CDC schedules briefing on how public can prepare for nuclear war. What you can do to Survive a Nuclear Blast

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The U.S. Government wants the public to be prepared for a nuclear attack. Find out what steps you need to start taking and how you can protect yourself in case of nuclear war. […]

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PrepperPsych 101: The Big Three for Avoiding Prepper Burnout

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PrepperPsych 101: The Big Three for Avoiding Prepper Burnout The subject of this article is so important. After Vegas, Houston and the wildfires of California, everyone is on high alert. 2017 would seem to be the year for the prepper. These are the easy times to prep. When the threats are close we can all …

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7 Surprising Prepping Statistics: Beyond the Numbers

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7 Surprising Prepping Statistics: Beyond the Numbers Statistics can tell us a lot about some things, and nothing is more mind boggling than prepping statistics. They can show just how little the average person prepares for any calamity in their life or if they can illustrate just how dangerous certain situations can be. I find …

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Defending Your Home Part 2!

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Defending Your Home Part 2! Micheal Kline “Reality Check” Audio player below! A famous line from a movie once quoted, “This is my house. I have to defend it.” Last week we all learned that we have behavior problems and that we need discipline. We discussed ideas for Light, Sound, Smell, Sanitation, and Appearance discipline. In … Continue reading Defending Your Home Part 2!

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Dangerous Threats You Haven’t Thought To Prepare For

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Dangerous Threats You Haven’t Thought To Prepare For For a person who is preparing for the basics of preparedness this article takes you down a path of the more terrifying threats we face. What are you truly preparing for. Though we all want to hit as many buckets with our preps as possible I think …

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6 Key Things to Do Before, During, and After a Terrorist Attack

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terror attack survivalThey say evil never rests and as we’ve discovered here in the U.S., evil at the hands of terrorists has become more common. We’ve been told by our “betters” that this is the “new normal”, and that we must accept it. So, if our leaders are willing to foist this “new normal” on us, then it behooves us each to learn as much as we can about the tactics of terrorists and how to respond in a way that could save lives. Terror attack survival is no longer reserved for citizens of hot spots like Israel.

A terror attack can take many different forms, and that’s the main reason preparing is difficult. After all, with the randomness, say a lone individual stabbing a complete stranger waiting in line at a Burger King, what do you do, other than wearing a stab vest everywhere? Recent attacks on pedestrians using a truck makes me wary of attending public events.

However, it’s completely possible that future terror attacks will be of an even more lethal variety, with far-reaching consequences and fatalities.

In the case of a CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear or Explosive device) event, preparing for and responding to these is a challenge, since it depends on the type and size of weapon or device used, weather conditions, and the target (high-rise, mall, school, sporting event, city, etc) among other things.  However, there are a few key things you can do that could potentially save your life.

