the face of the same terrorist threat?

The fact of the matter is right now there are millions of innocent Muslims and Africans that were either kidnapped by terrorist groups or their towns and cities are occupied by radical Islamic terrorists.

Each and every one of those people knows they wound up in this situation because their own governments were successful in imposing gun control and confiscation. If you, as an individual are thinking about your own future, wouldn’t you see more advantages to turning against a government that seems to be turning against its own people and their right to self defense?

I feel this is precisely how gun control puts money in the bank accounts of terrorists. I also feel it explains why people in the Middle East seem both apathetic and hesitant to do what the United States asks them to do.

Gun Control Puts a Lower Price Tag on Human Life

If terrorists are to achieve their goals, they must do so in a way that maximizes profit and reduces risk. When the person or people you want to kill or injure are well armed, then you it will cost you more to achieve your goal. Should that person, such as a veteran or active member of the military also be trained well enough to use that gun to maximum advantage, the price associated with murder goes even higher. Now let’s have a look at how gun control is selectively lowering the price paid by terrorists that choose to attack veterans right here in the homeland:

  • Over 10% of all homeless people are veterans, fact commonly shared on social media in an effort to obtain donations for homeless veterans or raise awareness. Not only does this mean they are vulnerable because of poverty, it also means they are not likely to have guns because they cannot complete the background check required to own a gun. From that perspective, all a terrorist in this country has to do is visit any place where homeless people are known to gather. Not only is it likely they can murder 10 people with ease, there is every chance they will bag at least one veteran.
  • Gun control only serves to lower the monetary value of every other person that is unable to obtain a gun because the cost of killing, kidnapping, and injuring them is much lower. For example, many people today cannot understand why terrorists chose to attack those who worked in a school for the developmentally disabled in San Bernadino CA. Aside from being a gun free zone, the former employee that committed the massacre clearly knew that his co-workers would not be armed, and therefore it would cost substantially less to murder them.
  • Anti-gunners constantly talk about how they value the lives of children and (rightfully) say there is no amount of money that can replace a child. Nevertheless, each time a school goes without armed guards, or youths over the age of 7 are not allowed to carry and defend themselves, it sends a message to terrorists that it is costs much less to go after our children. Don’t forget these terrorists are not worried about facing “justice” or human law because they do not have any exit plan other than to die at the end of their rampage.

Gun Control Does not Solve the Real Cause of American Discontent

It would be tremendously ignorant and naive to say that US citizens are happier today than they were 8 years ago. Not only do we grapple with rising prices, rising taxes, and shrinking wages, but there is a definite sense of misery across the land.

Just take a look at pictures of yourself from 2007 and compare them to recent ones. Do you smile or laugh less when at parties or with friends? Did you wind up starting on anti-anxiety and anti-panic medications in the last 8 years?

Do you feel like you are trapped in an endless mire of debt, taxes, and obligation to others? If you answered yes to these questions, then you know exactly what I am talking about when I say the general feeling across our nation is “misery”. You also know that job losses, relationship failures, passing on of family members, and other sad events cannot wholly account for what you may be feeling inside and seeing in the faces and actions of others.

Now let me be clear here and say that for most people, there can be no joy in hearing about children, veterans, and others murdered with guns.

To say that NRA members (many of whom are doctors, nurses, veterans, and members of law enforcement) or other gun advocates do not feel these losses is beyond ignorant; especially when those truly enjoying the spectacle are radical Islamic terrorists and others determined to destroy our nation once the citizens are disarmed.

No matter how gut wrenching these deaths may be, it is time to stop preventing one group or another from having guns just because they “might” commit a massacre. It is time to do the opposite – it is time to arm more people so that terrorists and criminals alike have more enemies to contend with, and must pay a higher price for every life they take or try to take.

If there is one explanation for the rise of “radical” candidates such as Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, it is the general state of unhappiness in our daily lives. Instead of having real, meaningful conversations about how to bring joy back to our nation, we spend endless hours fighting over a few hunks of metal that just happen to be some of the best tools for self defense.

Historically speaking, terrorists have already seen how unhappy people seek to impose gun control, and then become easy targets for terror attacks. I feel this is very much what happened in Nigeria, and is ongoing as we speak in France, Germany, and right here in the United States.

In this election, the issue of gun rights is one that I feel every prepper should use as an absolute litmus test. We, as nation under attack by terrorists right on our own soil, should not be limited in gun ownership just because guns are used to commit mass murders or other crimes.

The fact remains that terrorists, like criminals will attack where it is cheapest and easiest to do so. In my opinion, the best way to drive radical Islamic terrorism (and other kinds) out of business is for every person to be well armed with guns, thus driving up the price every terrorist must pay to kill and spread mayhem.


This article has been written by Carmela Tyrell for Survivopedia.

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5 Real Solutions To Gun Violence

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Survivopedia 5 solutions

It is more than fair to say that the loudest anti-gunners don’t really want to solve any problems. All they want to do is pass a bunch of laws so that people think they can get things done.

As we have seen in other countries that were swayed by similar people, destruction and terrorism are sure to follow.

That all being said, each and every person reading this has a chance to actually help stop gun violence by reaching out and doing something useful. It does not matter if you are for or against gun rights, all that matters is that you have a sincere wish to stop a killing in a neighborhood or family near you.

Teach Children Gun Safety

Not so long ago, gun owners in this country passed hunting and other traditions down from one generation to another. While this is still true for many parts of the country, there are also many people that do not have the advantage of a robust upbringing on gun safety and use.

This factor combined with the fact that respect and gun safety are not taught in schools means that children have insufficient guidance on how to behave around guns.

When it comes to teaching children about guns, let’s start off by drawing an analogy to other important things that are learned around the same age when gun safety training should begin. As a parent, you probably used a very different approach when teaching your child to avoid a hot stove and how to handle matches.

In the former instance, you may have warned the child that certain things were not safe to touch. If they did not listen and touched a hot pot or pan, they learned quickly enough to pay attention to what you said and what to be wary of.

On the other hand, your parents probably took a different approach to teaching you how to handle matches. You may have been told to stay away from them until you were taught how to use them, and may have been punished if caught playing with them.

It is sad to say that many children today learn “gun safety” through violent cartoons, movies, video games, and even songs. If we truly want to stop gun violence and instill a sense that life is sacred, gun safety needs to be taught in a responsible way. Children that are not old enough to handle a gun or stay away from them as directed should not be allowed near them.

Any child that is not old enough or responsible enough to handle a gun should also not be allowed to read, view, or listen to media or entertainment venues that promote the wrong or careless use of guns.

Equalize Gun Ownership Across All Social Classes

As we have already seen, gun owners are some of the wealthiest in our nation, while those who need protection from guns are some of the poorest. If we are to have a safe and equal society, then everyone must be able to own guns regardless of income status.

From homeless people right on up to billionaires, each person should have a gun and sufficient ammo to use for personal needs. Training and practice areas should also be offered at taxpayer expense for anyone that cannot afford these services.

Consider that if we can spend millions to billions of dollars each year on crime and crime prevention, it is truly much better and cost effective to put the power of self-defense directly back into the hands of the people.

Putting guns in the hands of every citizen also has two other important functions:

  • Right now our society is heavily divided along many different lines. Our language is changing in ways that make us think we know what others are saying, when in fact we have no clue. Gun ownership and maintenance comes with a set of very precise terms and procedures that can act as point of agreement among diverse people. Since guns also symbolize respect, there is also a chance that people will be less inclined to lie, cheat, and behave in other ways that serve to undermine the fabric of our nation.
  • Right now we have an unknown number of people in this country that did not come in legally. While we may think many of them are from Mexico and South America, it is no secret that many people from the Middle East may be making their way through the same porous border to our south. Because of the nature of terrorism and the conditions in these countries, it is entirely possible that millions of sleeper cell terrorists and “lone wolves” may already be here. Our homeless citizens and poorest citizens are likely to be the first attacked. Those attacks will be successful and overwhelming if we do not make gun ownership equal and unfettered across all income brackets.

Reach Out to People at Risk

One of the saddest consequences of all these discussions aimed at pushing gun control is that over half of all gun deaths are actually suicides.

When people are lost in pain, illness, or other types of distress, it does no good to tell them that you want to take their guns away. This only makes people in need more inclined to hide the fact that they need help and also makes them feel less confident of their ability to manage their daily lives.

Instead of punishing people for being sick and threatening them with gun confiscation, it is time to reach out to these people and actively work to gain their trust. Anyone can hold a gun and lock it up for someone that feels like they are on the edge.

Anyone can be a friend, listen, and help another person in need get back on their feet mentally and emotionally. Unfortunately, the way gun control laws are written these days, the very people that may be trusted to hold a gun are the very ones prohibited from doing so.

This only leads to more deaths, more massacres and more fodder for anti-gunners hell bent on getting their way.

In some traditional gun owner families, including mine and my husband’s, it was not uncommon to hold a gun for a family member or close friend until they demonstrated that it was safe for them to have the guns back. This is distinctly different from making a law in which the guns are held by a stranger, or a whole host of red tape must be gone through to regain access to a gun.

People that know you best and trust are the ones you will go to instinctively; and they are also the ones that are best able to determine if it is the right time to give your guns back.

Situation Awareness and Common Sense

Anti-gunners are very fond of saying that gun rights advocates are paranoid for thinking there is a criminal or terrorist hiding under every rock. Nevertheless, the numbers prove them wrong. Have a look at your risk of being the victim of a violent crime, even without concerns of terrorism:

  • 1 out of every 10 women will be the victim of a rape. If you are a woman, remember that the next time you go shopping and stand on line with 9 other women. One of you may have, or will be the victim of rape. When you go to vote this year, remember that the Democrat rape crisis platform consists mainly of telling women to urinate on rapists in order to deter them, and then toddle on off to the hospital for a rape kit and an abortion.
  • 7 out of every 10 people will be the victim of home burglary. Anti-gunners run around saying that you should not need more than 10 bullets to protect your home and family. Nevertheless, in a panic situation, you may in fact need a magazine that holds 30 rounds, or more. Quite frankly, unless anti-gunners have actively been involved in home robberies and can prove they can do better than the police or the average home owner, they have no place judging what is, and what is not a “personal use” sized magazine. Bullet size, gun type, and many other factors make it unreasonable and dangerous to limit magazine size.
  • 4 out of every 10 people will be robbed. Elderly people, the disabled, and the homeless all run a greater risk of being robbed. Isn’t it better to empower these people with guns instead of leave them at the mercy of criminals that are probably using the black market to get what they want?

Aside from carrying a gun, it is also very important to be aware of everything going on around you. Without accurate assessment of the people around you, it becomes difficult to avoid crimes, and also increases the likelihood that you will need to use a gun to defend yourself or someone else.

Together with that, situation awareness is also very important in a nation where terrorists are actively planning and carrying out their disgusting acts.

When you start paying attention to what people are doing, and learn how to spot suspicious behavior, then you become empowered and able to help the society around you.

From active shooters to suicide bombers, having a gun will give you the chance to take action to resolve immediate threats, and quite possibly reduce the number of lives lost. As it stands, anti-gunners refuse to admit that armed people are harder to commit acts of terror and crime upon.

Terrorists and criminals, however, live in the real world and aren’t about to take the risk of trying to overcome armed citizens. They know they will lose, and for every victory they gain, the price will be far higher than they are willing to pay.

Repeal All Gun Control Laws

Gun free zones, background checks, and other gun control laws all look good on paper. All they have done here, and around the world is increase victimization against poor people and ensure that children are easier to kill in large numbers.

As getting rid of Prohibition normalized the use of alcohol in our society, getting rid of gun control will also restore guns to the level of normalcy they had at the time the Constitution was written.

Repealing gun laws in this country is only the beginning of what must be a global revolution. This revolution includes:

  • study the arguments used in favor of gun control. Understand how people are being brainwashed into going along with it. Educate about gun rights in a civil and polite way that does not cause brainwashed responses to take control of your audience.
  • refusing to vote for any leader that supports gun control
  • investigate all proponents of gun control to see who they get their money from. You may just uncover a massive scandal or some hidden criminal action that will get them removed from office.
  • recalling all leaders that attempt to impose gun control
  • immediately petition and seek to overturn gun control laws through legal challenges
  • form networks with pro-gun advocates throughout the world to ensure gun control is appealed in all nations
  • Learn about gun control in world governing organizations. Investigate and expose proponents of gun control and find out how to get them voted out.
  • Continue to educate people in the United States and in foreign countries about the benefits of unfettered gun ownership. Never forget that there are some people in this world that have been heavily brainwashed, have never been around guns, and do not know better than what they were taught. Be a patient teacher and a role model for all the best that is in our American gun culture.

There is no question that there is too much crime and terrorism in this world. Focusing on gun control as a “cure all” or “beginning point” is not a viable answer.

As we learned with alcohol, and continue to learn with drugs, actually resolving issues around material objects cannot be done by limiting those objects. Rather, we must sit down and look for ways to work among people in such a way that a major crisis can be averted.

