Surviving One Year in Hell: Interview With Selco of SHTF School

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There are so many voices in the survival world. There are at least 20 sites that you should visit each and every day! That is truly something fantastic when you think about it. Each of these sites may offer a great article. Now, there is something else out there, too. What you will find is …

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Surviving with Sprains and Broken Bones

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Surviving with Sprains and Broken Bones

Surviving with Sprains and Broken Bones.
When help is not on the way!

Sprains and broken bones happen and they happen often. From a simple sprain to minor and compound fractures, injuries effecting mobility can be one of the lengthiest and most uncomfortable to overcome. Is it possible to treat and immobilize the injury long enough to function and allow healing until help can be found? Will you be the burden or can you still be a productive member of your group?

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Bringing the Collapse to Life W/ Author Shelby Gallagher

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Bringing the Collapse to Life W/ Author Shelby Gallagher
James Walton “I Am Liberty” Audio player below!

On this show we have an author with us. This is a big statement because, to me, there are few people who can see the collapse like authors. When I say “see” I am not giving the credit that’s due. As an author you must use all your senses and bring the collapse to life under your pen.

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Book Review: Surviving the Economic Collapse

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What I really like about Surviving the Economic Collapse is that unlike many prepper books out there, this is not about theory but at about actual things one man did during an actual economic collapse. He has some interesting things to say about the “wrol” – (Without Rule of Law) mindset -namely that no matter what else fails the government will still exist and will still enforce the laws they choose to enforce. FerFal is not a native English speaker, and this is a self published book, so there is a few grammatical errors, however, since I care more about the

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Surviving the Flu with Herbs!

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Surviving the Flu with Herbs
Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live” Audio player below!

Need an herbal survival guide for the flu? Herbal Prepper Live has you covered. This week’s show is all about influenza, the H3N2 strain, and herbal remedies for the flu.

This episode covers:

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  • How to recognize the flu
  • How to support healthy immune function necessary for fighting off the flu
  • When to seek out medical care
  • Herbal remedies to make the flu more bearable
  • What to do if medical care is not available

The Real Risks of H3N2

The flu has been all over the news, and for good reason.

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Prepper Strengths and Weaknesses

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Prepper Strengths and Weaknesses Whether you have a prepper group all ready in mind or if you have come into a group during disaster there will be a number of things happening under the surface. One of the most obvious is the battle for leadership. This battle can be a serious physical struggle or it …

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Survival Tips: Before the Apocalypse

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Survival Tips: Before the Apocalypse Lately, the zombie apocalypse is a decided and welcomed break from the insane world that we are currently living in. When it comes to prepping sometimes you need a jolt of inspiration. There is a chance that the apocalypse of festering zombies can be exactly the inspiration you need. There …

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The Ideal Prepper Group Size

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The Ideal Prepper Group Size There are topics of fiery debate in the prepper world. One such debate is that of the prepper group. Some people are bent on having the perfect group with the perfect skill set. In times of disaster and disorder I think many people just find great solace in the organized. …

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Hurricanes, Surviving and Thriving!

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Hurricanes, Surviving and Thriving Forrest Garvin “The Prepping Academy” Audio player below! Hurricanes can affect everyone and no matter where you live there are things you can do to prepare for the next big one. For those that live in the areas that are prone to hurricanes and tropical storms, planning and preparedness is a … Continue reading Hurricanes, Surviving and Thriving!

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What Bushcraft Can Teach You about Surviving Emergencies

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What Bushcraft Can Teach You about Surviving Emergencies Pine needle tea, cooking potatoes in aluminum foil over hot coals, using the bow drill method… all of these sound exciting for those looking to get into bushcraft. But little do they know that these types of experiences can teach them some very important lessons about surviving … Continue reading What Bushcraft Can Teach You about Surviving Emergencies

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Surviving the first 72 hours!

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Surviving the first 72 hours!
DJ Cooper “SurvivingDystopia

Surviving the first 72 hoursWe are told over and over again to have a 72 hour bag.  This bag will help get you home or just get you through those first 3 days. Thinking back to previous shows and to even the page for this show.  There is a quote by Alfred Henry Lewis who said, “There are only 9 meals between mankind and anarchy.”  Again the first 72 hours being the critical thought here.  What is it about those 72 hours that can make or break your chances for survival?