  • Watch & listen — Sounds simple and it is. Start making a habit of being aware of your surroundings. You don’t have to be paranoid or obvious ~ just make a mental note of the EXITS when you go to places. Also watch for suspicious activities and anything that is out of place, like someone wearing a heavy coat on a hot day or unattended bags and packages. Situational awareness can be both taught and learned. Begin using the strategies in this article in order to develop this skill.
  • Learn where to go — Find out in advance where you could shelter-in-place at the common places you go (e.g. home, office, school, mall, etc). Most city and county web sites list emergency shelters online or it’s available upon request, then use Mapquest or Google maps to locate ones closest to you. Ask your employer, schools, and other facility officials what their evacuation and sheltering plans are. Then choose a room in your home or building where you could hunker down with supplies and a radio for several hours or days if needed. If you are normally out and about a good deal of the day, then think about the homes of friends, relatives, acquaintances and buildings like churches and any organizations you have a connection with. Call these your “safe houses”. Mark them on maps for your loved ones, memorize addresses and directions, and take shelter there when/if you need to. For more details about safe houses, read this.
  • Get KI, KFM kits and dosimeters. — These are VERY worthy investments in the event of a nuclear incident.
    • KI (potassium iodide) basically fills up the thyroid with good iodine so your body doesn’t absorb the radioactive iodine. Children (including unborn babies) are most susceptible since their thyroids are so active. KI can be purchased inexpensively from Amazon. From the CDC, here are the correct and most currently recommended dosages:
      • Newborns from birth to 1 month of age should be given 16 mg (¼ of a 65 mg tablet or ¼ mL of solution). This dose is for both nursing and non-nursing newborn infants.
      • Infants and children between 1 month and 3 years of age should take 32 mg (½ of a 65 mg tablet OR ½ mL of solution). This dose is for both nursing and non-nursing infants and children.
      • Children between 3 and 18 years of age should take 65 mg (one 65 mg tablet OR 1 mL of solution). Children who are adult size (greater than or equal to 150 pounds) should take the full adult dose, regardless of their age.
      • Adults should take 130 mg (one 130 mg tablet OR two 65 mg tablets OR two mL of solution).
      • Women who are breastfeeding should take the adult dose of 130 mg.
  • KFM kits (Kearny Fallout Meter) measure radiation more accurately than most instruments since they’re charged electrostatically. Free plans are available online or can be purchased as a kit ($45-$75).
  • Dosimeters are pen-like devices you can wear that measure the total dose or accumulated exposure to radiation as you move around ($45-$65 – needs a charger, too). You cannot see, feel, taste or smell radiation so detection devices are extremely important.
  • Expedient shelter — Nuclear fallout is deadly and you may only have a few moments to protect yourself since it starts falling minutes after a blast so learn how to make an “expedient shelter”. Taking shelter underground with shielding is best since it reduces exposure by 90%, but if you don’t have that option:
    • Find a spot away from windows in the center of home or building. Note: if the rooftop of a building next to you is on that same floor, move one floor up or down since radioactive fallout would accumulate on rooftops. Avoid the first floor (if possible) since fallout will pile up on the ground outside.
    • Set up a large, sturdy workbench or table in location you’ve chosen. If no table, make one by putting doors on top of boxes, appliances or furniture.
    • Put as much shielding (e.g. furniture, file cabinets, appliances, boxes or pillowcases filled with dirt or sand, boxes of food, water or books, concrete blocks, bricks, etc.) all around sides and on top of table, but don’t put too much weight on tabletop or it could collapse. Add reinforcing supports, if needed.
    • Leave a crawl space so everyone can get inside and block opening with shielding materials.
    • Leave 2 small air spaces for ventilation (about 4-6″ each) – one low at one end and one high at other end. (This allows for better airflow since warm air rises.)
    • Have water, detection devices, radio, food and sanitation supplies in case you have to shelter for days or weeks.

After 7 hours, radiation levels drop tenfold, and if you stay put at least 2 days you’ve greatly improved your chances for survival. After 2 weeks, radiation levels will be very low. Time, distance, and shielding are critical components of surviving any type of nuclear attack or accident. (Note: Radiological incidents using an RDD or dirty bomb would not be as devastating or deadly since they use low-level radiation. The blast would probably cause more injuries and panic then the radiation.)

  • If you’re trapped — If you get trapped or buried in rubble from an explosive device (or natural disaster for that matter), try not to panic. Cover your mouth with a piece of clothing to help filter the dust. Do NOT use a cigarette lighter for any reason since there could be gas leaks! Tap on a pipe or wall so rescuers can hear you. (Yelling may cause you to inhale a lot of dust.)
  • Avoid crowds — During or after an incident stay away from large gatherings or crowds since they may be targets for subsequent attacks of one sort or another.

Again, this just barely scratches the surface on this topic, but doing some of these things could potentially help with your survival. We all should learn what to do during many types of disasters and emergencies and share the data with family members, especially our kids and grandkids. Knowledge is power. You may never need any of these steps or items listed here, but it never hurts to prepare for the unexpected.

Janet Liebsch, co-author of It’s a Disaster, contributed to this article.

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Islamic Threat Inside Australia.

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Right now I think our own Corporate Government is more of a threat to us than Islam, but the Islamic threat does exist. But instead of meeting this threat head on and banishing offenders back to their own country, the Australian government uses this threat to impose more restrictions on Australian citizen’s rights and freedoms!!!

Invasion of the Pests!

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Invasion of the Pests! James Walton “I Am Liberty” Audio in player below! There are lots of terrifying scenarios that come to mind when you mention a post-apocalyptic scenario. Most of this is based on the vicious behavior of the human animal. When we talk about home invasion, riots and murder these are all threats … Continue reading Invasion of the Pests!

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The Threats We Face!

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The Threats We Face! Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty” Audio in player below! The threats that face the average American family are many. They are part of a list that seems to be ever growing. Outside of the very real social and environmental risks there are true physical threats to our family. These threats … Continue reading The Threats We Face!