For those at risk of committing suicide or killing others because of personal problems, we must build very personal and very tangible bonds of trust that can be used in time of need. For terrorists and criminals who may be beyond our mental and emotional reach, situational awareness combined with arms for every citizen remains the best and safest answer.

We, as a nation and world do not need ham handed, lame brained gun control laws to get in our way. We can do a better job without having to put aside a single gun.


This article has been written by Carmela Tyrell for Survivopedia.



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5 Things Anti-Gunners Get Wrong About Gun Rights

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Survivopedia 5 things about gun control

Of all the memes floating around on the internet, few match those presented by anti-gunners when talking about gun rights advocates.

No matter where you look, fake statistics are used to advocate for gun control even as millions of innocent women and children are being wiped off the face of the Earth by criminals and terrorists.

It should come as no surprise that a movement funded by millionaires and promoted by former anti-war activists fails miserably when it comes to the most fundamental truths about gun ownership, the American gun culture, and why it is so very important for as many people as possible in our nation and world to have unfettered and unrestricted access to all kinds of guns.

Guns Protect Liberty and Move the World Forward

If you look at the relationship between the United States and England today, you would never guess that our founding fathers would have been called terrorists and worse by citizens and supporters of Britain in the colonies.

When people strive for liberty and disagree, sometimes the only answer is to thrash it out until both sides come to terms with each other. Despite the memes of anti-gunners educated with Common Core history, we have seen tragedies worldwide when liberty is not protected and defended with guns owned and used by the common people:

  • Strict gun control in Syria created a situation where only the military, the police, and ISIS had guns. This left the people of Syria helpless as terrorists took over city by city, and forces them to leave their homeland instead of stay and defend it. In a situation like this, ISIS and other terror groups have insufficient resistance from the people they seek to dominate. As such, there is no reason for them to stop their violent actions. If you can understand that a dog digs in the garbage because it can, then you also understand that terrorists take over unarmed people because they can.
  • Hitler and his infamous Nazis were very particular about disarming Jews and others that they intended to wipe off the face of the Earth. Perhaps if the Jews in Germany had guns, Hitler would never have been able to carry out the holocaust let alone invade other nations. From this, I feel we learn that there is no such thing as disarming a population for a “higher social good” without secretly considering taking other actions that will lead that populations oblivion.
  • China is another country notorious for gun control. Even though very little media gets out from this communist nation, we did see what happened in Tienanmen Square. That kind of suppression along with such a brutal massacre should be enough to convince anyone that liberty for the people cannot exist when citizens are disarmed or denied access to any kind of gun they wish to have.

It’s About Guns as Much as the Person Behind the Gun

As a general rule, anti-gunners look only at the harm caused when guns are used by people in ways that we find to be wrong.

Nevertheless, if they bothered to cull reports from local news stations around the nation, they would see that for every child murdered in Sandy Hook, hundreds may have been saved that day by armed parents. Dozens to hundreds of innocent men, women, and children are saved by guns every single day because “good people with guns stop bad people with guns”.

Now, some anti-gunners run around saying that approximately half of ex-cons admit that they don’t get guns because there is a law stopping them. Only a person seriously ignorant about the state of crime and the legal system these days would consider this statistic as a valid argument for gun control.

To the point, almost 50% of all homicides alone go unsolved. To add insult to injury, almost 5% of people on death row were exonerated based on new evidence. These numbers do not take into account the number of people that chose to go to prison in order to cover for someone else. Now, let’s do the math to show what’s really happening with this statement about ex-cons.

  • Let’s start off by saying that out of 100 murders, 50 people went to prison, and 50 escaped.
  • Through additional testing ,we found out that 5 people put in prison were, in fact, innocent.
  • Of the 50 people that went to prison, 25 of them say they would not buy a gun because it is illegal. That means only 25% of all murderers avoid gun ownership because of a law, while a whopping 75% will go on with business as usual.
  • Of the 25 people that said they would not own a gun because it is illegal to do so, it is likely that 5 of them were innocent to begin with. That leaves just a 20% compliance rate with gun control laws.

With that kind of abysmal failure, it is no wonder that mass murders happen most in gun free zones, section 8 housing, and other areas where people cannot get access to guns. These statistics alone prove that criminals simply don’t care about the laws, they will get guns, and they will use them.

gun free zones

Gun Rights are About Self Defense in a World of Changing Threats

Some anti-gunners claim that the US Constitution should be narrowly interpreted when it comes to gun types. According to them, the only guns citizens should have are black powder muskets and other weapons that were commonly available around the time the Constitution was written.

If we are to go by those standards, perhaps these very same people should consider giving up on a number of wider interpretations of the Constitution including:

  • the creation of the social security system (retirement plans didn’t exist in the 1700’s)
  • Obamacare (health insurance didn’t exist back then)
  • federal oversight of medical doctors (back then just about anyone could be considered a medical practitioner, including faith healers)
  • the entire automobile regulation system (perhaps we should all go back to horse and buggy as the ultimate means to stop all those nasty accidents).

When it comes right down to it, the Constitution wasn’t directly meant to cover a lot of things that we now consider part of our modern society. The fact of the matter is our founding fathers were some of the wisest, most forward looking people that ever walked this Earth. They knew all kinds of technologies were coming to fruit in terms of weapons. If they only meant citizens to have certain kinds, it is for certain they would have said so.

The decision to allow unfettered access to guns was one of the best things our founding fathers could have done. Today, we live in a different world with threats that may have a different appearance, but still come down to predator vs. prey.

From trucks crashing into crowds of people to suicide bombers, all modern forms of attack on citizens can still be stopped with a gun. No matter how anti-gunners try to wheedle out of this fact, they must eventually admit that law enforcement and military alike use guns to bring an end to active terror situations.

But hey will always resist admitting this, because then they must also admit that when citizens on the scene are armed, it takes less time for them to respond than it does for the police to get there and then get to the attacker.

murder rate

Gun Ownership Can be a Matter of Duty

In several articles I have written about the fact that criminals and terrorists are the ultimate opportunists. If they see a chance to steal, rape, or murder, they will do so as long as they gain more than they risk.

An unarmed person is always going to be a tempting target because these criminals have the advantage of surprise at the moment of attack, and they may also have guns of their own. If they know that their intended victim is armed, they know there is a chance they will lose.

So what happens when people do not carry guns or take other measures that leave them too vulnerable to criminals and terrorists?

  • One possibility is that as criminals and terrorists walk among us, they will seek out these targets and confine their activities to vulnerable populations. These populations, in turn, will demand protection in the form of police and militaries. For each person that cannot or will not defend themselves, someone else may have to die for them. Each person without a gun becomes both a target and inspiration for those intent on committing harm.
  • Criminals and terrorists accustomed to preying on those who are unarmed will amass money and more weapons. At some point, they will see large groups of people as suitable targets for their disgusting plans. As they go from success to success, their attacks will increase and become more devastating. Armed citizens can stop this process, however gun free zones prevent us from seeing this in action. In a world where citizens are armed with guns, breakthrough of crime against groups would be minimal, and put down very quickly.
  • Next, criminals and terrorists will move on to the most obviously armed people in our society – law enforcement officers. They will study their actions, look for weak points, and devise plans that ensure maximum damage to their targets. We are seeing this right now in our own nation, yet fail to understand that they themselves are the exact kind of weak link that embolden criminals and terrorists.
  • Eventually, as we saw in Nigeria, terrorists and more organized bands of thugs will overthrow military bases and wipe entire towns off the map. Even this situation can and could be stopped when every citizen is armed with guns.

Statistics do not Predict or Work at the Individual Level

Have you ever been diagnosed with a serious illness? If so, then you may also have been told what chance you have of overcoming the illness and living beyond a predicted period of time.

Chances are, one of the first challenges you had to overcome was throwing out all the preconceived notions from friends, family, and medical providers. Probably, one of the first things you did was say “I am not a number”.

All too often in these debates on guns, we hear about statistics as if they absolutely predict the future or as if they must be the control of our lives. Nevertheless, we are not consigned to predestiny because one of God’s greatest gift to us is free will.

That all being said, here are the main reasons why statistics related to gun violence are used to create circular and patently false arguments by gun control and gun grabber advocates:

  • Statistics gathered in the past do not account for changes in factors underlying those statistics. Let’s say that 50 to 20 years ago, a glass of milk contained 30% of the USRDA of Vitamin D. Now let’s say that from 19 years ago to present, Vitamin D is down to just 15% per glass. If we are act on statistics generated on data from 20+ years ago, we might still believe that milk is the best source of Vitamin D. Even though the statistics say “drink one glass a day”, the reality is we must drink 2 glasses. In a similar fashion, arguments against gun rights do not account for the rise of terrorism as a global problem. No matter how many times they point to gun control in England and Australia, the fact remains Nigeria, France, and Germany are awash in terrorist events that require arming the general population.
  • Statistics that are based on too small a population or are not gathered for long enough also present a serious problem. Gun control has not been tested long enough in countries that have it, especially considering the way global threats are changing. When 1 out of every 5 nations on this planet is under attack by terrorists, it is a clear signal that we cannot and should not disarm.
  • As in the cases of illness, winning the lottery, or even getting safely from one place to another, statistics cannot reveal the outcome of any given event before it happens. The only thing we know for sure, 100% of the time is that it takes a good person with a gun to stop criminals and terrorists, regardless of the weapon they choose.

In our society, doctors, lawyers, nurses, police officers, members of the military, computer programmers, politicians (including anti-gunners and gun grabbers) and scientists are the kinds of highly educated people that likely make up over 50% of all gun owners.

When anti-gunners cannot grasp the five most fundamental things about gun rights, they do no service to the real problems facing our nation and world. We cannot allow these fundamental errors in judgment to go on shaping policy and laws in our nation and abroad.

Remember, this election to make gun rights your litmus test. Vote, recall, and petition!


This article has been written by Carmela Tyrell for Survivopedia.




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4 Ways The Anti-Gun Movement Supply Crime And Terrorism

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As I write this, three more police officers in Baton Rouge, LA are dead, and three more have been wounded. Even as these officers lay in a pool of blood, the left wing stubbornly refers to this as a “racial matter” and offers “gun control” as the miracle cure for the whole mess.

But even as these people demand disarmament, their very own rhetoric creates more innocent victims in our schools, in our movie theaters, among people of color, and among our civil servants.

Unfortunately, when anti-gunners write and speak, I feel, they have a tendency to use their words in ways that justify things that no humane being would ever agree to. In this election season, let’s have a look at the dark side of the anti-gun movement so that it becomes easier to see how it contributes to crime and terrorism.

Anti-Gunners Deny Human Equality as it Applies to Self Defense

I know some people are going to say that the 2nd Amendment is “subject to interpretation”. Let us not forget that the Constitution was written by military commanders and soldiers. As with any other soldier or veteran across time, they were every bit as aware of the difference between civilians and military personnel. Surely, if they had not meant for the common people to have guns, they would have made that absolutely clear.

Not only did the founders of our nation mean for us to have guns, it is my contention they meant for us to have unfettered access to anything we want regardless of how technology changes over time.  It is clear to me, that “equal under the law” applies to guns for every citizen in this nation.

Weird as it may be, when liberals talk about “equal rights” for the elderly, veterans,  minorities, LGBT, the disabled, the mentally disturbed, ex cons, and women, they never admit to the Constitutionally guaranteed equal right to self defense with a gun.   Instead, they appear far more interested in  deep throating our children with Common Core sex ed, and then say equal under the law only goes so far as men and women using the same bathroom!

Nevertheless, for every group whose rights they pretend to defend, they consistently seek to use the “reward” of recognition of other “rights” in order to prevent these people from speaking out about the right to keep and bear arms. Have a look at some of the disgusting things anti-gunners say to people that should be armed, but instead become victims of criminals and terrorists for want of a gun:

  • The elderly, disabled, and mentally disturbed, via the Social Security Administration, are being disarmed if they cannot manage their own money. Since when does asking someone to write you checks for you suddenly mean you don’t have a right to a gun in order to protect yourself from robbers and others that target the elderly? To add insult to injury, statistics show that these are the very people most likely to be the victims of crimes, not the ones carrying them out.
  • Veterans with PTSD and other disorders are being told they can’t carry guns in the homeland even though foreign terrorists have ordered them to be murdered. As I said in another article, don’t our veterans deserve a right to protect and defend themselves regardless of the condition they come home to us in?
  • The poor and minorities of all races living in Section 8 housing are told that they cannot have a gun for self defense, yet they are the ones most likely to be robbed, mugged, raped, and murdered, in part, because there are not enough police to patrol these areas. Why should where you live determine whether or not you  have a right to defend yourself by any and all means?
  • As for the LGBT –  just look at that “gun free zone” night club in Orlando where dozens were killed and injured by one gunman while waiting for police to arrive and take him out USING GUNS. Nuff said?  If you can’t protect yourself with a gun while you are out on a date, what makes you think you can protect yourself at any other time just because a “law” says you are protected?
  • Ex cons are another group that liberal anti-gunners seek to garner support from, yet they don’t want to admit that they, too, can easily become the victims of terrorists. Quite frankly – I feel –  people that have paid their dues to society just don’t deserve that, no matter what they did in the past. The right to self defense does not go away, and neither should the right to keep and bear arms.
  • And then, the anti-gunners brainwash women into believing they aren’t strong enough or smart enough to carry guns. So how is it a woman can “safely” spread her legs for everyone in the town courtesy of Planned Parenthood, get drafted, and “do everything a man can do”, but she can’t own and use a gun? Since I wrote about this in another article, I’ll just leave it to you, dear reader, to go on over and read about the egregious harm caused to women by the anti-gun movement.

