Prepping Up in Texas!

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Prepping Up in Texas!
David Jones “Prepping Up with the Jones “Audio player provided!

This week Dave follows up his show from Chicago by traveling to Mesquite Texas. Dave speaks at the Self Reliance Expo both Friday and Saturday. He will have the latest in new Prepper products, interviews and the best deals that can be found.

Listen to this broadcast or download “Prepping Up in Texas” in player below!

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Citizen-Journalist Arrested For Facebook Post About Police

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Citizen-Journalist Arrested For Facebook Post

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A Texas woman might face time in jail after being slapped with two felonies because she posted something she heard from an acquaintance on her Facebook page.

“In my opinion, this is the government’s attempt to silence my client,” Priscilla Villarreal’s attorney, Sergio Lozano, told The Texas Monthly.

Villarreal was arrested by Laredo, Texas, police on Dec. 13 and charged with “misuse of official information.”

Her crime was posting on Facebook the fact that a U.S. Border Patrol agent had committed suicide. Police claim that Villarreal violated the law because she asked Laredo Police Officer Barbara Goodman about the suicide, and then put the information on Facebook. Villarreal posted the information before the department released it to the public.

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“Information provided by Officer Goodman pertaining to the case in question was used by Priscilla Villarreal in her Facebook page ‘Lagordiloca News Laredo TX,’ immediately notifying her followers of the incident,” the complaint against Villarreal states.

Her Facebook page has 86,482 followers and is described as one of the most popular news sources in Laredo. “Lagordiloca” means “night crawler” in Spanish.

Villareal drives around Laredo on the Texas/Mexico border at night looking for news. Often, that includes posting live streaming video of police interactions with citizens.

“This is something that should trouble all news outlets in any medium, because otherwise, how do you get this information from the entities?” Lozano asked. “Whoever gets to it first gets the most readers, or ‘likes,’ or whatever. The Laredo Morning Times has subscribers, they sell ads, so why is Lagordiloca being treated differently?”

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Two blacksmiths looking to join someone off grid

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Hello I’m Katorii (my internet name), my brother and i are blacksmiths and also have a wide range of skills and knowledge useful for off grid living. We are both 34 years old and looking to join someone or a community living off grid already or who has the land and just wanting others to join them before making the jump them self. We are both currently in Texas and prefer to stay that way, but if something comes up to good to pass on we would be willing to go. We would like there to be some sort of wild game for hunting or trapping, we do both eat meat but raising rabbit and chickens will also work for us. We do own guns so if that’s an issue please stop reading now and just move on thank you. We are wanting to live a life without needing much if any money, we can make knifes, tools and other useful items for trade or barter if those are options, the idea is to be free after all, that being said we are also not hippy artist that sit around doing drugs and painting not that there is anything right with that haha, we do not drink or do drugs. Well that’s all i can think of for the time being please email me at if you would like to chat or find out more info.

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Air Force Error Allowed Texas Gunman to Buy Weapons

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Air Force Error Allowed Texas Gunman to Buy Weapons We are learning more and more about the situation in Texas. There are some staggering reports about the mental condition of the killer. It is clear he was a bad person to say the least. These accusations seem to spread throughout much of his life. We …

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Uncertain: Film Review

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On a boat on the river

Misty-lensed view of off-grid living

Like a flower growing out of a crack in the wall, the southern town of Uncertain sits on the border between Texas and Louisiana, so named because early surveyors couldn’t be sure to which state this out-of-the-way burg actually belonged. The population, mostly poor or in some way seeking to avoid the law, hovers in the double-digits — 94, according to a sign on the city limits, although it seems that residents are either dying or leaving faster than they can be replenished.

Like a documentary version of “Beasts of the Southern Wild,” complete with the looming threat of a surreal environmental catastrophe (in this case, an invasive fern-like plant called salvinia that’s “swallowing up” the lake and suffocating the fish), “Uncertain” focuses on a handful of these locals, individuals whose fates mirror the town’s name. In another director’s hands, the residents might be labeled “eccentric” and condescendingly depicted for laughs, but Ewan McNicol and Anna Sandilands approach this touch-and-go community with curiosity and humanism, capturing what feels like a deciding moment in a series of struggles so remote, they would otherwise escape our notice entirely.

Finally trickling into a few theaters — and iTunes — nearly two years after it premiered at the 2015 Tribeca film festival, where its directors won the Albert Maysles Documentary Director Award, a movie like this isn’t apt to inspire any spontaneous pilgrimages (it’s hard enough attracting audiences to visit the town vicariously on screen). “Uncertain is not on the way to anywhere,” says the local sheriff. “You’ve either got to know where you’re going or be lost to find it.”