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7 Reasons to Keep Prepping Because Donald Trump is President

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prepping-trump-presidentI well remember the election of 2008. It came at the beginning of the crash of the housing bubble, which affected my family business in a big way. With a President Obama on the horizon and the economy going down the tubes, I felt very uncertain about the future. So, my wife and I became preppers, and it was a smart move.

Now I’m hearing of prepper-minded folks who think they can relax their prepping because Donald Trump has been elected President.

Like Obama when he was elected, Trump doesn’t have much of a record when it comes to actual governing but he speaks with confidence about making America great again. I guess that’s enough to convince a lot of people that the “good old days” are here again and they can put away their bug out bags and freeze dried food.

Me? I’m not so sure, and I’ll keep prepping, thank you very much. I’ve given this some thought and here are the reasons my family and I will continue on as preppers.

  1. S finds a way of hitting the fan in our personal lives, no matter who the President is. Whether it’s a job loss, devastating family illness or injury, or a house fire, it pays to plan ahead and prep for those kinds of events. Not ready for these types of events, this is the best overall family prepping book I’ve read.
  2. Natural disasters and extreme weather events will continue to happen. Right now, the story in the news is wildfires, something this blog has covered in dept in articles like this one.
  3. There are world events that no President can prevent. This what concerns me the most. There are too many wild cards out there. Belligerent countries, such as Iran, have become stronger and more confident in their boldness toward the U.S., and I’m not so sure they’ll back down easily just because another man sits in the Oval Office. I can’t remember a time when the Middle East was so unstable. Right now, it’s a powder keg that, I believe, has been lit. It’s a matter of time, maybe just months, before we see the explosion.
  4. A massive financial crisis looms and Trump has inherited it, and there’s no way of knowing how he will manage the coming crash. Mind-boggling debt cannot continue piling up forever. I worry for the future of my kids and the huge tax burden they’ll assume when they become adults. There’s no way to avoid it.
  5. The world balance of power has changed since 2008. China and Russia have been flexing their muscles, looking to expand their influence and borders. China has actually built artificial islands in order to establish military buildings and airstrips. Sounds like they may have long-term, aggressive plans for the region. The balance of power that existed for so many decades has changed and the world stage is very unstable.
  6. America has radically changed since 2008. The country is more divided than I have ever seen in my 4 decades here on earth. Black Lives Matter isn’t going away any time soon but will continue to cherry pick events they can exploit for the purpose of stirring up rage. The country is racially divided, perhaps beyond reconciliation. Hordes of immigrants have overcome our education system and stretched the limits of our country’s social services. Nothing good can come of a nation that is so fractured within.
  7. It seems that Trump’s political foes aren’t going to accept and move on. I fully expected the riots that followed the election and there’s more to come. At some point, growing civil unrest will affect many of us in ways we can’t yet imagine. Also, it seems there is a movement to upend our political process with pressure to remove the electoral college system and change long-standing process and rules. Wherever there is instability, chaos is the result.

I’m very interested to watch the Trump Presidency unfold. In a way, it’s exciting to see someone in office who has never been a politician, a group of people I hold in complete contempt, as they do me, coincidentally.

There you have it. My 7 reasons for prepping in spite of Trump being elected. I’m not going to sit back and assume that with this new President all my worries for the future were for naught. If anything, the future is more precarious and dangerous than ever.

Your thoughts?


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The Coming Social Unrest: Violence, Unrest, and Chaos after Election Day?

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When people start rioting and committing acts of violence at political rallies, violently attacking people over their political views, and firebombing campaign centers, it’s time to be ready for anything… […]

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Opinion: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of a healthy future…plus, PODCAST!

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14046128_10153637470286268_6038572892736391891_nUpdate: In case you don’t know, I’m going under the knife next week. T minus 2 workdays until *New Knee Day*… As before, the pain level escalates. Had to use the cane today at work, and had to explain to most coworkers why the cane…because my meds are not helping with pain management, since I’m […]

How to Avoid Thermal Imaging Devices

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Avoid Thermal Imaging Devices

A warm body can be detected by the infrared (IR) heat that it gives off with thermal imaging equipment, and provides a difficult challenge to someone or something wishing to avoid detection. You may be camouflaged in the best concealment there is, but you may be highly visible to thermal imaging from someone with a IR scope on the ground or that drone flying overhead. This goes the same for any warm or hot equipment that you might wish to conceal.