As you can see, in case after case, anti-gunners deny every group of special interests the right to keep and bear arms even though this is the one right that serves as the lynch pin for every other right.

As we have seen in Syria, Nazi Germany, the former USSR, and many other places in the world, when the people do not have guns or the absolute equal right to self defense, they wind up having no rights at all. No matter whether a terrorist attacks you in a night club, a serial killer attacks you in a parking lot, or someone else attempts to harm you, the fact remains, in that moment, guns are the only remedy that create even some degree of equality between predator and prey.

Without Guns There are Insufficient Consequences for Committing Crime

In the arena of nuclear weapons, there is something called “M.A.D.” or Mutually Assured Destruction that is said to keep nuclear nations from blowing each other out of existence. As among politicians, perhaps it is also so among average citizens. Our human race must still contend with everything from the wiles of nature to disaster of our own making.

Guns are precisely the kind of weapon that make people think twice about attacking each other. This is especially true of criminals that see risk differently than law abiding members of society. Never forget that criminals are classic opportunists that only look at the tangible capacity to take in the “here and now”.

Laws don’t matter when the opportunity to take what they want is open and available. When criminals know that people are armed and ready to defend themselves, they move on to easier targets.  From that perspective, anti-gunners reduce the immediate consequences of criminal acts, and therefore invite those acts against to be carried out against children and other innocents.

Without Guns, There are Also Insufficient Consequences for Terrorism

For the sake of this article, I make a distinction between terrorists and other criminals because, in acts of terror, there is a stated desire to disrupt and change society in a harmful fashion. By contrast, your garden variety criminal – even a serial killer – is more focused on how the event relates to him/her, and not the impact on society.

As such, I believe the risk assessment for a terrorists is a bit different than for other crimes. A murderer might be deterred by someone carrying any kind of gun, but a terrorist will pay more attention to the type of gun and the (for lack of a better term) machismo of the carrier. Terrorists want to know if they can generate fear in their victims and the larger society, not whether they can escape with their lives.   This is why all civilians need unfettered access to any and all forms of weapons, including military grade equipment (aka big stick = big… well you get the picture).  If a terrorist knows they will be outnumbered and unable to create fear in the crowd, they get no satisfaction, so they will not waste their time.

Sadly, we are seeing just how much fun ISIS is having slaughtering millions of unarmed people all over the Middle East and Europe because these people don’t have the power of a gun with which to do the necessary. To my thinking, the problem is as much unarmed citizens as it is the very nature of ISIS and other “terror groups”.

Anti-Gunners Promote Race Riots and Cop Killings

Criminals and terrorists are not stupid – they will always pick on gun free zones. People that go to these places are telling the world they are disarmed, and, therefore, vulnerable. These are the places where anti-gunners endanger people most by calling gun carriers paranoid and attempting to intimidate others into not carrying a gun.

Far too many naive, unsuspecting people these days practically advertise the fact that they want to be raped, robbed, kidnapped or worse by virtue of  being unarmed. To a criminal looking for easy pickings, anyone brainwashed by anti-gun rhetoric is good enough target for all their sick agendas.

Today, this disgusting outcome has evolved into a situation that is also increasing the risk to our police officers. Every time a citizen cannot defend themselves from a criminal, that means a police officer must do the job for them. Now here’s how that leads to the murder of both innocent people of color and the police:

  • Let’s start off with a situation where a “gun free” store that has video surveillance cameras is robbed by someone with a gun. Since the store worker has no gun, the criminal gets away.
  • Next, the police arrive, but the only trace of the perpetrator is on the surveillance camera. And there, in the grainy image, they see a man of color.
  • And so the pictures go out, and the police roam around trying to look for this one criminal on top of stop other crimes in progress.
  • Then one fine day, a cop thinks he has found the “suspect”. Maybe the officer has been told someone suspicious is around, maybe something else has got his/her attention.
  • The suspect may reach for a gun, or maybe he’s been conditioned by a behavioral scientist via the media to freak out at the sight of a gun. Either way, it ends with a dead suspect and a police officer left holding the smoking gun.
  • And then… as is the way of human nature, efforts are made to retaliate. This costs more lives, and drives us closer to the kind of civil war that no gun law, and no martial law will ever be able to control or stop.

It should be obvious that when elected officials do not support the equal right of self defense of the nation’s police, soldiers, and citizens, it sends a message of encouragement to our enemies.  I feel right now anti-gunners are saying loud and clear that our citizens are “too crazy” or “too weak” to have guns, and  that our police are too incompetent to send out without cameras on their shoulders.

In my opinion, when anti-gun politicians bemoan how horrible it is that our citizens have guns, that also sends a dangerous message to terrorists.

Stop and think about it. If you were ISIS, would you want to hear that the nation you plan to attack is filled with people that can handle guns and are have the full support of the government behind them? Would you be encouraged to attack  if you heard that soldiers and guns are a normal part of society?

Of course you wouldn’t!  Common sense alone dictates you would move on to weaker cultures that don’t have guns, and therefore are easily driven to the kind of fear where retaliation is impossible and domination is guaranteed.

While the anti-gunners run around saying they only want to “keep the public” safe, their actions and the way those actions are read by our enemies send the opposite message. If it is an embarrassment and a disgrace to discriminate against people based on gender, sexual orientation, color, mental condition, age, or religion, then it is also just as disgraceful to say that a person’s right to self defense with a gun can be limited by others.

This election season, we have a choice to make, not just about how our country runs, but on how our friends and enemies see us. Are we going to stand with the police, the people of color, the poor, the veterans, and the disabled and uphold our collective right to keep and bear arms?

Or, are we going to throw them to the mercy of terrorists and criminals just as we threw the children of Sandy Hook and every other massacre to misguided freaks that made such horrific use of gun free zones and other gun control laws?


This article has been written by Carmela Tyrell for Survivopedia.

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Gun Control: A Holocaust Against Our Soldiers And Veterans

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Survivopedia gun control

Even as our nation celebrates unparalleled freedom purchased with the blood and guns of our soldiers and veterans, a massive attack on our troops is underway.

While liberal, left wing media paints gun control as a matter of public safety, the fact is the entire agenda amounts to a holocaust on our soldiers and veterans. When people who have been trained to defend our nation with guns are called incompetent to own and use guns on our own soil, this amounts to mental and emotional abuse by those who sent them off to war. 

We as a nation must stand up and say no to gun control and demand a full repeal of all restrictions on access to guns and ammunition.  Read on to find out just how dirty and ugly the gun control agenda is in light of issues related to our veterans and soldiers.

Isn’t Anti-War a Good Thing?

Anyone that lived through the ’60’s knows that the anti-war movement was anything but a “peaceful” movement. Soldiers returning home were beaten, harassed and murdered by “activists” that wanted to make a statement. Even though the outwardly violent side of this movement seems to have died down over the years, the fact remains that many of these anti-war protesters may still harbor a hatred for our soldiers and veterans.

It should come as no surprise that leaders in that age group are more than eager to take away gun rights and refer to gun owners as ignorant, crazy, or socially unfit because, in my opinion, it represents a secret way to demonize, humiliate, and make veterans feel like they do not belong in our society. Let us not forget that every veteran carried a gun at one time,  and many still do.

Ironically, the proof of anti-war hatred hiding behind the gun control agenda can be found in the very language and  weapons that anti-gunners seek to ban and confiscate. Have you noticed that they wrongly call  AK and AR weapons “assault rifles” when they are, in fact, little more than glorified hunting/sporting  rifles that are nothing like a true machine gun?

The very term “assault rifle” calls to mind warfare and the anti-war hatred aimed at the soldiers that used weapons significantly different from the AR and AK platforms. Thus, in a very sneaky and unethical fashion, the anti-gun leaders are, in effect, inciting hate against US veterans because their insistence on using incorrect, war related terms triggers emotional responses in truly ignorant people that haven’t quite let go of their radical past.

For the sake of simplicity, truth, and clarity:

  • AK and AR rifles are no different from other hunting and sporting rifles in the sense that they can have adjustable or fixed stocks.  An adjustable stock will not make a the gun fire faster or fire without pulling the trigger.
  • AK and AR platforms require you to pull the trigger each time a bullet is to be fired.  This is no different from any other gun on the civilian market.
  • The AR uses a measly .22 caliber round and some ” wildcat cartridges” that have a similar effect to a .30 caliber round.   By law,  a minimum of .24 to .30 caliber is required for animal hunting.   The bottom line is the AR is no more deadly than any other rifle used for hunting and sports.
  • The rounds commonly used in the AK-47 also barely meet the requirements for hunting animals, let alone humans.  The AK-74 fires a .22 caliber bullet designed to hunt woodchucks and other 4 legged, non-human varmint hunting.
  • Although AK and AR rifles “look like” battlefield rifles, they simply aren’t.
  • Are these “assault rifles” in the same way as an M-16’s commonly carried by our soldiers? I think not, yet anti-gunners constantly and (I feel) maliciously use battlefield terms to create a war that simply did not exist before they took their anti-war, anti-soldier rhetoric and transferred it to guns.

This is not to say that anti-war is a bad thing. The vast majority of people in this world (including me) would love to be free of warfare and violence. The desire to live a happy, full life in harmony is precisely why our veterans went to war, and it remains their goal to  go on with their lives and raise their families.

Without fail, anti-gun agenda with is radical anti-war roots veers too often into irrational emotionalism that only serves to harm our veterans and undermine the security of our nation. If the anti-war protesters that spawned the anti-gun movement believe so strongly in their cause, they would be much better off telling enemies of our nation to disarm instead of picking on our veterans from behind the shield of “gun control”.

But then again, such a move would represent real, hard, tangible work, and it is much easier to “kick the dog” and push those who are struggling to put their lives back together further into oblivion.

This, I feel is the cowardice and true ugly face of anti-gunner and gun grabber movements. Now let’s have a look at the psychology put into play here, and how it now affects not just our veterans, but now also our police officers.

Obama’s Executive Order 13707 and Why it Matters

According to selected excerpts  Executive Order 13707,  (note – admittedly the text of this executive order does not once mention guns or gun control, however the pattern of Obama’s speeches suggest it can be used for, and abused for the sake of  the purposes outlined in this article.  Furthermore,  incompetent vetting will make it even easier to push the public into unnatural and dangerous stances against veterans, guns, and the police.)

“…behavioral science insights can support a range of national priorities…”

Behavioral science is defined as: “A scientific discipline, such as sociology, anthropology, or psychology, in which the actions and reactions of humans and animals are studied through observational and experimental methods.”. Note the study of Psychology, whose four purposes are defined as: “The purpose of psychology is to accurately describe, explain, predict, and change human behavior and mental processes. It strives to achieve these goals within all spheres of human activity.”

With these universally recognized definitions in mind, its is very clear that this executive order essentially aims to change the behavior of people in order to fit “national priorities”.  But what are those priorities, and are they always for the good of the people?  For example, according to Fox News, in 2013, Obama clearly labeled passing gun control laws as one of his top priorities.

Now let’s have a look at some other “top priorities” by other leaders that have done enormous harm. Within the last 100 years alone, we have seen Assad in Syria, Nazi Germany, life behind the former Iron Curtain, North Korea, and, lest our own government be left behind, the evils of “scientific research” paid for and carried out by our own government.

From this perspective alone, we cannot say that “national priorities” are always in line with what is best for groups (including veterans and soldiers) and citizens under the government’s control.  In this case, anti-gun agendas have already caused an endless number of deaths, and, this very moment are fueling the murder of police officers, the instigation of racial violence, and, ultimately, act as a destructive force against our veterans and soldiers.

The human mind, spirit, and emotions are every bit as important as the body. When you rob someone of their mental wellness, or seek to manipulate them emotionally and mentally – that’s abuse no matter who does it or what justification they claim. In my opinion, using “behavioral science” to further some vague set of not precisely defined “national priorities”  is every bit as predatory as the other “scientific experiments” that wreaked havoc on innocent human bodies. The ends do not justify the means associated with the long term psychological damage that can be wreaked upon our nation, and in particular, to our veterans.