Those who have come to Uncertain are generally trying to escape something — the law, mostly. They are haunted, at any rate, which makes for an evocative portrait of several rugged souls whom the directors met after setting out to learn what they might find in a town with such an intriguing name. To join them is to step back in time to a place that looks positively primeval (the swamp-like Cabbo Lake is shrouded in mist and the thick grey moss that hangs from surrounding cypress branches), where barely-employed locals spend their time hunting and fishing, or else trying to forget their troubles at the town bar (or in the case of the opening scene, passed out drunk in a drifting rowboat).

Instantly fascinating, the film’s various characters speak in a thick Texas drawl, sometimes so strong that they require subtitles to understand. Now in his seventies, Henry recalls how the other black folk in town resented him for having white friends, calling him an “Uncle Tom,” which blew up in an altercation where he shot another man in the face. Roughly a generation younger, recovering addict Wayne was also responsible for taking another man’s life, albeit under very different circumstances (the film even includes video of his arrest). He invites the filmmakers along for late-night hunting sessions, as he stalks a wild boar with his muzzleloading rifle. A scruffy white kid covered in amateur tattoos, diabetic Zach doesn’t see much future in Uncertain (where people “retire at 21,” he says) and decides to try his luck in Austin.

Visually, this gorgeously photographed film (lensed by McNicol himself) recalls the work of Cannes-anointed documentarian Robert Minervini, albeit a gentler view of marginal American lives than those seen in “The Other Side.” Though shot digitally, the footage goes a long way to suggest the organic texture of the lakeside community: the muggy, mosquito-filled air; the eerie serenity out on the water, or in the woods; the old bait shop with its peeling paint job. The line between animal and human, nature and civilization, seems especially porous in Uncertain. In one scene, with the aid of night vision, we observe as a half-domesticated raccoon spends his evenings indoors, curled up next to the family dog.

With the support of Daniel Hart’s almost elegiac score, the filmmakers distill the coarse poetry in their surroundings, giving voice to the suspended dreams of the locals. Their situation may not be hopeless, but it’s far from easy, and the filmmakers search the salvinia problem for a metaphor of some sort, finding an imperfect one in a scientific project to control the spreading water weed via the introduction of weevils. Residents worry whether the solution may have come too late. “It’s sad to see that the only place like this is going away,” says one, as we wonder what will become of this town and its citizens. I guess that’s Uncertain for you.

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Are You Drinking Radioactive Water

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water_chernobyl_ruins_radiationWhether around the world or in small town America, there seems to be an undeniable truth in that any news of detectable radioactivity discovered in drinking water will be 1) suppressed and 2) the quantity of radioactivity will be underreported when the news does go public. From Chernobyl to Fukushima, and especially to Texas, the story is the same. The following video, A matter of Risk: Radiation, drinking water, and deception, chronicles the poor drinking water conditions in central Texas.

By Doc Montana, a Contributing Author of Survival Cache and SHTFBlog

Disturbingly, there is an enormous amount of evidence to suggest central Texas water supplies have been compromised by radioactive contamination. What’s almost as disturbing: Texas officials have been slow to respond to the crisis. In some instances, the actions of officials seem to be negligent.

A matter of risk: Radiation, drinking water and deception . from Keith Tomshe.

The particular type of radiation of concern here is called ionizing radiation. Ionizing or charged particle radiation is different from sunlight that has commonly understood radiation such as ultraviolet and infrared radiation. The sun is often pointed at as a source of safe radiation in order to muddy the contaminated waters by those who have a selfish interest in underreporting the risks of radiation.

250px-Alpha_Decay.svgThe radioactive contaminants that we are concerned about in water are mostly alpha and beta particles. Alpha particles are from radioactive decay where essentially a helium 4 nuclei is released. Alpha particles are relatively large consisting of two protons and two neutrons but can only travel an inch or two in air. Paper can block alpha particles as can dry skin. Unfortunately if alpha particles are ingested or contact mucus membranes, they make a real mess of things especially cells and DNA.

Beta particles, on the other hand, are smaller than alpha particles and are either an electron or positron. The smaller mass of the beta particle allows it to travel further from the source, up to a few yards in air. Beta particles zip right through skin and a few sheets of paper, but can be blocked by thick plastic. However, the main risks from beta particles are from when they are ingested.