What is infrared? It is light not visible to the human eye; electromagnetic radiation with longer wavelengths than visible light, extending from the red edge of the visible spectrum. If you could see the waves, the wavelength would literally be only 0.00074 to 0.3 millimeters, or 0.00004 inches to 0.01 inches. Humans at normal body temperature radiate chiefly at wavelengths around 0.01 millimeters, or 0.0004 inches… right in the infrared.

There is no absolute certain way to defeat infrared, but there are some techniques that make detection more difficult.

One of the most effective methods to block IR is to conceal behind glass. Glass is opaque to thermal imaging. It is not a practical solution, though, due to the obvious impracticality of carrying around a pane of glass, or constructing your walls and ceiling out of glass.

A simpler and still effective method to block IR is an ordinary ‘space blanket’ or thermal blanket of Mylar foil. The foil will block the IR heat signature behind it. A problem, though, is that whatever it is that you are attempting to conceal, its heat will either build up inside to an unbearable degree or it will escape ‘somewhere’, which will then be visible to IR imagers. Concealment, for the most part, will be temporary without elaborate mechanisms to disperse the heat signature.

For a quick temporary method of IR concealment, throw a blanket over yourself. A thick woolen blanket will help defeat thermal imaging. Covering with a layer of insulation, the heat is blocked (or partially blocked) so that it doesn’t radiate. This is only temporary concealment as the heat builds beneath the blanket, but it may work long enough to conceal during a quick TI scan or Drone flyover.

Other methods of partially hiding from IR is to conceal by blending in with other warm objects like stones or thick walls that may still be holding the heat from the day. The vents in buildings may be out-flowing warm air — a source of heat that can help obscure your own thermal outline. You get the idea. Wherever there is existing natural or man-made heat, you can blend in with that to help conceal your presence to an IR or thermal imager.

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Another strategy is to wear an insulated jacket, insulated pants, and a hat. It won’t be 100%, but it will help lessen the heat signature. Again, the heat will build and escape through the neck openings and face. You could cover your face with cool mud, which will work temporarily. It’s all pretty much common sense:

  • Reduce
  • Disperse
  • Cover the sources of heat.

This type of netting will help somewhat, but the holes throughout the webbing of the net will reveal some of the thermal IR heat. Netting will help to disperse the heat that may be underneath it as the airflow will be broken up somewhat by the webbing and will hide or smear hot spots better than having no cover at all. The heat signature will not be as intense, but spread out more. An example may be to cover a vehicle that has been running with netting, or to wear a Ghillie suit.

Put trees and/or brush between you and the suspected IR imager. Trees overhead will help break up the infrared signature, especially under a heavy canopy of leaves.

A moving heat signature at night is quicker to identify than a stationary one (up to a point). Avoid open spaces and skylines by day or night, and keep in mind that thermal imaging does not perform well in falling rain.

When you are hiding your heat signature with a Mylar space blanket or by other means, under certain conditions, your signature may look ‘too cold’ to an IR scan of the area (an extra dark outline, or a ‘black hole’), which may make you detectable. Surely this is better than otherwise, but keep in mind that the objective is to blend in with the thermal clutter of the surroundings.

The problem with most IR cloaking methods, whether IR clothing or netting designed to block IR, is that it will also block the background IR – creating a black hole of varying degrees. Ideally you would want something that cloaks or blends your IR signature such that the background scatter at your location is what the observer sees.

We are entering the age of the Drones, and there are all sorts of levels of detection capabilities, but to avoid beind detected, starting with the basics of ordinary IR heat signature, is at least a start.

This excellent article on thermal imaging was sent to me by a friend.  I have doubled checked the information with a couple of other sources and have found it to be good.


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Human Nature: The most dangerous survival lesson of all

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Human Nature- Dangerous LessonI grew up and spent a good deal of time with petty criminals, a handful of whom had a dangerous human nature. Maybe that doesn’t say much for me, or maybe it does, because it quickly hit home with me that I preferred being a law-abiding citizen rather than a law-breaker. For any number of reasons, the law enforcement career I had planned on just didn’t happen, but over the years, I’ve spent more time learning about and observing criminals than most civilians.

It’s been eye-opening, to say the least. As a psychology major, I was able to learn even more about how the criminal mind works, as explained in this excellent book by a former FBI profiler.