“(iii) recruit behavioral science experts to join the Federal Government as necessary…”

Remember Little Albert? If not, let me tell you about his interactions with one of those “behavioral science experts” named John B. Watson. While in the  midst of a kinky extramarital love affair with his assistant, Rosalie Rayner, Watson decided to test out his theories about classical conditioning on an innocent 9 month old baby.  Here is the basic design of the experiment:

  • Little Albert was allowed to play with a mouse, dog, monkey, a rabbit, and other furry objects in order to make sure he had no fear of anything with fur on it.
  • Next, Little Albert was allowed to play with the mouse. Each time he touched the mouse, a loud sound was made that caused him to startle and cry.
  • The next time Little Albert was presented with the mouse, he cried and tried to escape as if the sound had also been made.
  • Upon showing little Albert other furry objects and animals, he reacted with the same fear.

Even though this experiment is considered an unethical little naughty frowned upon by modern psychology, it is very clear that Obama’s executive order allows psychological experimentation on unsuspecting citizens for the purpose of achieving “national priorities” such as gun control.

In that atmosphere, the only ones who will get to perform these experiments on the public are ones that seek to push the gun control and gun confiscation agendas.  These people may already think nothing of performing live autopsies on animals, and think nothing of electrocuting people for the purpose of “treatment” just to get a paycheck.  What is to stop these people from using staged traumatic events to manipulate the public into accepting gun control, and give up God knows how many other rights?

Not only that, but it seems these “experts” are just as cloaked in secrecy as those who make decisions about how medical care is delivered under Obamacare (if I’m not mistaken, Sarah Palin referred to this part of the act as allowing for the formation of  “death panels”.)

In short, our nation, and our 2nd Amendment rights are no longer properly guarded and protected by our elected officials. They, and our veterans may well be at the mercy of a bunch of nameless and faceless “behavior  science experts”  that may have hidden anti-soldier turned to anti-gun agendas. Let’s just say this would not be the first time that government vetting for various purposes (like several debacles in relation to security clearances) resulted in utter chaos and destruction!

So, now, here’s  how I feel Little Albert applies to gun control, and why the anti-gun agenda is anti-soldier. And as we have learned recently, the anti-gun movement  is spiraling like a hurricane into a nationwide movement that will ultimately lead to murdering and maiming police officers regardless of their color.

  • Before Obama made gun control a top priority, people paid little, if any attention to guns, even though we have all been exposed to them one way or another.
  • Each time a shooting occurs, we see people crying on TV (who can’t empathize with someone that is crying or upset?), and all sorts of frightening images and sounds paired with the sight of a gun.  It would not surprise me if the way these stories are presented  is dictated by “behavior science experts” in their efforts to carry out Executive Order 13707.
  • A growing movement amongst anti-gunners is to actually panic and become completely irrational at the sight of a gun. Well… when people are driven out of their minds with psychobabble, they do crazy, but predictable things – just like Little Albert. In this case, the anti-gunners have transferred the conditioned hysteria over guns to anyone that carries them – including the police. And, from the place of fear, these people are reacting by murdering.
  • From that perspective, the pairing of race baiting morphing into the murder of police officers is entirely expected. The fear of guns becomes generalized or transferred to a fear of the police who wear guns openly. Fear begets violence.  And, as you know, once the police are no longer able to provide security to the citizens, martial law is around the corner. But before that happens, the anti-gun agenda will continue to look for ways to destroy our soldiers emotionally and mentally, because these are the people that took a lifelong oath, trained, and sacrificed in order to protect and defend our society and our nation.

“(ii) improve how information is presented to [individuals], whether as directly conveyed by the agency, or in setting standards for the presentation of information…”

“(iv) …  [A]gencies shall consider how the timing, frequency, presentation, and labeling of … incentives can more effectively and efficiently promote those actions…  Particular attention should be paid to opportunities to use nonfinancial incentives.”

With all the groundwork established above, it should be easy enough to see how this amounts to unethical … and more than likely illegal experimentation on the citizens of our nation.    In my opinion, when an executive order such as this exists within the context of a society that is against gun control (this has been proven time and again via numerous statistics), it amounts to psychological warfare from within our own nation.  It is also my contention, based on the background and ideologies of the majority of anti-gunners, they are not only against guns, but I feel they seek to harm race relations, our soldiers, and our police.

Our Veterans Are Not Safe in the Homeland

ISIS and other terrorist groups have called for the murder of US soldiers right in our own homeland.  They have even gone so far as to publish the names and address of soldiers that they want murdered by anyone that has a chance to do so.

Given that these terrorists have already shot up a few schools and other “gun free zones” it is obvious that disarming our veterans and soldiers turns them into walking “gun free zones”. To add insult to injury, terrorist groups are likely to be emboldened as  the police that are supposed to defend civilian society are being hunted down and murdered by anti-gun, anti-cop extremists possibly fueled by “behavioral science experts” with hidden agendas.

Right now, anyone disarmed for any reason is a “soft” target for extremists that slip through our borders just as easily as Hillary  Clinton’s aides  and Edward Snowden got  Top Secret  security clearances.

  • No soldier or veteran should have to endure threats from foreign sources while being told they are mentally incompetent or too “defective” to carry a gun, especially when those laws and demands are being made by people that used to scream “baby killer”  at our returning soldiers.
  •  No soldier of our nation, no  veteran, no citizen, should be deprived of the right to unfettered access to any and all types of guns, especially by people willing to use mental and emotional abuse for the sake of advancing vague or hidden “national priorities”.

Right now, there are anti-gun governors, members of the Congress, and members of the Senate that are not up for election this time around. Each and every one of them is still fully subject to recall or impeachment.

There are also plenty of leaders currently running for office that are willing to protect our 2nd Amendment rights. Make voting for them a priority and perhaps our nation will change for the better instead of being destroyed  by “scientific” arrogance and ignorance.

If you can’t vote pro 2A for yourself, then do it for a soldier, do it for a veteran, and do it for law enforcement officers that have their lives on the line.


This article has been written by Carmela Tyrell for Survivopedia.





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Your Freedom… Is It To Die For?

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Survivopedia freedom and guns

It would almost be amusing, if it were not so sadly tragic, how easy it is for the POTUS to manipulate and re-direct the minds of so many Americans who should know better.

With a nascent grass roots effort emerging to scrutinize the legality of Bureaucratic Fiat lists like the No-Fly list now seeded and sprouting in the forest of dissident citizenry, Obama simply brought out his two-stroke despotic weed whacker to trim us down, and made us all feel bad and guilty that we don’t have another killing of due process add-on gun ban to the illegal ‘no-fly’ list.

Laundering the Brains of ‘We, the Sheeple’

The main nonsense logic being that if they are ‘bad enough’ to not be allowed to fly, they are bad enough not to be allowed to have a gun. But if they are THAT bad in the first place, then why aren’t they arrested and charged accordingly?

Also our ‘honorable’ Congressional legislators just wrapped up a Broadway Stage performance in their last session before breaking for the holiday entitled ‘Feckless Government Dysfunction’, starring the House Democrats as comedy REPs ‘acting’ in the best interest of our Constitutional rights.

Instead of someone introducing a Declaration of War resolution against the Middle East enemy Islamic State, which just initiated a direct guerilla attack on our American soil in Orlando, murdering innocent civilians, in their own declaration of war on America…

The Leftist totalitarian branch of our government got into a hissy-fit to disrupt proceedings until they got their impudent temper tantrum way to illegally eviscerate more of our 2nd/A rights from our Constitution, along with our 4th/A rights to due process. Doubtless, we have all gone mad.

But this could fall into the ‘nothing is as it seems’ category. It might have really been a distraction re-direction to get an ‘insider’ deal going with the Omnibus bill.

They knew they’d be hard pressed for gaining any new gun control legislation. But they wanted to try to derail some Republican initiatives, by ‘scaring’ the Republicans into thinking they might not be able to prevent a universal background check winning vote, or a couple of other incremental gun control. All of these measures in their slowly but surely ultimate goal of total Australian/Canadian/UK confiscation and disarmament agenda. They at least might get some concessions on something else Obama can use to bolster his voting bloc…like maybe an ease up on immigration reform?

The amazing part is that some of the Republicans apparently want to do a treasonous compromise for their personal share of the spoils.

In the recent Senate voting session John McCain, and a couple other-I-don’t-know-what-you-call-‘em, turncoat politicians pretending to be Republicans actually voted ‘YES’ in the Senate FOR a proposal essentially allowing the FBI to arbitrarily and capriciously snoop through anybody’s emails any time they want for any reason WITHOUT A WARRANT!

I know Johnny Boy McCain, didn’t have a very nice stay at the Hanoi Hilton back in the day, and I deeply respect his service, but DUDE, did the NVA guards hit you in the head too hard too many times? Get help, John, please?

Fortunately, all the Fascist gun control bills failed in the Senate last time, but only by a thin margin of maybe a couple votes on some proposals! And just now the ‘enemies at the gates’ introduced yet another new bi-partisan compromise ‘no fly-no buy’ bill in the Senate! Also supported by a RINO Senator named Flake.

Video first seen on Sen. Jeff Flake.

But we didn’t elect a republican Senate and Congress majority to do what the liberal leftist Democrats want! We hired them to STOP their totalitarian party from gaining any more ground on their path to enslave us!

There can’t be any compromise on our freedoms? All that does is make it easier for them the next time they slide down the slippery slope to totalitarianism? They must be stopped now!

Make sure you contact your Congressional Reps TODAY and let them know in no uncertain terms that they had better NOT vote in ANY new anti-Second or 4th Amendment laws! Let them know you’re concerned and will be checking how they voted!

And in Addition to Obama’s Manipulative Disinformation…

You have master liars like Rep Jim Himes, who was one of those loud mouth anti-2nd/A birdbrain who walked-out during Speaker Ryan’s moment of silence for not pushing for more Gun Control legislation in Congress last week. Which they insultingly maintain is the cause of, and cure for, all the world’s problems.

In a subsequent media interview, Himes later asked the ultimate absurdity question of “why can’t it be at least as difficult to get a gun as it is to get a driver’s license?”

Well, obviously you never owned a car, or you are just terminally cognitively afflicted, Mr. Himes, otherwise you should know that you don’t need a NICS background check to buy a freaking car and be subjected to ownership bans. Even if you’ve committed a serious crime WITH your car, that doesn’t preclude you from owning cars or driving them on your own land like it does with guns, even if you didn’t even use a gun to commit a crime.

If you are too fool to see the insidious totalitarian disarmament agenda here, Mr. Hines, then you are too irresponsible to be trusted with legislating our future? You should resign before you irreparably harm our country, and its liberties.

Besides being in a very different ‘Public Safety’ category, mostly concerned with personal self-defense, guns have a completely different purpose. They are more of a private, individual concern, and the comparison is like alligators to artichokes.

Cars are statistically far more deadly when humans are in control of them than any firearms, due, among other things, to their ubiquitous and pervasive public social integration, and their high capacity speed and power. Far more foot pounds of potentially deadly energy than any bullets.

Indeed, almost every crime from murder to theft of the vehicle itself somehow likely involves a vehicle. So that’s why vehicles should perhaps require additional training and supervision in their function. They simply ARE MORE commonly dangerous than firearms, in complete contrast to the specious analogy you, Mr. Himes, presented.

And, the most important thing is to note in your flawed comparison that long before there were cars, people had the inherent uninfringed right to own firearms because cars simply won’t protect us much against a vicious predator, human or otherwise trying to hurt us, or a tyrannical government as well as an AR-15’s will.

Then Representative Himes persisted in mewling in affectatious public safety anguish by adding another statement that he couldn’t understand, the profound mystery of why a fairly reasonable set of {gun control} measures unleashed a torrent of hate, threats, and anger worthy of Dante’s ‘Ninth Circle of Hell’ toward elected officials who speak out for reform?

Could it be that the people are really not as stupid as you think, Mr. Hines? And they get riled when you say ‘reform’ but really mean ‘registration’ for future confiscation? Because the reality is that there is no such thing as a ‘reasonable set of gun control measures’. They are ALL anti-liberty measures.

And that the people-even many democrats and liberals- really do understand that it’s nonsense and patently dishonest to argue that there’s no such thing as an absolute right? If that were true, then why even have a Constitution? We can just make millions of Old Testament ‘Torah/Tanakh’ laws and change them anytime our leaders feel like it and be beheaded if we don’t like it?

But then it would be much worse because you can’t trust your elected officials like Himes as it is when their buddies are so agenda corrupt that they Edit Out the fact that the Orlando terrorist murderer announced he was a Jihadist soldier from the 911 call tapes, and who knows what else they covered up?!

‘Please, Stop Me…Before I Kill Your Freedom Again!’

Finally, Representative Himes said that people can’t expect to own a gun anymore without gun control reform because owning a weapon without hindrance, delay, or training… cannot trump a shooting victim’s right to see their next birthday?

Oh, please. The nauseating stench of your phony self-righteousness wafting through the halls of Congress is like what the first American soldiers entering the Auschwitz camp experienced.

And then-to add a sardonic barb to the insult, Himes says that most people agree with gun control and ‘…Congress exists to reflect the will of the people.’

I hope you don’t forget that, Mr. Himes. Because I think you are wrong. I don’t believe that the majority of true Americans want more gun control or more privacy loss.