Yea, but…

lead_water_infrastructrure_jackson_flintThere are many natural sources of radiation in water, and groundwater sources are often more at risk than surface sources like reservoirs. There are also plenty of man-made sources and actions that increase the natural amounts of dangerous radiation in drinking water supplies. What makes this go from bad to worse is that the presence and quantity of radioactive materials in water are often either not measured in the first place, averaged over time or a cluster of wells, or wildly underreported through statistical and legal gymnastics. The bottomline is that the science does not lie, but the sources of the science can manipulate and withhold the facts when it suits them. And history has shown us over and over that it suits them.

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Bone-seeking radioactive particles are no joke. They are cumulative and do cause cancer. There is no safe minimum consumption or exposure limit for them, and you absolutely cannot trust a government agency to monitor water systems for radioactive concentrations or even notify you if they are detected.  Even worse, if you are informed that there is a problem, it is very likely a long-standing issue and what you are told is most certainly underestimated. In fact I would bet that any reported level of contaminant in a water system that is barely under the threshold of concern is a fake number. There are statistical tricks and legal parkour maneuvers that provide any necessary adjustment to avoid expensive fixes in the name of public safety.

Sound the Alarm

It has been demonstrated many times over decades and continents that radioactive contamination in the water supply will be unreported, underreported, or downplayed. So it is up to the drinker of water to be vigilant and take precautions when necessary. And that’s you.

Geiger_counterWhile there are 10-minute tests for other water contaminants like lead, testing for radioactivity takes a special piece of equipment as well as a deeper understanding of what the results mean. In fact, the geiger counter comes in handy to test your water filter, if you have one and know how to use it. But sadly if you do detect radiation yourself, your life just changed; both inside and out.

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Most traditional water filters are limited in their capabilities to handle radiation. But some are better than others. Since water itself does not become radioactive, the radioactive particles can be filtered out similar to other contaminants. But unlike a clogged filter filled with sediments, metals, and parasites, a filter filled with radioactive particles is itself now, to put it bluntly, a component that could be in a dirty bomb.

Activated carbon can remove a common radioactive element found in water namely iodine-131. But when the load capacity of the filter is reached, you might not know it. It seems the best bet for the consumer is a combination of active charcoal and a reverse osmosis filter like the Epic Pitcher.

In the News

Water_Radiation_hotspot_JapanOne would go crazy worrying about invisible radiation in water given the amount we need to consume, cook with, and let flow across our skin every day. But there are indications when worry might be more necessary. Such as when there is a nuclear event in the news. Fukushima was a big one, but provided a test not unlike when a volcano spews ash and we can see how much lands and where. Globally, radioactive fallout from Fukushima was detected everywhere one looked. And even right here under my Big Sky. In this article from The Japan Times it is clear that the Fukushima situation is far from over. In fact the February 2017 article states the radiation level in reactor 2 has reached its highest radiation level since core meltdown in 2011.

So even if you have no immediate concern about radiation, you should have a plan and the supplies to act on that plan.

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Hog Apocalypse: This State’s Gonna Kill 2.5 Million Pigs With Poison

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Hog Apocalypse: This State Hopes To Kill 2.5 Million Wild Pigs With Poison

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A southwestern state is facing a feral hog apocalypse that threatens agriculture, and now the state’s agriculture commissioner thinks has an answer: poison.

Texas is being overrun by 2.5 million wild or feral hogs that cause at least $50 million a year in damage to agriculture, The Austin American Statesman reported. The hogs also destroy lawns, flower beds, vegetable gardens, livestock tanks and even Internet, television and phone cables.

Not even the killing of 750,000 wild pigs by hunters each year has been able to control the hog invasion. The hogs were brought to Texas centuries ago by Spanish pioneers who turned them loose to ensure a food supply.

The solution to the hog problem is a poison called Kaput Feral Hog Lure, Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller told the newspaper. The poison has a substance called warfarin, which acts as a blood thinner in humans. But it kills pigs.

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“This is going to be the hog apocalypse, if you like,” Miller told The American-Statesman. “If you want them gone, this will get them gone.”

The plan is to allow people to attract hogs with nontoxic food, and once the hogs keep coming back, replace the food with the poison.

One group not sold on Miller’s idea is the state’s hog hunters. They fear it will threaten their families and damage the environment.

“If this hog is poisoned, do I want to feed it to my family?” Eydin Hansen, the vice president of the Texas Hog Hunters Association, asked.

“If a hog dies, what eats it? Coyotes, buzzards…” Hansen told AP. “We’re gonna affect possibly the whole ecosystem.”

Some Texans use hog hunting to put food on the table.