3-9-16 fireIn any disaster the first 72 hours is likely the most critical time.  The things you do and steps you take could determine how or even if you survive.  According to FEMA you need to make sure you have the following things: Food, Water, First aide, Fire Extinguisher, Flashlight, A means to cook, Radio, Meds, Tools and stuff for your pets

The Red Cross pretty much agrees, that you should expect the unexpected.

Whether you stay in place or bug out you need to take steps to ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones.  Every disaster is different and each could change the things you do in those 72 hours.

#1 thing to consider…

 3-9-16 evacuationAFTER disaster strikes is NOT the time to try and prepare. Although afterwards there are steps you should take and things you should do.  Disasters are not generally a planned event and acting quickly without losing focus will be critical.  Being prepared by definition means to have done so BEFORE.

Two things you need to consider first and foremost:

#1 Get out of danger… this may mean bugging out, or getting home. Whatever the issue get someplace safe, take shelter.  This is why it is essential to make sure your bug out bag is always ready.

#2 Secure Water and Food… Whether you have it and carry it with you or are forced to forage for it, you need these to survive.

Join DJ Cooper in player below as she discusses what things you should consider, some ideas to help us stay organized and keep us from “freezing up” when that moment happens to us.
Up Next week: Speaking on History
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Surviving a blizzard!

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Surviving a blizzard

2-10-16 blizzardA blizzard can happen within minutes and turn a perfectly calm day into the North Pole. So whether you’re in the car or camping or in your house always refrain from getting on the road again till the sun comes up.A blizzard is most commonly undercooked because they only occur in winter season and it’s a common occurrence for people to experience snowfall. It’s a daily routine for them to go to work, clearing out the snow and playing in the snow. However Snowstorms can be quite brutal at times and cause severe injuries and complications if they aren’t treated with precautionary measures. The problem with people is that they are easily fooled into a false sense of security when something is a normal day occurrence. Now tsunamis for example are something people may fear because that’s a natural disaster that doesn’t happen every day. But in winters it snows consecutively for weeks so people think that this isn’t something harmful.

No matter how advanced technology may have become there still always room for error. You can’t control the weather nor can you predict it with absolute surety. Hence Always be prepared for the worst to happen. In my article below I have mentioned a few tips to help your prepare and get through a snowstorm or blizzard if it catches you if guard.

Food and water

blizzardIn winters always make sure you have extra food supplies that can last a few days. You don’t know when the storm is going to end and how long you’re going to be trapped in your house. If you’re going to wait till the last moment and head out right before the storm or during the storm then might as well take clothes and a blanket with you because you’re not coming back.

Heat source

If your home has fireplaces ensure you know how to utilize it securely. At the point when a winter storm warning is issued keep enough firewood inside to keep going for a couple of days.  If you have generators make certain to have enough fuel to keep it running for a couple of days. Keep the generator totally outside, not indoors. Running a generator inside can bring about carbon monoxide poisoning and death.

Think everything through

blizzardOne thing you’ll need if a snowstorm or blizzard hits is running water. Water channels tend to freeze in temperatures beneath 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Prevent this by wrapping your pipes with foam protection. In the event that the temperature is dropping leave your taps running just a bit, enough for minimal drops of water to fall so not a lot of water is wasted.

Avoid leaving the house

Do not attempt to leave your home in any condition. If you need to check up on a neighbor or a friend that’s nearby maybe 5 minutes away then that’s sort of okay. But don’t attempt to be Rambo and start searching for everyone making sure their good because it’s a waste of time. You won’t find them and chances are that you may get lost to.

Stay hydrated

Drink loads of water in the event you don’t have electricity and no access to heat for a long period


blizzardRecent studies and surveys have shown that people die from heart attacks every year while shoveling the snow out of their driveways. The reason being people may not realize it but snow is pretty heavy specially when you’re just lifting up heaps of it at once and chucking it out of the way. For people who are over 40 or not physically active and do not visit the gym it’s unhealthy when you start lifting up 50 pounds of snow at once. Your heart isn’t used to that much load being out on it. It’s recommended you take help from neighbors or take it slowly and steadily.

However these tips for when your safely surrounded by the walls of your house and your right next to the comfort of your family. However many people often get stranded during a storm and have no clue what to do. So here are a few things you should follow when you’re out on the road during winters.