And you can’t be ‘stopped’, Representaive Himes, because you don’t subscribe to the reality that we are all equal in the spectrum of our creation, like Thomas and Ben put forth in the Declaration of Independence. You and your wretched ilk believe you were created MORE equal and therefore eminently qualified to dominate and regulate the rest of us.

So all we can do is remove you from office to prevent future violations of our civil rights in your obsessive compulsive quest for totalitarian control over us.

Because most free thinking liberty loving Americans don’t believe your agenda based lies, right?


Then why did a Quinnipiac poll released the other day claim that 86% percent of the people they polled are in favor of a ‘no fly, no buy’ ban, and over 90% are in favor of universal background checks? Why? Because I think that Quinnipiac University is a Leftist brainwashing information manipulating POS organization and really only surveyed around 1600 people nationwide!

And if you try some demographics polling magic and happen to target Watter’s World types, and other ignorant, delusional, mind numbed and misinformed, easily bribed and manipulated sheeple, and you puppet string them with certain questions designed to elicit the desired response, guess what?

You get exactly what the mainstream media likes to use to blow out of proportion chunks all over with the help of people like Bill O’Reilly proving that he’s just as bad as Obama in many power elite ways.

He insisted that ‘universal background checks—even if they really don’t prevent crime—are not that bad because they are not actually gun ‘registration’’ either.’ When, indeed, that’s exactly what Universal Background checks are. They are, in fact, universal pre-confiscation registration.

Don’t believe me? I can even demonstrate it for you if you want to give me your name on your National I.D. card, I mean your 2005 ‘Real I.D. Act’ driver’s license/State I.D. “…your papers, please?” card.

I’ll then tell you exactly how many background checks you had and what guns you own. Or give me the serial number of any gun you have that may have been bought through a dealer, and I’ll find out who bought it, along with how many others were bought on 4473 form by the same person.

Brady Bill NICS background checks for gun purchases are nothing less than below radar gun registration data bases. Which are supposed to be illegal according to the 1986 Firearm Owners Protection Act. So how did Hawaii just get away with making an illegal law mandating actual total Registration -and having the gall to call it exactly that, ‘Gun Registration’, of ALL firearms in their State, AND reference that ‘data base’ with the new FBI universal data base on law abiding citizens?

Because the wannabe Island Slaves ‘submitted’ to letting their state dictatorship get away with it, that’s how! And the urban myth that the NICS data base must be deleted after 72 hours only applies to the general public according to the FOP act of ’86. NOT to LEO investigations, LOL!

So they really have a permanent registration data base of guns already. But now, with the Congressional vote, they are going for broke on any and all private transactions to be NICS background checked, as well? And we all know what history teaches us will happen once ALL gun ownership is registered?

Cold Hard Truth Be Told

In an open free society like America, the last one on Earth, by the way, there is simply can’t be total crime prevention or complete public safety. It’s a proven impossibility even in already disarmed populates like France!

The reality is that if you want to live in an environment of maximum liberty, free thought, and unbridled movement and privacy. Then the only thing that you must accept, Representative Hines, is that there will always be a percentage of violence in a social population that you can do nothing about it, until the essence of flawed human emotional content can evolve out of its natural violence and avarice mode through education and self-improved behaviorism.

In other words, NO amount of ANY so called humanitarian public safety crime prevention laws, administrative mandates, or restrictions will ever work to any imagined or hoped for value producing levels. And worse, in reality, these specious intentions only represent a more insidious deleterious opportunity for expanded government power and control motivation.

Just ask Hitler’s propaganda minister. When I listen to BO giving his obligatory ‘guns are always and forever the problem’ sound bites, I experience a gut-wrench deep in my bowels I never felt even when being shot at in combat.

Can ‘They’ really actually think we are all that degeneratively gullible? The answer is YES! And they’ll use that against us to submit us to totalitarian dictatorship.

What About Giving Me Liberty or Giving Me Death?

Well, your freedom, in case you forgot, is fundamentally more important than life. For without it, there IS NO life. Just verify that with anyone who lived under tyranny. That in itself nullifies their silly argument that “oh, but if gun control even just saves one life it’s all worth it?”

No, it is not worth it! Because that’s a terrible lie. The facts are that gun control costs more lives because it endangers people by limiting their ability to optimally protect themselves from bad humans and, as we’re seeing lately, and even more importantly… bad government. It’s a statistical, proven fact. More gun control puts more people in danger. Period.

And the other conveniently interpolated re-directed mind control technique the Totalitarian Leftists like to deploy, is to simply ignore the Constitution any time they feel like It. Or attack it as irrelevant or archaic.

Even though the fact remains that the 2nd/can’t be ‘infringed’ because it is the law of the land. It is clear and indisputable that all so-called added gun control laws are illegal because they are unconstitutional!

There’s not even a need for gun control if the criminal justice system wasn’t so dysfunctional. A more efficient system would be a far better deterrent than banning any inanimate objects. If a person does a crime, with or without a weapon, arrest and punish accordingly, depending upon the nature and level of egregious harm done.

Permanent disarmament bans not only don’t prevent recidivism but they do lay the groundwork for tyranny. It eventually makes all of us criminals by target focused laws, then subjects us to gun prohibition, and adds to their creation of the sub-cultural anti-social class of ‘ex-criminals’ we now have despite no further criminal behavior. And we remain law-abiding and nevertheless still permanently punished.

This is not the stuff of a rational society of enlightened higher consciousness. But it is certainly the ‘meat’ in the future feasts of Fascism…

Do You Suck at Being a True American Patriot?

You might… If all you thought about or discussed with anybody this 4th of July weekend holiday revolved around shooting off some firecrackers, and how much beef and beer you’re going to need for the face-stuffing contest at the barbecue later. Instead of discussing with your family and friends and contacting your Representative on each and every bill they vote on this week.

The ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ vote in the House this time could change your little ‘Molon-Labe’ world like you can’t imagine. All these incessant Totalitarian legislative proposals and bureaucratic mandates are scaffolding for when Hillary gets in, and starts building her gallows for our liberties faster than her lying denial of the Benghazi debacle?


Unfortunately, we have a lot going against us. In a ‘Watters World’ caricature where so many of us let our freedom drift away into the sunset like a beautiful balloon, never to be seen again, and we now face a not-so- brave new Hunger Games Orwellian world, that could eventually make places like Somalia seem like an alternative choice.

You see, too many people who work harder at avoiding the social issues that affect them directly in their wallets, security, and freedom in life, then they do to preserve their liberties. Their battle cry is ‘…give me Apps and AMP Energy drinks or…I’ll just moan and groan.’

So most people just don’t really give a damn about gun control or dystopian privacy invasion. They’d rather keep their noses buried in their smartphones playing ‘Angry Birds’ during the commercials interrupting their TV cartoon shows, when they’re not texting mono-syllabic code, or sending porn selfies to their similarly civically buds somewhere else in the dehumanized vacuum of cyberspace.

So it is up to the rest of us true patriots. Just like it was back in the 1770’s. A minority that saved the majority. Because right now, it seems like the American Revolution was for nothing.

But If we re-group and stay in the political fight, we CAN still win!

And guess what, my fellow American patriots. Thanks to the way the Framers set it up, you don’t even have ‘to die for’ your freedoms anymore. All you have to do is get out there… do your duty to get seriously politically active. And VOTE!

Then maybe the next Independence Day celebration will really mean something again?


This article has been written by Mahatma Muhjesbude for Survivopedia.com.









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Australian Firearms Legislation & Government Corruption.

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Article by Ron Owen of Owen Guns Australia.

Bad News Sometimes has a Silver Lining.

Sixteen years ago, in the year 2000. I, like thousands of other law abiding shooters (who are aware) was horrified that all licenced shooters details were to be included in the new Crimtrac data base run by the Federal Government. To be listed with Criminals, known Paedophiles, Sex offenders, Drug addicts and dealers was degrading. Listed, so it was available to the largest criminal organisation in the country, one that is under constant investigation, in every state for corruption and criminal intent, the Police. Controlled by an organisation with the average integrity lower than sewer rats, who would sell their parents and children into slavery for a moments glory on the television, the Government. This to me, was the final plunge into the putrid mire of Communism, Fascism, all are forms of Socialism pressed on us by the most evil means of Fabianism.

As to Crimtracs purpose, if we believed the worst of our politicians they would be guilty of treason and corruption, spying on their own good citizens. If we believed that this was not the case, that their intentions were good, then that would prove that they were imbecilic and need guidance to cross the street.

From the Crimtrac Annual Report 2014–2015 https://www.crimtrac.gov.au/sites/g/files/net526/f/CrimtracAnnualReport2015_8.pdf?v=1446084987  the cost this Orwellian nightmare is enormous.

To spend 74 million per year for 16 years, plus the NATIONAL FIREARMS INTERFACE (NFI) Budget $4.289 million, and the AUSTRALIAN BALLISTIC INFORMATION NETWORK Budget $5.594 million, besides every State Police Firearm Department in Australia is spending multi -millions to duplicate their own records from law abiding citizens spreading their personal details to the criminal corrupt police forces of the world.

Ultimately, it is the licenced shooters, the innocents, who for doing No wrong have all this money extorted from them on the false pretext of public safety. With a cost that would run into many billions of dollars during the last 16 years what good has come from it, has it saved a life, caught a criminal? Last years Crimtrac Annual Report 2014-15 reports that since its inception sixteen years ago their 207 public servants have recorded 16,000 unique firearm templates ( different sorts of firearms) 42,266, cartridge cases, a total of 56,485 identifying pieces of information and have matched up this information with 76 crime scenes in Australia. The Western Australia Police achieved the sixth hit on the national ABIN system.

“In December 2012, police executed a search warrant locating a .45 calibre self-loading pistol. The gun was test fired and the ballistic information entered into the ABIN. A search of the database identified a link to a drive by shooting in the Western suburbs of Sydney in May 2012.New South Wales Police subsequently confirmed this link. Further investigations revealed the recovered handgun was subject to international tracing (serial number) and had been imported into Australia illegally from the USA.”

Do we have 6 convictions of Criminals for all of these billions of dollars, No. I am sure that if there was just one conviction the Annual Report would have mentioned it.

Nicole Rose is now the CEO of CrimTrac, she was the Director of the Office of the NSW Police Commissioner where she was instrumental in the establishment and operation of the NSW Innocence Panel. In 2013, Ms Rose was awarded the Public Service Medal for services to policing. Her 2IC is Mr Walton was appointed CIO in January 2013 and he has more than 30 years’ experience working in government in both Australia and the United Kingdom. They say in there report,
“It will enable police to share data on guns used in crimes, and provides a quick way to match firearm information against a national dataset. This will significantly affect the way Australian police agencies investigate gun-related crime, by linking ballistic evidence from crimes involving firearms both locally and nationally. This will also provide a national picture of criminal use of firearms in Australia, enhancing the capability of Australian police to investigate firearm-related crime and target violent offenders in our community. Our firearms solutions are valuable tools for police to solve firearm-related crime and to prevent gun crime in Australia. Will support police in addressing violent gun-crime.”

What nonsense, when they waste all that time and money tracking people good enough to volunteer information and cannot track the unlicensed and un registered criminals. When in 16 years and after billions of dollars they have a match with six firearms. No record of convictions or a report of their information being the cause of one conviction.

Mad As Alice in the Looking Glass. Truth Only By Accident.
Where is the accountability in this? There is transparency its easy to see through the verbal manure of self justification and gratification for no real result, bar one.
‘Blind Freddy’ can understand the futile waste of recording all the details of the most law abiding part of our community. Only those as ‘Mad as a Hatter’ would believe that those with criminal intent would record any information. So why spend all that money and impose all those costs on us? Are they ‘Mad’, or is it really “People Control” not Gun Control?
Yet, in this report there is some truth, a small grain that should make every shooter in Australia celebrate. It forecasts the winning of our war for firearm freedom. On page 29 it reports that in 2015 there was 1.9 million licenced shooters in Australia and 5 million firearms.


Combine the above information with I suspect the more accurate picture from Inspector Craig Rolls Manager Weapons licencing, QPS. In March this year he stated

“This figure represents a significant concern for Weapons Licensing as we are receiving approximately 350 applications a week, a 50% increase in the last 3 years and cannot continue to effectively process applications with this percentage, or a similar high percentage”

Note, he states a 50% increase in licence applications not 27 %.

Why does he say that this is a “significant concern” well that equated to 18,200 applications per year and when it increases at 50% per year in five years time that is an extra 90,000 applications per year.

This year in Australia we will have at least 2 million licensed shooters that is 10 % of the population, is there 2 million people who play football?  Unlikely, there might be one other group fishermen that could be a larger self interested party, but they do not have to put up with all the impositions and hoops to jump over that firearm owners do. To have a shooters licence we have to be voting age or close to it we should be the most motivated section of our community as we have had to suffer the most from government bureaucracy.

Inspector Craig Rolls was making the warning as shortly we shooters will not be the minority, we will NOT  be the political football that they can kick, whenever they want to serve out more in -justice on us, to make it look like they are doing some ‘feel good’ legislation.