“It’s a way to feed your family,” Hansen said.

Hogs who have eaten the poison have fat that is blue, Miller said.

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Update: Judge Orders School To Allow Charlie Brown Christmas Poster

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Judge Orders Charlie Brown Christmas Poster Put Back Up

KILLEEN, Texas – A Texas state judge has ordered a school district to allow a Charlie Brown Christmas poster be put back up, days after the district affirmed the principal who ordered it taken down.

School Bans Charlie Brown Christmas Poster Because It’s Too Religious

The staff member’s original poster.

Charles E. Patterson Middle School clinic aide Dedra Shannon had placed a large poster of Linus on her door with the words from the classic cartoon, “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior which is Christ the Lord … That’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown – Linus.”

On Thursday, a Bell County judge issued a temporary order, ruling the poster could be placed back on the door as long as it also had the words “Ms. Shannon’s Christmas Message.”

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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton also appeared in court, supporting Shannon.

“Religious discrimination towards Christians has become a holiday tradition of sorts among certain groups,” Paxton said following the decision. “I am glad to see that the court broke through the left’s rhetorical fog and recognized that a commitment to diversity means protecting everyone’s individual religious expression.”

Said Shannon, “I am so thankful that the court ruled in my favor and that Killeen ISD’s efforts to ban my Charlie Brown Christmas poster have failed.”

Story continues below video

The Killeen Independent School District board on Tuesday voted 6-1 to develop new guidelines for the school system related to Christmas decorations, essentially affirming the principal, who had ordered it taken down.

The suit, filed by Texas Values, had argued, in part, “The inclusion of Bible verses or religious messages on student or teacher-sponsored holiday decorations does not violate Texas law.”

The poster is based upon the 1965 animated special, A Charlie Brown Christmas, which has aired on broadcast TV every year since then.

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Survey Of Convicts Confirms Everything You Suspected About Gun Control

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Survey Of Convicts Confirms Everything You Suspected About Gun Control

Image source: Wikimedia

HOUSTON — Convicted murderers were well aware of gun laws they used to commit their crimes but still had no problem getting their hands on weapons, according to a survey of Texas inmates by a Houston television station.

KTRK in Houston sent surveys to every prisoner in Harris County who used a gun to kill someone since 2014.

Incredibly, 63 percent of the guns were stolen, 25 percent were bought illegally off the street, and 13 percent were bought in stores. Ninety percent of those who had a gun were legally prohibited from buying one.

“The convicted killers … were all well aware of the gun laws,” the ABC 13 report found. “Many were previously convicted and knew they wouldn’t pass federally mandated background checks. Others suggested they would never put a family member in a position to buy a gun for them since the penalty for that so-called ‘straw purchase’ is severe.”

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Tod Oberg, a reporter at ABC 13, interviewed some of the prisoners in-person.

“I can buy a gun today,” said Rodney Rachal, who is serving a life sentence for murder.

“How fast?” Oberg asked.

“As fast as I can follow the traffic to the drug dealers, they’ll have some for sale,” Rachal said.

Prisoner Cedric Jones said he regrets his crime – and says the only thing that could have saved him was a job. He sold drugs to make money for his family

“By me having felonies, it’s hard getting a job,” Jones, who was a convict at age 19, told the TV station. “I did try to get a job a couple of times. I tried to go to school for fixing motorcycles because I had felonies. So, what am I supposed to do? Let my kids starve?”

If he had had a regular 9-to-5 job, Jones said, his life “would be completely different.”

“I would love to have a job,” he said. “… I probably wouldn’t be in jail. Having a job would have changed it a lot.”

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Park City commits to 100% renewable

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Mayor Jack Thomas committed to the pledge this Tuesday (11th October)

Mayor Jack Thomas announcing his commitment 


Park City, Utah is the latest American city to pledge to turn to 100% renewable energy (you can view the whole list here). The promise was made under the 100% Committed Campaign and Park City has set 2032 as its deadline. Boulder, Colorado, San Francisco and San Diego, California, Georgetown, Texas Grand Rapids, Michigan and others have already committed to the cause.


This is great news, but why has it taken them so long? The campaign seems to have emerged as an attempt to push local councils toward sustainable energy, as climate change becomes a leading issue in national politics.


Last month, in September, when Boulder announced its commitment, Mayor Suzanne Jones, took to the mic to state that: “[It] is increasingly clear that Congress is not going to address climate change; cities like Boulder need to take the lead.”