Wait out the storm

If you have gone camping or you’re on the road and massive chunks of snow start falling on you than it’s a waste of time trying to get away. Do not send a person out for help and don’t try to be Sherlock and think of cheeky ways to get home. Simply stay in your car and wait for the storm to pass. Make sure you keep starting your engine every few minutes. Don’t turn your car of for a long time, because it won’t start because of the extreme cold. Your engine won’t get the heat it needs to start up.

Never leave your house empty handed

In winters never leave your house empty handed, even if you just have to make a quick run to the grocery store which is 5 minutes away.  What if the storm hits, you don’t want to be stranded out there with no food, water or emergency supplies now do you? Carry a first aid kit and a bug out bag with you even if you don’t use it. Keep one separately just for the car. You don’t know how long or for how many days you’re going to be stuck, and in that severe temperature you have very minimal chances of surviving without food and fluids.

Make sure your exhaust pipe is clear

Check to make sure your exhaust pipe does not have any snow accumulated around it or inside of it. A sealed car can cause carbon monoxide to build up and cause poisoning and death.

Change out wet clothing

If you have a bit of snow on yourself and your clothes are wet, then its urgent you change. This is because frostbites can happen easily and you need to keep your body warm.

Author Bio:

Barney Whistance is a passionate Finance, Heavy Machinery and Lifestyle blogger who loves to write about prevailing trends. You can find him using Twitter and LinkedIn.

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The Single Biggest Mistake Preppers Often Make

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The Single Biggest Mistake Preppers Often Make

Image source:

Survivalists and preppers have a lot of great ideas. While others are ignoring possible signs that our world might be on the brink of significant change, there is a growing community of people who are determined to survive whatever happens.

Unfortunately, some of these great ideas are just that — ideas. It is easy to become so enthusiastic about preparedness that crucial steps get skipped.

If I could give one sentence of advice to those new to the preparedness community, it would be this: TRY IT NOW.

That seems like a simple enough tenet, but it often gets overlooked — and it becomes a huge mistake. Preppers talk about plans for living in the forest, cooking food on an open fire, shooting animals for meat, growing their own vegetables, getting by without power or running water, and walking 30 miles to a bug-out location carrying sixty pounds of supplies.

Those things are all absolutely possible. Most of them are good ideas in the right circumstances, and many of them are activities which have been done since the dawn of humanity. However, it is valuable to bear in mind that successful execution of these theories requires some practice.

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Cooking over an open fire, hunting for meat, and walking 30 miles in a day were part of the daily routine to many of our ancestors, and it is tempting to assure ourselves that if they could do it, we can, too. And indeed we can. But they lived very different lives than we do. To a society accustomed to motorized transportation, fully equipped kitchens, readily available groceries, and flush toilets, the things our predecessors did might be challenging for us.

If your preparedness plan includes relocating to a remote forest, consider this question: Have you and your family ever spent any real time in the forest? I’m not talking about an afternoon stroll in the city park, wearing pearly white sneakers and carrying a bottle of Evian and posting regular Facebook statuses as you go. I don’t even mean a two-mile hike into the foothills of a national forest for an overnight at a bed-and-breakfast hostel.

I mean the down-and-dirty forest, with not a single cushy bunk in sight, no Wi-Fi, not even an outhouse. A forest where the only beaten path was made by four-legged creatures, and the only sounds are the raucous calls of crows and the rustle of leaves. And the only food available is what you carried in yourself and can cook on a portable stove.

If it still sounds easy, spend a week there. You might love it even if it’s your first such experience, but you will very likely want to tweak your survival plan afterwards.

Many post-disaster plans include at least some components of homesteading. Raising vegetables and keeping livestock for meat, dairy and eggs are the most common directions people intend to go, and with good reason. Growing your own food is the best possible way to feed your family long term.

The Single Biggest Mistake Preppers Often MakeBut again, consider the question. Have you tried it? Have you actually grown food and eaten it? Not just a little window box full of lettuce, but a real full-sized garden with a wide variety of crops that will truly keep your family out of the grocery store produce aisle for the whole season?

Many people garden for a hobby, but I recommend trying to garden like your life depends on it. If it ever happens that your life does depend on what food you can grow for yourself, you will be glad you worked out the kinks in that plan ahead of time.

Get Out Of The Rat-Race And Make Money Off-Grid!

Try eating primarily what you have grown and raised and harvested and preserved yourself for a season, or even a year, and see how you do. Like many homesteading practices, it is likely to be a rewarding endeavor, but there will be challenges you did not anticipate.