Now, for the first time Shooters can make or break any other political force in this country, that was why our Prime Turncoat put legislation through parliament to disenfranchise smaller parties, but that now could backfire on him. Years ago shooters were in the wilderness, then we discovered the internet and facebook now we have the numbers and the means to communicate with them all.

Powerful Political Force.
The largest “Nosy Parker” in Australia has achieved one single good thing, it has officially told us that we are now a powerful force. All we have to do is to let each and all of us know that we have that force. Now with the internet we can even improve it, if each one of us encouraged and succeeded to help a family member or friend to get a shooters licence, we would not have 2 million licenced shooters in Australia we would have 4 million. Well I never thought I would be encouraging shooters licences, I don’t think they serve any useful purpose, but now there is a newfangled point to it all. It unites us in the largest club in this country, expensive and inconvenient, but a means to end the tyranny that we have suffered for the last twenty years.

We have to wake up the ‘Sleep Walkers’.

The ten thousand subscribers to this bulletin have to spread the message on all mechanisms, we must recruit more militant shooters, people who are willing to sign a petition, write to the ‘letter to the editor’ post on facebook, create websites, send out to email lists and force the politicians to openly accept that we are a political force to be reckoned with. We must point out that before they make a law, that imposes great difficulty to millions of good people that they should prove that it works, to state that ridiculous one liner “If it saves one life, its worth it” should provoke everyone’s immediate responses. So well why not ‘ban prescription medicine’, as logically medicine saves lives, even though mistakes in prescriptions kills thousands besides the over usage. Guns are tools of Human creation, like medicine, or any other product humans can manufacture , they can be used for good, or evil.

If Guns did not Save Lives, Policemen would not wear them at the hip?

Our Government has been allowed to create two separate classes of people, one being the elite Government employee’s who can carry firearms, who can use them to guard the lives and families of government politicians and other employees, and those untrusted citizens, whom the elite refer to as the ‘great unwashed’, whose only role is to work, pay tax and vote for Tweedle dee, or Tweedle Dumber. We cannot Discriminate, we can be prosecuted by the state for just thinking that you have an opinion, you don’t actually even have to express it, yet the Elite, the Police Ministers, the police, and other government employees all exempt from the Weapons Act can thrive, while we are not allowed to even defend ourselves with a spoon full of pepper.

Governance Believe They Are Gods and We Are Sheep.
As with the United States if you prove that more homicides are committed by black people, it would be more logical to address that problem on a racial basis rather than to ignore it. When they blame a tool that by itself has no cause, if there is a problem it will continue un abated. Allowing the politicians to return to it again and again, to fuel their real agenda, People control. When causes are identified like Race or  Economics that cannot be discussed, it would not be ‘Politically Correct” they know that high unemployment areas have higher armed crime rates and homicide rates, logically we should address that problem in that area instead of imposing legislation on un related items in all unaffected areas?
Soon Politicians will come to the realization that our 10% of un happy licenced shooters can keep them out of government, or put them into government, their next tactic will be to try and split licenced shooters into categories backing some against others, but before that happens we can form new parties and destroy old ones. Please never forget  Mr. Wendell Phillips said, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty; power is ever stealing from the many to the few. The manna of popular liberty must be gathered each day or it is rotten. The living sap of today outgrows the dead rind of yesterday. The hand entrusted with power becomes, either form human depravity or esprit de corps, the necessary enemy of the people. Only by continued oversight can the democrat in office be prevented from hardening into a despot; only by unintermitted agitation can a people be sufficiently awake to principle not to let liberty be smothered in material prosperity.”


Unfortunately not all Australian gun owners will back other Australian gun owners, this has been proven already. Australian gun owners do not appear to be a special group, they are just like all other Australian citizens. Some care, some don’t, so banking on gun owners EVER being a majority when it comes to voting is a big mistake. Sad isn’t it.

Death Sentence For The 2nd Amendment

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2nd AmendmentAs most of us know by now, the 2nd Amendment is all that stands between freedom and all out totalitarianism. It is the backbone of all other freedoms and rights, in a world gone raving mad with domination over others. That’s why the visionary Framers made it an absolutely unqualified, uncontrollable, ‘Shall Not Be Infringed’ for ANY reason, guaranteed individual right, period!

I saved this article for after the holidays so as not to depress anyone too much more than we already are with this out of control regime while we all were trying to enjoy what little we have left of their precious American Constitutional guarantee of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But something happened.

We all just heard on the news that ‘he’s’ at it again with despotic fiat attempts at circumventing the Constitution, like some king, or supreme theocratic ruler, or marxist dictator, or whatever he thinks he is.

This time it’s his New Year’s resolution finally getting his illegal private citizen background check (gun sale registration) for future confiscation scam going again, with a little salt in the wounds of Freedom by also making everyone on a No Fly List forbidden from having a gun, if he can sneak that in through the ’back door’ of his administrative fiats.

Never mind that the No Fly List is also constitutionally illegal, literally throwing all Bill of Rights guarantees of due process right out the third floor window! And that so many people are on it who don’t belong on it but have no recourse but to hire a lawyer spending months and years fighting it without any guarantee of getting off the list–including even a few high ranking Government officials-that it amounts to nothing less than old fashioned Gestapo tricks to eliminate your ’opposition’?

The No Fly List (part two of the ‘control all personal free movement’ agenda along with part one, the illegal I.D. card requirement in the form of the 2005 ‘Real I.D. Act’) is a genuine abusive decree because the decisions about who gets on the list are done in secret by some hack State Dept bureaucrat based only on subjective determinations with NO clearly delineated legal criteria, other than a dubious belief of potential terrorist connections! Beat THAT, Adolph, Stalin, Mao, and the rest of you old boy JV team! ACLU, where the hell are YOU!

And as long as POTUS is getting away with all this albeit with much media consternation and question, he is still laughing and holding hands with the executioner all the way to the people’s rights gallows. Only Rand Paul stood up to the task and recently introduced a Senate Bill to preclude such ‘presidential’ executive orders without Congressional approval anytime they are in conflict with Constitutional reference.

Unfortunately a case of too little too late. Fat chance it does any good now because of how long the procedure and final voting takes. Meanwhile the noose on the neck of the 2nd/A is tightening. They get away with it because our reps let them. And WE let our reps get away with letting Obama do it!

How Bad Is It?

It’s worse than bad. The tipping point of tyranny has finally fallen over into the hands of the enemy camp. Totalitarian gun grabbers are now winning strongly. Free American patriots are losing miserably. This President and his anti-Constitutional ‘think tank’ must have been staying up long nights guzzling oceans of taxpayer funded black coffee to have a plan ready to seize upon current agenda advantageous circumstances.

Amazingly they’ve even somehow garnished enough funding for this De Facto background check gun registration decree to hire hundreds of new FBI and BATFE agents to facilitate and manage this latest criminal act against the people’s privacy rights to own a gun while they cut back on Social Security benefits and still haven’t adequately brought the VA up to much needed financial improvements for disabled combat vets!

What Triggered This Bold Attack by Obama on the 2nd/A?

Obama became tactically emboldened with new polls in the recent months including a Pew Poll report indicating that over half the population would agree to expanded background checks (aka gun registration) for private citizen sales if it helped reduce ‘bad’ people from getting guns. Which eventually includes the interpretation of ’bad’ people and the attendant Fiat laws to potentially include almost each and every one of us who disagree with the regime.

This doesn’t really mean that most people agree with anti-Constitutional gun control, it simply reflects that totalitarian mind control strategies have worked better than expected under this regime. And that far too many Americans have succumbed to the bait and switch and hook of the mythical nanny state comfort zone. Which is nothing less than falling victim to the most insidiously evil plot to eventually enslave an entire nation of people ever devised by a modern government. The Great Gun Control Hoax!

In association with the regime’s agenda, and while nobody seemed to care or pay attention to any level of statutory tyranny proliferation on the state levels, the totalitarian Cosa Nostra wasted no time during Obama’s reign consolidating their forces in a pincer maneuver with New York in the East and California in the West– which on New Year’s day put statewide background check registration into law including special police units to enforce compliance in house to house sweeps if necessary, already situated in designation!

And the disease is spreading as totalitarian billionaires are donating inexhaustible funds to ensure totalitarian legislatures get in at state levels to continue expanding anti-gun laws throughout the country replicating those New York and California.

At least 18 or more states now have similar laws, and the estimate is that if this agenda continues, over half the United States will have draconian anti-2nd/A laws by the year’s end! And this doesn’t include the many Federal level anti-2nd/A death blow bills currently waiting for nothing else but another totalitarian regime POTUS and Congress to be voted in power next year!

The Real Reason for the Treason

The POTUS, his regime, and their misled minions, actually have no confusion about this. They all know the stupidity of their vacuous arguments for gun control. They are fully aware that ‘Shall Not Be Infringed’ clearly means no gun control restrictions or laws whatsoever, of any kind.

They know that restrictions or bans on material items can never solve a problem that is fundamentally an aberration of the human behavior mechanism which manifests itself in harmful social actions. They know gun control has never and will never stop gun violence or criminals from getting weapons.

They know the 1934 NFA and 1968 GCA and all other gun control efforts are, and always were, anti-Constitutional. President Johnson rattlesnaked this law through while most people were still snoozing from trying to wake up from Viet Nam. This same law would never pass again today.

Every day more TOTALITARIANS are coming full blast out of the closet and are no longer even defending their ‘rationale’ for gun control with specious notions of good public safety intentions.

They actually will now admit they want to exercise absolute control over people with too much freedom on their hands, and too many guns in those hands. Especially when the sheeple population explosion gets too large for the ’controllers’ to manage every time they need to be fleeced for necessary government profit margins. So they don’t want their government backed paramilitary police to have to face angry people–particularly the ‘Molon Labe’ types– who have the idea that they really need their silly freedoms shouting ‘Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death’ while holding millions of AR-15’s!

So killing the Constitution is not even denied any more. The truth is that the totalitarians fully understand completely what it takes to facilitate a Marxist/Fascist agenda, which is a complete erasure of the 2nd/Amendment by any means possible. Which means spreading lies, and providing whatever public bribery they can facilitate for their minions–followed by the complete functional disarmament of the population to emasculate any future form of public protest, popular resistance, civil disobedience from becoming a formidable physical revolution against the regime.

Sadly, too many of ‘We, The People’ still don’t get that or believe it. Even though they slap us in the face with it every chance they get.

Regan quote

Any Hope for a Miracle from… God?

The tyrant in Hunger Games said profoundly that “hope is stronger than fear” when talking about oppressing the people. But he forgot to mention that hopes are easily crushed and bypassed in active physical movements, because as Einstein said, “nothing happens until something moves”.

We can hope all we want. But that doesn’t get things done to change anything. And it is the devout responsibility of each of us as American citizens to protect our precious liberties.

The sad irony is that that human nature in Americans always causes them to default to try to then do a reverse ‘back door’ approach to the problem to counter the G’s initiatory back door attack.

They’ll say things like I’ll just hide my stuff or hurry up and buy more of what I need privately before the mandate goes into effect, or get beer ballsy in their delusions of revolutions by saying Molan Labe as if it remained a viable solution. When all that does is make it easier to profile potential dissidents with the latest government NSA spying expansion (oh, you didn’t know about that either?) so they wind up just buying more weapons for government storm troopers to confiscate when they come knocking.

Unfortunately we can no longer wait until the last minute. The new ’majority’ of so called democratic Americans are turn coat Tories who welcome the totalitarian nanny state and will gladly succumb to the leftist agenda and vote according to their master’s commands.

Remember, the original revolutionary patriots also amounted to less than the majority in America at that time. But we won our liberty and justice by getting off our asses and organizing and spreading the word. Part of that is spreading the ’serious’ word to our Representatives who are our employees.

Let’s do something this week by contacting our Reps and asking a simple question like “so…Ms./Mr. Representative, what are you going to do for a living after your term ends, if you let this regime get away with this illegal gun registration mandate?”

And then ask them “why hasn’t anyone introduced a bill to repeal the 1034 NFA Act and the 68 GCA for starters? You didn’t waste time getting a repeal going for the AHC act because the insurance lobbies were so nice to you? So let’s get with it on the most important illegal law Repeal in our lifetimes. If you like that nice taxpayer provided office and bennies from your Constituency?”

Otherwise, if the FBI folds to the power and influence of the current regime, and ‘can’t determine any indictable evidence’ and Hillary is the candidate, and the RINOs in the GOP can’t get their unification act together and totally support the outsider front runners, then it’s over for our 2nd/A. No exchanges, no refunds.

I know Trump and Cruz vow to use their executive order power to delete all gun control measures as soon as they get their fingers on the POTUS White House Pen set. But that ain’t in stone yet. Remember Romney? Nobody thought he could lose. Remember also that the House and Senate are also in the race, and like State G reps, the totalitarian billionaires are also funding the Leftist U.S. Reps.

The house only needs a dozen or so to shift the balance and the Senate only needs a net Democratic gain of 5 senators to end the life of all liberties, if Hillary is elected. ALL your guns that are now universal background check registered will also be subject to universal confiscations based on ‘public safety’ as ‘administratively’ determined necessary. This will be often and swift.