The other day, my wife mentioned a Facebook article she had read and said it had really hit home what we could be facing as the fabric of our society continues to break down. The author, Greg Ellifritz, is a veteran police officer and tactical trainer for his central Ohio agency. He knows more than a thing or two about the criminal mind. He writes:

Our thief today is homeless. He’s 32 years old and overweight. He’s a regular consumer of crack cocaine. He has no job and no place to live. He sometimes stays at friends’ apartments, but his permanent address is a local homeless shelter. The sum total of his possessions consisted of a change of clothes, a broken phone, and less than $4 cash.

When I asked the man why he stole the bike, his comment was enlightening:

“I took it because I have the chance to stay at my friend’s place tonight instead of the shelter. My friend lives in (the next town over) and it would be about a four hour walk to get there. It rained all day yesterday and it looks like it’s going to rain some more today. I just didn’t want to spend four hours walking in the fucking rain and getting soaking wet again. I figured a bike would be faster.”

He continued by saying: “I knew it was wrong to steal the bike, but I just don’t care. I didn’t want to get wet no more. I saw an opportunity and I took it. I’d do the same thing all over again if I got the chance. Biking is just faster than walking.”

A petty crime, important to no one, really, except the owner of the bicycle. The point that Greg is trying to hit home, though, is how criminals never give a thought to the person whose life is affected by their actions. If they see something they want and you own it, you become just an obstacle in their way. They may violently push you aside, if you’re lucky, or kill you. What they want at that moment is more importat than your life will ever be, to them.

Greg goes on to explain:

This is what most folks don’t understand about serious criminals. The fact that the victim of the crime would be affected in a negative manner is not even an afterthought. Your feelings and concerns mean absolutely NOTHING to the criminal. He doesn’t care if you live or die, let alone how “inconvenienced” you will be if he takes all of your stuff or beats you within an inch of your life. If you literally had ZERO concern about the well being of your neighbors and fellow humans, what kind of atrocities would you be capable of committing? That’s something that few people consider.

Unfortunately, the majority of the hard core criminals I encounter feel the same way. You are literally nothing more than an obstacle they must overcome to achieve their goal. Most of the serious criminals out there think you and I are merely pawns on the chessboard of life. They will destroy everything you know and love if it means that they will benefit in the wake of the destruction. You are completely expendable in their eyes.

Recognize that. Recognize also that we aren’t going to be able to “fix” many of these criminals. They are out there among us every day and can’t be avoided.

This worries me when I consider TEOTWAWKI type scenarios, because during those days, months, or perhaps years, there may be no law enforcement at all. Some people like to use the acronym WROL, Without Rule of Law, to describe such a world. Those who have criminal impulses, maybe even instincts, but have been held back because they fear arrest and prison, won’t have those restraints anymore.

Today we mostly have to worry about a relatively small number of criminals, some petty, some hardened. We can add a security system to our homes, be constantly aware of our surroundings, teach our kids situational awareness and self-defense — but what if, someday in the not too distant future, ordinary Americans join these ranks because their families are starving, and they have lost absolutely everything? Might you become expendable in their eyes?

This is a depressing scenario to think about, much less discuss, because most of us want to believe that during hard times, like the Great Depression, most people will rise to the occasion and nobly help their fellow man. One of my favorite books about that era tells real life stories of a people who gave selflessly, were optimistic, and banded together to endure har times.

Based on current trends, I don’t think we live in that country anymore, except for specific, isolated areas. Even a greater level of danger when you consider who has crossed into America — members of ISIS? Members of the most violent gangs in South America? Hardened drug criminals from Mexico? No one really knows.

Greg did provide a very small ray of hope with a few suggestions for avoiding becoming a victim to criminals of all types:

  1. Harden anything the criminal might target. Put a fence around it, post a home security system sign, do anything to cause a criminal to think that the risk isn’t worth it.
  2. Make all targets appear undesirable. Maybe having the fanciest looking house in the neighborhood wasn’t such a good idea. When we bought our current house, what I liked about it was that it’s a one-story, surrounded by very nice looking two-story houses. It’s set back from the road a way and is painted in muted colors. That doesn’t mean we’ll never be targeted, but honestly, from the outside, we sure don’t look all that attractive to thieves.
  3. At a personal level, make yourself look undesirable as a target. Make eye contact. Walk with a strong, confident stride. NO electronics when you’re out in public. No flashy jewelry or expensive looking clothes. Getting killed for a pair of expensive Nikes just isn’t worth it.