Shooting animals for meat and processing the carcass looks easy enough on YouTube videos, but it is not something you will want to put off actually trying until it is the only thing between you and starvation. There will be that inevitable moment when you encounter something that wasn’t in the how-tos, or the overwhelming emotion or yuck factor that you didn’t see coming.

If you Google specific homesteading skills, you are likely to find plenty of people waxing nostalgic about how their grandparents used to do it, but there might not be a lot of people actually doing it now. Nostalgia is nice, but actual experience will serve you better if you ever need to do those kinds of things.

Plenty of people think of their physical abilities in nostalgic terms, too. They might have been a track star in high school or bagged mountain peaks in their youth, but that was a couple of decades ago. Today’s reality might include a lot more pounds of body weight and a lot less stamina. This is one area in which nobody can rest on his or her laurels. If you think you are going to walk a long distance carrying heavy loads, set down the TV remote and strap on your hiking boots now.

Gardener Resting in Vegetable GardenAnother important thing to try now is deprivation. How will you and your family actually cope in a scenario devoid of social media, hot showers, television and a comfortable couch? If your spouse and children have never spent a day without modern amenities, their performance could be compromised in the event of an emergency. Instead of focusing on the tasks at hand, they might be anxious and distracted in a world without comforts.

I am not suggesting you sell your house, quit your job, and go live in the woods today. Many people do so without regrets, but that lifestyle is not for everyone.

The good news: You don’t have to. You can take up gardening anywhere — even if you live in a city apartment, you can seek a community growing space. If you can’t keep livestock, then volunteer on a farm near your home. If you don’t know anything about hunting, then hire a guide to take you. Try charcuterie with someone who’s done it. Spend time doing things outside in all kinds of weather.

How about a weekend without electronics? Turn off the phone, the television, and the computer. Maybe even take it a step further and go without modern conveniences completely.

If you want to experience life outdoors and without amenities, try it. You can start off small by pitching a tent in the backyard, and gradually move up to a weekend in the backcountry in a homemade shelter.

And by all means, get fit. There is no post-apocalyptic scenario in which couch potatoes will be better off than active people. Unhealthy people who plan human-powered travel will certainly suffer when that happens.

In these uncertain times, it is good to prepare for harder days ahead, and good to have a handful of excellent ideas that will keep you alive and safe during a man-made or natural disaster. But don’t stop at ideas. Try it now.

Do you agree or disagree? What advice would you add? Share your thoughts in the section below:

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Successful Fitness in 2016!

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Successful Fitness in 2016!
James Walton “I Am Liberty

Successful Fitness in 2016If you don’t think this is a relevant topic for my show or for this network than I think we need to talk one on one. Fitness is not about abs and pecs. Fitness is not about playing sports and fake tans. Fitness is about quality of life and longevity. You have to be prepared physically before you can do anything else, in my opinion. You don’t have to look like Adonis but you better make sure your body and mind are working properly. Otherwise why are you so hell bent on surviving anyway?

Fitness IMG_20150309_182039Now that that’s out of the way we can talk about 2016. Every year tons of people make resolutions to get fit in the new year. Its very admirable but unfortunately many fall out of the race early on. Its not uncommon. In fact its more common for New Years resolutions to fail. When we talk about fitness there is some serious infrastructure that you can put in place to assure a higher success rate. That will be the bulk of what we talk about tonight.

There are four crucial practices that I would recommend integrating into your fitness plans. These four will give you options on days when things don’t fall into place. It is very important to have several options and several motivations in this thing. Remember that fitness, health and diet are not short term goals they are total life changes. It doesn’t come easy but if you make it part of your life and build around it you will be a beast for the rest of your life. Trust me.
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How To Deal With Power Outages

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The possibility of power outages, both short and long-term, is very real.  Not only are they caused by weather and ordinary problems, but the threat of long-term power outages caused by terrorist action are increasingly likely. Are you ready? How do we prepare to deal with short and long-term power outages?

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11 Lessons Learned During a Really Bad Camping Trip

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A few summers ago, we went camping, full of expectations of campfire cooking and long wilderness walks. Instead, we learned a lot of preparedness lessons that anyone can use. Pay attention, because some of these could save your life. (And not a single one is “How to start a fire without matches”!)

A bad camping trip taught me 11 important preparedness lessons

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