And the laughing leftist totalitarians will never look back.


This article has been written by Mahatma Muhjesbude for Survivopedia.



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Obama’s Attacks On Our Second Amendment Rights

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Obama gun controlIn the wake of the San Bernardino terrorist attack, Obama is once again on the warpath against our right to bear arms. Since he can’t get Congress or the people to do what he wants, he has decided to go it alone, resorting to executive action to get what he wants.

Along with his right-hand woman (who happens to be Iranian by birth), he’s drafting new orders to tighten the noose a little bit more on gun owners.

Rumor has it that this semi-secret action is focused on closing the supposed gun show loophole in the laws which require background checks for gun purchases.

This fictitious hole has been talked about by gun control advocates for quite a while. But anyone who has ever tried to buy a firearm at a gun show knows better. The sellers at gun shows are professional firearm dealers. As such, they are required by law to call the NCIC (National Crime Information Center) for a background check and they do.

So, what is this upcoming executive order actually going to do? It’s going to make it impossible for individuals to sell firearms privately, without a background check. That’s right, private gun transfers are going to require calling the NCIC, before any firearms can be sold or even given as a gift. That probably means that this background check will even be required for guns which are passed on as part of one’s inheritance.

So, what real difference is this going to make? None. The only way that the government can police background checks is to create a national database of gun ownership; in other words, establish gun registration. Of course, this action could be nothing more than a step towards making that happen.

Federal Firearm Registration

Currently, it’s illegal for the federal government to keep any records on firearm ownership, with the exception of Class III firearms, suppressors, short-barreled rifles and a few other rare categories of collectors firearms. But that doesn’t mean that the government is faithfully obeying that law, does it? They could be obeying the law just as well as felons obey the law about not buying firearms.

I have seen some evidence that makes me think that the government is actually tracking firearm purchases. It is not conclusive, but it is enough to make me suspicious. Allow me to explain.

All firearm transactions, other than private sales, must be carried out by a licensed firearm dealer. This includes shipping firearms across state lines, even if you are shipping it to yourself in another state. These dealers are all licensed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF).

The dealer uses a federal form to verify the buyer’s right to buy a firearm and to record their call to NCIC, verifying that the individual doesn’t have any history of crime or isn’t under an indictment. That form is kept in the dealer’s files, logged in a register and assigned a local tracking number, merely for reference. If the police want to find out who a firearm was sold to, they contact the dealer, asking for a copy of the applicable record.

So far, so good; no federal register. In order to ensure that the dealers are doing their paperwork and keeping their records, they are audited yearly by agents of ATF. That seems like a reasonable precaution. But nobody, including the dealer, is allowed to witness one of these audits. They are done behind closed doors, meaning that the ATF agents could do anything.

A friend of mine, who happens to be a firearm dealer, was sent a memo and spreadsheet from ATF some time back, asking for information about all their AR-15 sales over a specific period of time. The spreadsheet included the name and address of the various customers and the dealer was to put in their local tracking number for that record. There’s just one thing… the spreadsheet already had that number, in another column.

This raises some serious questions; specifically, how did ATF know who had bought AR-15 rifles from this dealer and how did they know the tracking numbers for those records? The only way they could have known was to have copied the store’s records during an audit. Nobody else had access to that information.

So, is there a federal gun register? Legally, I’d have to say no. But it appears that there is one that is being kept by ATF, it’s just being kept secret. That means that if the government wanted to confiscate guns, they’d at least have a starting place to look.

Obama gun control

Then There’s Australia

Lately, liberal politicians have been holding up Australia as an example for the United States to emulate. In 1996, Australia passed sweeping firearms legislation, outlawing all semi-automatic and automatic firearms. People who owned these firearms were to turn them in through a massive nationwide firearms buyback program. About 60,000 weapons were confiscated and their owners paid the fair market value.

All this was in reaction to a mass shooting; you know, the type that Obama says doesn’t happen in other countries. This particular incident claimed the lives of 35 innocent people shocking the nation and setting up the opportunity to pass that law.

One would expect that such a law, being held up for emulation, would have had sweeping effects on murders and violent crime in Australia. After all, why hold it up as an example, if one can’t point to results? The problem is, to get the results, liberals have to be very careful about what figures they point to. Otherwise, it’s not so good.

Liberals state that Australia’s gun-related homicide rate and suicide rate have plummeted 30% since the enactment of that law. You know something, they’re right.

But what they don’t tell us is that the total homicide rate in the United States dropped by a similar amount, in the same period of time. Not only that, but the U.S. rate is total homicides and the Australian is just gun-related. If you add in homicide by other means, the Australian rate has dropped less than the U.S. one… oops.

The other thing one would expect is that the number of mass killings would have dropped. While it is true, the number of mass shootings has dropped to a total of five in the 19 years since the enactment of that law, the total number of mass killings has been 12.

It seems that the criminals just found other ways of killing, most specifically, arson. Oh, and, the total number of mass killings in Australia in the 19 years before enacting that law were… you guessed it, 12. Doesn’t look like it changed a thing.

Murder is murder and it will happen with or without guns. Liberals act as if outlawing guns will eliminate the guns themselves. If that’s the case, then why has France managed to confiscate 3,000 fully-automatic AR-15 rifles from three mosques in one week? Those are totally illegal in France, yet the Muslim community in France had enough to outfit a couple of battalions of infantry.

On the same day that the Sandy Hook massacre happened, a Chinese man entered into China’s equivalent of an elementary school and killed 32 children with a knife. He outdid Adam Lanza by a long shot, and did so with an inferior weapon.

The fact of the matter is that violence is part of the human condition. As much as any of us would like it to go away, it’s not going to. Eliminating violence would require changing human nature, eliminating our free will, curtailing emotions (especially anger) and controlling the thoughts of people. Perhaps that’s what Obama and his liberal cronies are really after.

The fact that 130 people were killed recently in France shows how fruitless gun control laws really are. The only way anyone can own a firearm in France is to apply for a permit to own each and every hunting rifle they want, individually. Along with the application, the individual must pass a psychological evaluation, which then must be repeated every year. Failure of the evaluation eliminates your right to own any firearms you own.

Yet, the criminals managed to get their hands on firearms, as criminals always do. Unless every firearm on the face of the earth were destroyed or the laws of physics changed, criminals will always get guns. It’s up to us, the honest law-abiding people of our country, to protect ourselves from them.

The New York Times recently published an article  about how killers obtained weapons illegally in countries that have strict gun laws. This appeared in a Page 1 editorial, something that the New York Times hasn’t done in 100 years. Little did they realize it, but they essentially said, “the gun control debate is over, and the gun owners won.”

The things they talk about as challenges are the reasons that the liberals will never get their way. Gun control doesn’t stop crime. There are constitutional challenges to regulating guns and determined killers still find weapons. Those reasons make it impossible to enact the kinds of gun control laws that liberals want.

Perhaps they will eventually realize this; but I doubt it. Liberals live in an ideal world, like college professors sitting around a table, debating how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. While they don’t believe in angels, they do believe in the debate. So, they’ll continue to argue, sure that they are right, simply because of who they are.


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Shoot Or Don’t Shoot? This Is The Question

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shootMotor vehicles and distracted driving claim thousands of lives more per year than guns, but only guns have media bias against them, have millions of dollars aimed at their “removal from society”, and are considered by law to be “lethal force” devices just by virtue of shooting them. 

Do you know when it’s legal to draw a weapon and shoot at someone? You as a gun owner have a very large responsibility when you are carrying a concealed or open carry firearm.

If you do not know the laws about drawing and firing a firearm, you could end up in jail because you thought you were doing the right thing; when in reality you broke the law. In some cases, you may be just as much of a criminal as the criminal you tried to stop because there are limits to when it is and is not appropriate to use lethal force.

While you may feel very tempted to fire them or aim them to “scare criminals off”, prevent a theft, or prevent other actions, it can backfire on you because it may not be reasonable to think your life (not property) or someone else’s life is in danger.

Most of the legally armed citizens will never draw their firearms unless in a self-defense incident. It is better to know what to do if you are forced to draw your weapon.

The Two Mind Boggling Questions

For those individuals who choose to carry concealed, there will be some sleepless nights when you must ask yourself some tough questions.

1 – When is it appropriate to draw your weapon and pull the trigger?

2 – Another question you must ask yourself, is “Can I take a human life if I must?”

gunThese are two very important questions. If you do draw your weapon and fire there are legal and emotional consequences of making a bad decision.If you do falsely believe that you can take a human life when necessary, and cannot do it when the event comes to pass, the odds are you and anyone you are trying to protect will become victims of this incident.

In this country most state statutes are very clear as to when deadly force may be used. It can only be used in cases of self-defense or the defense of others in imminent danger. Only the individual in the incident knows the point at which they felt their life or someone else’s life was being threatened and in imminent danger.

Sometimes the individual’s perception constitutes a very large gray area. When in this gray area, mistakes are made that will follow you one way or another for the rest of your life.

One thing that is certain if you draw your weapon there may be two, three, or possibly more stories of what happened. Get your version of the story of what really happened to local authorities before anyone else gets there with their lies and incorrect versions of what really happened.

It is up to the prosecutors to determine if a crime has taken place. It does not matter if the individual had a concealed weapons permit or not, it doesn’t affect how prosecutor’s office evaluates these incidents.

What one individual might perceive as imminent danger could be different from what another person believes. When a prosecutor looks at a case he must determine whether or not the person using self-defense has a reason for shooting, possibly injuring another person, or killing a person in this incident.

What If You Draw Your Concealed Carry Weapon Without Shooting It?

Some attorneys will tell you not to say anything at all to the local law enforcement, especially if there were no shots fired and no injuries. If they are wrong you could end up paying for attorney fees to defend you if you are arrested.

It is much better to speak up and let the authorities know what happened and go on the record before they are dispatched to get you and bring you to the police or sheriff station.

If you have drawn your pistol but no shots were fired, holster your pistol, and get out of the area before something else happens. Call the local police or sheriff’s office and tell them exactly what happened.

Let them know that you have a concealed carry permit or state license and you are concerned about harm done to you. Explain to them that is why you drew your pistol in the first place and you did it in self-defense. Insist on having your information recorded about what happened, and do file to have the other person arrested if possible.

If the law enforcement officials say it’s not necessary, still have it recorded as an official record in the event someone comes in and wants to press charges on you or a witness has a different story than yours.

Always get a copy of the official report for your records. Always make sure the report includes the police or sheriff employee’s name that took the report, the time of the report, and the date it was taken.

Remember you are a law abiding citizen that wants to stay on the right side of the law. You have been authorized by law to carry a weapon for self-defense purposes. If ever you have to draw a weapon, your reason for doing so, was the weapon was drawn in self-defense.

When Can You Draw Your Concealed Carry Handgun?

gun Generally speaking you may not draw your gun to threaten someone, even though they are threatening you. Legally your hand gun can only be used to save you or another from grave bodily injury or death.

Many times a gun was drawn and that ended the threat, but to draw the gun is still required for you and a reasonable person in the same or similar circumstance to believe that the threat of great bodily injury or death was imminent.

Remember, in some ways carrying a gun is a lot like cleaning one or storing it. Always go on the presumption that it is loaded, and that by accident or intent, it can go off and kill whoever happens to be in the way.

When you are calm, you may think your finger will never reach for the trigger, however the bullet in the other person’s body is all the evidence that is needed.

Keep your life simple, and only draw a gun when you feel you or someone else is in imminent danger of losing life, because once you draw the gun, the only thing that is left is to aim it and pull the trigger. Both can happen without thought and due consideration.

If you draw your gun, you may also have essentially backed yourself into a corner and eliminated other options for resolving the situation. The gun is a tool of last resort and if you carry it concealed, you cannot use it to ward off potential threats.

It should only really come out of the holster when the expectation of death is imminent. Real life situations aren’t the same as what you see on TV or what goes on in the fantasies of anti-gunners.  You will be in a stressful situation and must think carefully in order to do what is best and within constraints of the law.

There are a couple of things to think about when you must make up your mind to shoot or not to shoot:

  • You walk up on somebody who is stealing a radio and other property out of someone’s car. You cannot point a gun at them or even shoot at them because human life is always valued over personal property.
  • If a woman is in her home and she is awakened by the sound of breaking glass in the middle of the night and sees a man climbing in through the broken window with a weapon. She has every right to protect herself in her home, but if she shoots at the presumptive assailant while he is fleeing outside of the home she does not have the right to use deadly force to stop him.
  • On Sunday October 18th 2015 a pastor in Detroit had to “protect his flock with a Glock”. An individual came inside of his church with a brick and was threatening people with sudden death if they did not do as he instruct them to do. This individual on numerous occasions had threatened the pastor and other members of his congregation but this was usually verbal threats. According to the news, this individual came to the church with murder on his mind. The pastor told him to leave but he refused to do so. This individual charged the pastor and was screaming and threatening the pastor with a brick saying that he was going to kill him. The pastor, defending himself and his congregation, had no alternative but to fire. The Detroit Police cleared the pastor of any wrong doing.