Mayor Jack Thomas pushed a similar messaged in Utah and urged other cities to follow suit: “Park City’s commitment for 100% renewable electricity is driven by our community” he said. “The passion for the natural environment and our responsibility to take care of it is part of the fabric of what makes Park City a very special place to live. Park City can’t do it alone.”


Mountain communities have proudly pledged to change their energy source as they understand the risk they face if global warming is allowed to continue at the rate that it is at. “Park City recognizes that without snow, they cannot grow,” Talya Tavor, I AM PRO SNOW program manager, said. “At Climate Reality we bring together the passion to fight climate change with the passion to protect our mountain communities to make an unstoppable force for change. That’s why it is no surprise that mountain cities are leading the way on renewable electricity.

But that’s not all, national businesses like Ski Butlers, Ikea, Adobe, Facebook Apple and more (full list) have made the commitment to switch to 100 percent renewable electricity, under the RE100 plan to get the world’s most influential companies committed to 100% renewable power.

This  shows that business and government leaders recognize the urgent need to address the very real issue of climate change, and it also shows that practical solutions are actually being put in place to do so.

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Mom Accidently Pokes Son In Eye; Son Lies; CPS Seizes Children

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Mom Accidently Pokes Son In Eye; Son Lies; CPS Seizes Children

HOUSTON — Barbara Marks lost custody of her three children because her 11-year-old son lied to police – and when the boy told the truth, state officials still refused to give her kids back.

Police didn’t believe the boy’s fib, but the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS, better known as CPS) did.

“You are guilty until you prove yourself innocent,” Marks told Fox-5 in Houston.

The agency spent thousands of dollars on legal fees in an effort to take away her kids.

CPS started the action after Marks accidently poked her son – who has behavioral issues –in the eye on December 21. The boy then called police and told them that his mother had intentionally poked him in the eye, the TV station reported.

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Officers did not believe the story, but DFPS nevertheless held an emergency hearing designed to take custody of Marks’ three children. Marks ended up spending her own money to hire an attorney and successfully fight CPS.

“It was an accidental poke in the eye and turned into removing three children — one a little baby and going to court for an emergency removal and taking it from there,” her attorney, Jon Parchman, told Fox-5.

Said Marks, “He didn’t require medical attention but they made this big thing out of it.”

Abuse of Power

Parchman thinks the action might have been CPS employees’ effort to retaliate against his client. He noted that CPS was aware of the boy’s behavior problems.

The boy even told the CPS caseworker that he had lied, but the hearing went on, Marks said.

Parchman had to file an appeal in the state appeals court, which she lost 2-1. The dissenting justice, Terry Jennings, wrote that “there is no evidence” that the safety of the children was in danger or that the children should have been removed. Jennings also alleged that the trial court had abused its power by taking custody.

“That particular judge agreed with us that there wasn’t an emergency and the children should have never been removed in the first place,” Parchman said of Jennings.

CPS, though, stood by the action, although it eventually dismissed the case.

“What’s unfortunate is any recuperation of her fees,” Parchman said “She has to spend all of this money to defend herself and when CPS is wrong they just say, ‘Oops, we’re wrong, see you later, have a nice day.”

The department, in a statement to Fox-5, said: “CPS does not consider this wasted time. We want to make sure that the home environment is safe for the child’s return and how to keep the child safe and prevent further CPS involvement.”

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Secession Fever Strong If Clinton Beats Trump – Survey

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Secession Fever Strong If Clinton Beats Trump – Survey

AUSTIN, Texas – If Hillary Clinton wins in November, a lot of residents in one American state say they will want their state to secede.

Currently, 26 percent of Texas voters say they support “Texas seceding from the United States,” while 59 percent oppose it and 15 percent aren’t sure, according to a Public Policy Polling survey.

But when asked if they’d support secession if Clinton defeats Donald Trump, support for it shoots up to 40 percent, with 48 percent opposed and 12 percent not sure. Among Trump supporters, 61 percent would want the state to secede if Clinton wins.

The PPP survey also found that Trump leads Clinton in Texas, 44-38 percent.

The poll surveyed 944 likely voters, Aug. 12-14.

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Police Raid A Church Parking Lot To Confiscate RAW MILK

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Police Raid A Church Parking Lot To Confiscate RAW MILK

KATY, Texas — Buying raw milk can now lead to a police raid in Texas. At least two raw milk transactions have been broken up by officers and health inspectors in the Lone Star State in the past few months.

“They just make everyone nervous,” farmer Bob Stryk said of the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS), which has been a nuisance to raw milk sales.

