Prepping Up & Gunmetal Armory traveling when SHTF!

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Prepping Up & Gunmetal Armory traveling when SHTF! Two great talkers in the prepping and survival world come together to talk about traveling when SHTF. I don’t know about you but I take several trips per year and there is some serious anxiety, the further I go. Its a serious issue when we must leave …

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Bugging Out To Walmart? Episode 91

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bugging out to walmart

bugging out to walmart


Bugging Out To Walmart

Thinking about Bugging Out To Walmart? Is that you plan for the P.A.W? If so you might want to listen to today’s show.  I remember before I got into survival I had lot’s of idiotic plans for when The shit hits the fan. Bugging Out To Walmart was one of them. Though the word plan could  hardly be applied.

Many think that during an apocalyptic situation they will just stroll into the local box store and load up. Fill their shopping cart up and drive home like usual sans the payment. That they will get to the store first and hold it as a fortress. They also believe that they are the only ones that have ever though about this.


You are not the first nor only person to ever think about Bugging Out To Walmart. You most certainly would not be the first to show up. An army of rednecks armed to the teeth will be there bore you. That’s if the corporate owners don’t secure the assets themselves. I’m sure that the salaried zombies will have to work around the clock until the “crisis” is averted.

We cover many of the reasons why Bugging Out To Walmart is a bad idea. Even if you are miraculously the first and only person to show up. There are still issues in trying to hold up in a big box store. One of my main concerns is all the meat that is now rotting. You have to act fast to dispose of most the fresh food. You with your group won’t able to eat it all. If allowed to rot you have a serious breeding ground  for disease.




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