To have a concealed carry permit is a great responsibility. You have to know your state laws concerning this permit and any other state that accepts your permit in their state. Although most states that offer this permit may have very subtle differences in their laws and the laws of other states, it is your responsibility to keep up on the new changes of those laws.

You must always remember that you may only draw and fire your concealed weapon to protect a person or yourself from immediate death or great bodily harm. If your incident does not prove this, then you could be possibly charged with banishing of firearm or charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Remember you could always be held legally liable if you did not follow the law to the letter. In some states if you shoot and an innocent bystander get hit, you can be held responsible in a civil lawsuit.  Therefore, not only must you always practice good firearm safety and accuracy, you must also be aware of the situations you find yourself in, as well as what the law says about them.

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This article has been written by Fred Tyrell for Survivopedia.

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What You Need To Know About Getting A Concealed Carry Permit

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Concealed Carry PermitWhen it comes right down to keeping guns during crisis, an anti-gunner aiming to get guns away from everyone will act in a manner that only serves to create more false justification for increased gun regulations.

Just play it safe and use the laws to your advantage to wage lawsuits and demand legislative changes instead of getting hung up by them. Make it your business and do involve your ego and pride in making repeal of gun laws the litmus test for election.

Do not allow yourself, your family members, or those on your survival team to become the reason for more gun control laws, and the reason for anti-gun scammers making more money while they destroy our safety and society.

If you are going to keep guns in the pre-crisis period and want to ensure the having them during and after the crisis, keep these thought in mind and follow the laws of your locality, especially on carrying a concealed handgun.

In all states in the US, concealed carry handgun permits are usually issued by the circuit court of the county or city in which the applicant resides. In most states, to carry a concealed weapon you must have a concealed weapons permit.

An increasing number of states are allowing concealed carry without a permit, however you should still be aware of restrictions related to where you can and cannot carry.

How to Get a Concealed Handgun Permit

To get a concealed handgun permit, the person putting in the application:

  • Must be at least 21 years of age or older,
  • May apply in writing to the clerk of the circuit court of the county or city in which he or she resides,
  • He or she must be a member of the United States armed forces of the county or city which he or she is stationed.

There usually is no requirement related to the length of time an applicant for conceal carry permit must have been a resident or living in the county or city where he or she currently resides.

In most states that offer the concealed carry permit, you must have documentation of proof of handgun competency. Most states have several ways of filling this requirement.

  • training shootCompleting a hunter education or hunter safety course as approved by your State Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.
  • Completing any National Rifle Association firearms safety or training course.
  • Completing firearms safety or training courses available to the general public by law enforcement agencies, junior colleges, or instructors certified by an NRA or Department of Justice Services
  • Completing any law enforcement firearms safety or training courses offered for security guards, investigators, or special deputies.
  • Presenting evidence equivalent experience with firearms through participation in organized shooting competitions or current military service from any branch of the armed forces.
  • Updating or previously having held a concealed carry firearms permit license.
  • Completing any firearms training and safety courses including those that are electronic, video, or online courses conducted by state certified or NRA certified instructors.
  • Successfully completing any government police agencies firearms training courses and are qualified to carry a firearm in the course of their normal police duties.
  • Completing any firearms training course that the court deems adequate.

To prove that you have met the requirements of knowing how to correctly use a firearm, you must submit a copy of your certificate of completion of the course or evidence of participation in firearms competition.

Fees for Concealed Handgun Permits

Most states have state regulated fees that the applicant must pay in order to get his or her concealed handgun permit. Usually the court also has a small fee for handling the application. This is known as the application fee.

Your local police or sheriff department usually charges an investigation fee which covers your background check and your fingerprint check fee. Usually your state police also have a small fee to cover their end of processing the application. Each state has a maximum charge that any city or county can charge for processing your concealed handgun permit application.

Most states also have time limits that the courts must have the application completed by. They are usually between 30 to 45 days to complete all the necessary investigations and for the judge to make his decision on whether to issue or not to issue the concealed handgun carry permit.

When you are carrying a concealed weapon most states require that you have a picture ID issued by the state that issued you the concealed carry permit. This permit and your photo ID must be on your person at all times. If you are US military and you are carrying concealed, you must have your government ID card on your person along with the concealed weapons permit.

How to Renew Your Permit

You must reapply to the court using the same procedures that your state decreed to get your first concealed carry permit. If the investigation reveals that you are no longer eligible to have this permit, then you must surrender the permit back to the court that issued it.

If your permit was revoked, you have the right to your day in court. You have a right to be represented by counsel and the Rules of Evidence shall apply. The final order of the court will include the court’s findings of fact and the conclusions of the law.

If you disagree with the lower courts findings and conclusions, most states allow your case to be heard and reviewed by the Court of Appeals of that state. Usually the decision of a court of appeals is final.

When Aren’t You Allowed to Get the Permit?

Here are a few reasons why an individual would not be qualified to obtain a concealed carry permit:

  • The applicant is a subject of a restraining order and is prohibited from purchasing or transporting a firearm.
  • The applicant has been convicted of two or more misdemeanors within a five year period immediately preceding the application.
  • If the applicant is addicted to or an unlawful use of marijuana or any controlled substance.
  • If the applicant was discharged from the US military under dishonorable conditions.
  • If the applicant is a fugitive from justice.
  • If an individual have been convicted of assault, assault and battery, sexual battery, discharging a firearm, or banishing a firearm in most states they are ineligible for a concealed carry permit.
  • If the applicant has been convicted of stalking.
  • If the person has been charged with a felony.

Most states have laws in their concealed carry statutes that define prohibited conduct and where unlawful to carry:

  • Any individual with a concealed carry permit who is under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs while carrying their handgun in a public place is usually guilty of a misdemeanor.
  • If you are charged with driving while under the influence or public intoxication you can also lose your concealed carry permit and you must face the charges in court.
  • In some states it is against the law if an individual with a concealed carry permit drinks any kind of alcoholic beverage. This too is also grounds to lose your concealed weapons permit.
  • In some states, if the owner of private property has posted a no firearms sign on the outer doors of his business. You may not carry a concealed weapon on this private property. If you must go to these places, make it a point to sue them if you wind up becoming a victim of a crime that would have been stopped if you were carrying a gun and have a concealed weapons permit.
  • Most states it is illegal for concealed weapon permit holders to enter court buildings or churches.
  • In some states it is illegal for concealed weapons holder to enter school buildings while carrying a concealed weapon. Most states have exceptions to this if you are a concealed carry permit holder, some states have exception and their statues states a person who has a valid concealed handgun permit and possesses a concealed handgun while in a motor vehicle in a parking lot, traffic circle, or other roadways they may carry their concealed weapon.
  • It is illegal to carry a concealed weapon at any airport in this country. Doing this will get you charged with a federal felony and the loss of your right to keep and bear arms. If you are a victim of a crime while in the airport parking lot or other location, be sure to sue the airport and the government because you were not allowed to properly defend yourself. Remind the court and politicians that 9/11 was carried out by men carrying box cutters, not guns, and if concealed weapons permit holders had been on the plane, they would have stopped these events from happening, thus avoiding the loss of over 3,000 US citizen lives and two wars that have cost us our freedoms, billions of dollars in taxes, and cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, including our own soldiers who were killed or suffer permanent injury.

Reciprocity and Recognition Between States

Many jurisdictions honor a permit or license issued by another jurisdiction. Recognition may be granted to all jurisdictions or some subset which meet a set of permit issue and criteria, such as similar training comparable to honoring jurisdictions or certain background checks.

Several states have entered into formal agreements to mutually recognize permits. This arrangement is commonly called reciprocity or mutual recognition of each other’s permits.

While 37 states have this agreement with at least one other state and several states honor all out of state concealed carry permits, some states have special requirements like training courses or safety exams, and therefore do not honor permits from states that do not have such requirements for issue.

Some states make exceptions for persons under the minimum age (usually 21) if they are active or honorably discharged members of the military or a police force. States that do not have this exception generally do not recognize any license from states that do.

Where Are You and Are You Not Allowed to Carry

Although carry may be legal under state law in accordance with reciprocity agreements, the Federal Gun Free School Zones Act subjects an out of state permit holder to federal felony prosecution if they carry a firearm within 1000 feet of any kindergarten through 12th grade school property line.

However the enforcement of this statute is rare given several states have nullification statutes prohibiting state law enforcement officers from enforcing federal firearms laws.

Restricted areas where concealed weapons may not be carried:

  • Federal government facilities. All federal buildings, military posts and bases, and federal parks (only includes restrooms or any other buildings or structures located within federal parks is illegal).
  • State government facilities. It is illegal for a person to carry a concealed weapon in state government buildings, which include courthouses, DMV Offices, police stations, correctional facilities and city or county government meeting places.
  • In political party events.
  • Educational institutions – some states have drop off exceptions which only prohibit carry inside school buildings or permit carry while inside a personal vehicle on school property.
  • Some states will not permit concealed carry in amusement parks, fairs, parades, or carnivals.
  • Hospitals – Some hospitals do not permit concealed carry weapons on any of their property or some state that they cannot be carried in the physical hospital itself or outbuildings that belong to the hospital.
  • Church, mosques, and other houses of worship is usually at the discretion of the church clergy in most states.
  • Municipal mass transit vehicles and facilities.
  • In controlled access areas of airports.
  • Aboard aircraft or ships unless specifically authorized by the pilot in command or the ship captain.
  • Any public place while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

There are many states that have Legal Gun Free Zones, and you should learn where these zones are in your state of residency and in those states that you are visiting.

In these states, any private business can post a sign prohibiting concealed carry on their business property. Violating these posted signs in some states are grounds for revocation of the offenders concealed carry permit and criminal prosecution.

In other states, they only enforce trespassing laws when a person violates a gun free zone sign. By posting these signs, business create areas where it is illegal to carry a concealed handgun similar to regulations concerning schools,hospitals and public gatherings.

In addition to placing a sign on the property, all jurisdictions allow some form of oral communication by the lawful owner or controller of the property that the person is not welcome and should leave.

Are this limitation viable? There is considerable dispute over the effectiveness of such gun free zones. Here only law abiding citizens are being punished. Those individuals cannot carry firearms legally just ignore these signs.

I have personally seen over the years when restaurants put up the no concealed carry weapons allowed signs on their doors and they were robbed.

All this did was wave a flag in front of the criminal individuals of these areas to go ahead and rob the place blind. They didn’t worry about it because no one was armed and could shoot back at them. So they took what they wanted and when satisfied left the area before police response could intervene.

I guess these restaurants learned a very expensive lesson. It is better to have a few concealed carry individuals on the premises than to be completely defenseless.

Furthermore those wishing to commit mass murder might intentionally choose gun-free areas like shopping malls, schools, and churches, where general carry is prohibited by statute or signs. Here the population inside these areas is disarmed and could do nothing to stop them. Actually, statistics show that all but 2 mass shootings were carried out in gun free zones.

Brandishing and Printing

Printing refers to the circumstances were the shape or outline of a firearm is visible through a garment while the gun is still fully covered and holstered.

Printing generally is not desired when carrying a concealed weapon. An individual can see the printing of the firearm on your person and they know you are armed. Doing this could warn the criminal that you are armed and you could be the first one shot.

Brandishing can refer to different actions depending on the state. These actions can include printing through a garment, pulling back clothing to expose the gun, unholstering a gun, and exhibiting it in the hand.

The intent to intimidate or threaten someone may or may not be required legally or to be considered brandishing. In most states brandishing is a crime, but the definition of brandishing varies widely in US.

Legal Liability

shootingSome states have a duty to retreat provisions which requires a permit holder, especially in public places, to vacate him or herself from a potentially dangerous situation before resorting to deadly force. The duty to retreat does not restrictively apply in a person’s home or business even though escalation of force may be required.

A majority of states who allow concealed carry forbid suits being brought in such cases either by barring lawsuits for damages resulting from criminal act on the part of the plaintiff or by granting the gun owner immunity from such civil suit if it is found that he or she was justified in shooting.

The Castle Doctrine allows persons who own firearms and carry them conceal to use them without first attempting to retreat. The Castle Doctrine is usually applied to situations within the confines of one’s own home.

Many states have adopted escalation of force laws along with provisions for concealed carry. They include the necessity to first verbally warn a trespasser or lay hands on a trespasser before a shooting is justified, unless the trespasser is armed or assumed to be so. The escalation of force does not apply if the shooter really believes a violent felony has been, or is about to be committed on his property by the trespasser.

In the 1895 Supreme Court ruled in Beard vs US, if an individual does not provoke an assault, and is residing in place that they have the right to be, then they may use considerable force against someone they really believe may do them serious harm without being charged with murder or manslaughter should that person be killed.

In most states lethal force is only authorized when serious harm is presumed to be imminent.

Did you get your concealed carry permit? Share your experience in the comment section below!

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This article has been written by Fred Tyrell for Survivopedia.

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