In early July, 50 of Stryk’s customers were targets of a police raid in the parking lot of the Holy Apostles Church in Katy, a Dallas suburb. The raid was the result of an anonymous tip to DSHS, The Houston Chronicle reported.

“I know there are two sides and we’ve got rules,” raw milk lover Greg White told the newspaper. “But you feel like a criminal.”

White was in the parking lot when sheriff’s deputies and county health inspectors arrived to break up the milk sale.

Under Texas law and regulations, people can buy raw milk, or they can get someone to pick it up for them. The question now is: What exactly is getting people in trouble?

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“What has been OK in the past — if friends want to rotate [who picks up the milk], that’s OK,” Chris Van Deusen, a DSHS spokesperson, told the Chronicle. “But it appears to be larger now, in the hundreds. The source of concern is the scale, which is different from the past.”

But the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance, which advocates for independent farmers, said the transactions are perfectly legal.

“The ability to designate someone to act on your behalf, as your agent, is a fundamental principle of law that goes back centuries,” said Judith McGeary, executive director of the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance. “There is no basis for the government to say that my agent can’t do something that would be legal for me to do myself – such as pick up milk from a licensed dairy and bring it back to town.”

Incredibly, “in this latest incident, a sheriff’s deputy told one of the customers that they’d been pulled off a domestic dispute case in order to break up the milk delivery,” McGeary said.

Not the First Time

An earlier incident is just as disturbing.

Police Raid Church Parking Lot To Confiscate RAW MILK

A grainy screen capture from a video of the raw milk raid at an Austin private home.

On May 26, an unmarked police car blocked a courier van and a customer’s car in the driveway of a private Austin home, the Farm & Ranch Freedom Alliance reported. Four inspectors from the Austin Health Department and DSHS then told the group of raw milk customers that they could not have the milk – despite the fact that it already had been purchased.

“One of the inspectors confronted the woman who had organized the group drop-off and demanded that she provide her driver’s license,” the Alliance said in a summary on its website. “When she hesitated, the inspector called a policeman over and then started to take pictures of her car with her children in it. After the woman broke down in tears, the inspector continued to question her to try to find out the names and locations of other drop points.”

The dairy is two hours away, and the customers had hired the courier to bring it to them.

“By involving the police and actually stopping people from getting their food, these incidents represent a new level of government hostility towards raw milk that is not based on any science or real health issues” McGeary said. “There have been only six illnesses over the last twenty years linked to raw milk in Texas. This harassment of farmers and consumers is completely unjustified.”

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‘Secession Fever’ Sweeping Through US States In Wake Of Brexit

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‘Secession Fever’ Sweeping Through US States In Wake Of BrexitBritish voters’ approval of Brexit — an effort to lead the United Kingdom out of the European Union — has inspired independence movements in some American states.

Secession advocates in Hawaii, Vermont, Texas, New Hampshire and California all have pointed to the UK as motivation, Politico reported.

“If Britain can leave the EU, then New Hampshire can leave the US,” Dave Ridley, the head of NHexit, or New Hampshire Exit movement, said. Post-secession, Ridley would like to turn the Norris Cotton Federal Building in Manchester, New Hampshire, into a shopping mall.

One NHexit leader, Ian Freeman, is running for governor on the Liberty Party ticket. A number of NHexit members are running for other offices, including the state legislature. Ridly is promoting the cause through his YouTube Channel.

An Independent California?

It is happening in California, too.

“This is an example of an independence movement occurring in the Western world, a modern-day, 21st century [case] of a political entity seceding from a political union,” Lou Marinelli, the head of the Yes California Independence Campaign, told The Washington Times. “And so now Californians who hear the word ‘secession,’ they don’t have to think of the Civil War any more. Now they have a modern-day example of how it can happen peacefully and legally and constitutionally, and that’s the path and process we intend to mimic here in California.”

Marinelli is promoting Calexit, an independence referendum that would be on the state ballot in 2020. A digital version of a Calexit petition and plan for independence can be found at the Yes California website.


Call it “secession fever.”

In Vermont, supporters say the state’s history fits a secession movement perfectly, Politico reported.

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The Vexit supporters want to create a Second Vermont Republic. Vermont was independent from Britain and other nations from 1777 until 1791, when it joined the United States. The Second Republic movement was started in 2003 by Thomas Naylor, a retired economics professor from Duke University who promoted “self-determination” for Vermont and other states. He died in 2012, but others have carried on the idea.

‘Secession Fever’ Sweeping Through US States In Wake Of Brexit

Second Vermont Republic flag.

“We have the blueprints, we have the platform, we have the book, we have the passport, and we have the flag,” Rob Williams, a leader of the Vermont independence Vexit movement, wrote at his blog.

Free Hawaii

Hawaii has the oldest, largest and most successful independence movement. Most of its members are native Hawaiians who contend the United States illegally stole their nation from its last monarch, Queen Lili’uokalani.

“To me, the most important part of that is the language that is being used by other countries, ‘national sovereignty,’” Dennis Pu‘uhonua “Bumpy” Kanahele, the head of state of what he calls the Nation of Hawaii, told Politico. Kanahele compares Hawaii’s situation to Scotland, where the government is seeking a referendum to leave the UK.


Perhaps America’s highest profile secessionist is Larry “Secede” Kilgore, Politico reported. Kilgore received 225,000 votes when he ran for governor of the Lone Star State in 2008. He legally changed his middle name to Secede and is planning to run for governor again in 2018.

“Texans want independence. Period,” the website for the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) claims. TNM says polls show it has popular support.

“Contrary to the marginalizing of the issue by our opposition, the people of Texas have consistently, and in increasing numbers, expressed their support for the full independence of Texas. A 2009 Research 2000 poll showed that 50% of Republicans, 40% of Independents and 15% of Democrats believed that Texas should stand as an independent nation. However, a 2014 Reuters/Ipsos poll showed that those numbers had grown massively with independence being supported by over 54% of Republicans, 50% of Independents and over 1/3rd of Democrats with 16% of Texans undecided.”

Like Kanahele, supporters of Texit claim the method by which their state entered the union was illegal. They also say that Texas has a distinct culture which makes it a nation and not a state. The Nation of Hawaii makes similar claims.

Is Secession Legal?

The big question facing the secession movements is whether the Constitution permits states to secede. Current legal doctrine says no; in 1869 in a case called Texas v. White, the US Supreme Court ruled that Texas’s decision to leave the Union and join the Confederacy eight years earlier was illegal.

“When, therefore, Texas became one of the United States, she entered into an indissoluble relation,” Supreme Court Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase wrote for the court.

The modern-day secessionists, though, disagree, and many of them argue that the colonies and territories voluntarily entered into the US, and they can voluntarily leave, too.

Would you support a secessionist movement in your state? Share your thoughts in the section below:

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Up To 2 Feet Of Rain To Cause Record-Challenging River Crests In Texas, Louisiana

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Survival World News

By Alex SosnowskiAccuWeather

Relentless downpours that will bring rain totals up to 2 feet of rain in parts of Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas will produce record flooding on some area rivers and bayous into this weekend.

The excessive rainfall of the past few days is seeping into the ground and has begun working its way into progressively larger rivers.

Rising water has already hit some communities hard and closed roads and interstates across Texas to Louisiana. Some roads have crumbled due to the excessive floodwaters.

Additional unprotected communities and roads along the waterways will be at risk for taking on water.

The risk of major flooding will also expand into southern and eastern Arkansas, western Mississippi and western Tennessee as more rain falls farther east and northeast through Saturday.

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30 Million At Risk For Severe Weather Over Southern Plains Into Wednesday

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By Alex SosnowskiAccuWeather

A storm spinning over northern Mexico will produce rounds of severe thunderstorms across the south-central United States into Wednesday night.

The greatest threat from the weather pattern will be flooding rainfall.

However, some of the storms will produce damaging wind gusts, large hail and frequent lightning strikes. A small number of the storms can also produce a tornado.

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8 Syrians Caught Illegally Attempting to Cross Texas Border, White House Launches #RefugeesWelcome Campaign

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Contributed by The Daily Sheeple of

Breitbart is reporting that two agents with Customs and Border Protection apprehended eight Syrians in two “family units” attempting to cross into Texas on the Juarez Lincoln Bridge in Laredo, Texas, otherwise known officially as Port of Entry 1, on Monday, November 16th.

Border Patrol agent and National Border Patrol Council Local 2455 President Hector Garza told Breitbart Texas, “Border Patrol agents who we represent have been contacting our organization to voice concerns about reports from other agents that Syrians crossed the U.S. border from Mexico in the Laredo Sector. Our agents have heard about Syrians being apprehended in the area from other federal agents.”

A Syrian caught using someone else’s passport also tried to get into Texas back at the end of the September and was stopped.

The timing cannot be missed.

While more than half of the state governors across the U.S. have said they will not be accepting Syrian refugees, according to the Refugee Act of 1980, “President Obama has explicit statutory authorization to accept foreign refugees into the United States,” PBS reports.

Meanwhile, ISIS is issuing new threats against the U.S. and the White House has started the new hashtag #RefugeesWelcome.

This goes on and on… Looks like the governors are going to have a fight on their hands if they want to keep Syrian refugees out.

Screenshot 2015-11-19 at 8.18.30 AM

The French President has also vowed to welcome 30,000 Syrian refugees just as the nation’s Prime Minister warns that ISIS may stage a chemical/biological warfare attack against France.

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Thousands Of Syrian Refugees Being Resettled By Obama Could End Up In 48 Out Of 50 U.S. States

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The United States Of America At Night

By Michael Snyder – End Of The American Dream

Despite everything that just happened in France, on Sunday the Obama administration made it clear that it still plans to resettle at least 10,000 Syrian refugees in communities all over the United States within the next year.  Thanks to Obama, the U.S. has already been absorbing thousands of refugees from the Middle East each year, and as you will see below, just last week administration officials expressed a desire to “increase and accelerate” that process.  So far, the list of states that have received the most refugees includes Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.  But by the time it is all said and done, it is likely that Syrian refugees will end up in virtually every major city in the United States.  The U.S. State Department has established “refugee processing centers” in 48 different states, and you can view the entire list right here.  Considering what just took place in Paris, is this really a good idea?

In recent months, the massive influx of refugees into Europe has created a complete and utter nightmare.  Large numbers of refugees have gotten “lost”, violent crime is out of control in many of the areas where these refugees have been resettled, and nations that were once extremely peaceful such as Norway and Sweden are now dealing with an epidemic of rape.  For much, much more on the horror that Europe is now facing, please check out this excellent video.

And of course you have probably heard by now that at least one of the terrorists that carried out the attacks in Paris came into Europe “as a Syrian migrant”

One of the bombers who carried out the Paris terrorist attacks entered Europe as a Syrian migrant, according to foreign officials.

French authorities matched the remains of one of the suicide bombers from the Friday attacks to a Syrian passport that was used to apply for asylum in Europe, says Greek minister for citizen protection Nikos Toskas.

But even though ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks in France, Barack Obama doesn’t seem very alarmed.  And it was just last week that Obama stated that ISIS had been “contained”.  The following comes from the Hill

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Flu Shot Paralyzed Our Healthy Daughter, Heartbroken Parents Say

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Healthy 9-Year-Old Girl Gets Flu Shot, And Hours Later Is Paralyzed And Blind

Image source: GoFundMe

Nine-year old Breanna Browning is paralyzed and trapped in a hospital bed — and a routine flu shot apparently is to blame.

The Texas girl’s parents believe that a reaction to an influenza vaccine administered at her school is the cause of the paralysis and blindness that is destroying the previously healthy girl’s life.

“We know in our hearts this was the flu vaccine that made her ill,” Browning’s stepfather, Johnny Alexander, told Houston’s ABC 13 News.

Browning’s mom, Brenda Faulk, agreed.

“She was perfectly healthy,” Faulk said. “No symptoms, no sickness. Eight hours [after the shot] she was profusely vomiting and again Friday morning. Saturday, she was paralyzed from the waist down, blind and seemed like she had a seizure.”

Browning was jumping and playing in the sand just a few weeks ago but is now in a bed at Texas Children’s Hospital in Galveston following the Oct. 15 shot, the TV station said.

The fourth grader can no longer walk.

“This little girl was full of life and very active,” a GoFundMe website set up for her reads. “And just to think that a simple vaccination that is required did this to her. She remains positive and brave, to be child and not understanding what has happened to her.”

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Tests show that Breana contracted acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, or ADEM, a condition in which the brain and spinal cord become inflamed. ADEM can be caused by viral or bacterial infections, and also by reactions to some vaccinations, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). ADEM damages myelin, “the protective covering of nerve fibers,” according to NIH.

Breana will never completely recover from the condition, the GoFundMe page says, and her rehabilitation will take up to a year.

“There are some cases, very rare, that a flu shot has a more severe reaction and those reactions are minor in terms of the number of people who are going to get those,” Dr. Umair Shah, the executive director of Public Health and Environmental Services for Harris County, Texas, told ABC 13.

Browning’s family will need to buy an auto lift, a stair lift and a wheelchair for her. They will also need to pay medication and home healthcare.

“She’s in a place where we lean on God for her healing and to guide the doctors in the right direction,” her aunt, Yvette Ferrell, wrote on the GoFundMe page.

Do you believe vaccines can cause severe reactions such as this one? Share your thoughts in the section below:

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