We need to teach our kids these practices as well. I have one kid who has been a “gray man” since she hit 8 or 9 years of age and another one who loves the flashy lifestyle and impressing people with cool clothes and electronics. We use stories in the news and that we hear about from other families to gently explain to our kids how to avoid becoming a victim. I’ve also used the example I read a while back in this article to teach my kids to identify potential predators.

Above all, acknowledge that evil exists. I don’t worry too much about hurting someone’s feeling by recognizing what they do is evil and some people are just evil to the core. It’s normalcy bias, as explained in this article, that tries to convince us a certain person, group, or event is just fine in spite of our gut saying that it’s not.

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Rio Social Threats & The Pick List!

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Rio Social Threats & The Pick List! Josh “The 7P’s of Survival” This week on the 7 P’s of Survival Show we will have two topics for discussion. 1) The Rio Summer Olympics and the security, economic, medical and social threats that could lead to disruptions and even a potential terrorist attack. 2) What I … Continue reading Rio Social Threats & The Pick List!

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Another Example of a Terrorist Attack and What you Need to Do

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terrorist attackLast night as I watched the news on the sickening terrorist attack in France, I thought about how easy it is to commit such a despicable act, by using something as available as a truck.  According to the news the only actual firearm the terrorist possessed was a 7.65 caliber handgun, the rifles and grenades were fake.  I doubt that he had a chance to fire the handgun while driving a large truck under these conditions.

This is an example of how to commit a terrorist action without the use of firearms or explosives.  This act and others show that it is possible to get firearms or explosives even in a country with strict controls.  The driver had a firearm.

From the bullet holes in the windshield of the truck you can tell that this situation was ended by a good guy with a gun.  Every other day it seems some politician is screaming for more gun control.  They think that disarming the law abiding people will prevent crime and terrorism.

As a former law enforcement official and the assistant chief of a state agency, I can tell you that gun control does not work.  In the most controlled environment that I know of the prison system, firearms, explosives and other weapons are available.

The only way to stop the terrorist acts is with prevention, punishment and border controls.  Why let people who want to kill you or destroy your way of life into the country.

Some tips to help you avoid a terrorist attack

Under the current situation you have take responsibility for your own protection.  Here are some links to some posts that will provide you with information to help you protect yourself.

Now most of the suggestions in the above links are foreign to most people in this country.  They will take some getting used to but they may keep you alive.   Read them, teach them to your children and follow them.


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Beware of Scams That are Aimed at Preppers

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scamsThe other day I received a phone call from someone claiming to be from the IRS, warning me that the IRS was about to file a lawsuit against me for back taxes and of cause they wanted money.  Two things immediately clicked, one I knew that the IRS would not contact you in this manner.  They always contact by mail.  Second, I knew that my taxes were paid.  So I laughed at them hung up and reported their phone number to the authorities.  Now this got me to thinking about various scams that I see being spread around the internet aimed at preppers.

Now if you are like most of us, you don’t have a lot of money to waste, plus you have worked hard for what you have.  Because you are a prepper, you want to stockpile the necessary food and other supplies that you need.  This can get expensive very quickly and you only have a limited budget, so you can’t afford to waste money on scams.

New products and services for preppers are appearing on the market almost everyday.  Many of these products are produced by snake oil salesmen and are designed primarily to separate you from your money.  Here are some examples.

Food – Beware of new food companies that don’t have a good long track records.  Many of the new products appearing on the market are not properly package. They contain too high a percentage of oxygen.  I have seen food packages that claim to be a 3, 6 month or even a year’s supply that look good at first glance.  Then you take a look at how many calories they are providing and you find out that there is only 600 calories a day.  This food package is merely slow starvation.  When you compare food products, be sure and check the size of the servings.  Many companies sell packages that make it sound like you get a large amount of serving, but when you look at the small print, you find that they are only ¼ cup servings.  Count calories not servings.  You need at least 2000 calories a day.

Water filters – stay with well-established companies. There are new filters coming on the market all the time.  If you are interested in them make sure that you check to see exactly what their filter will do.  Personally, I recommend that you stay with companies that have been around for at least 10 years or so.

Books, tapes and other information packages.  I constantly see people who claim to be ex special something or former CIA agents selling expensive secret information packages that are suppose to teach you how to survive everything.  Don’t fall for one of these.  There are good books for sale at reasonable prices and tons of free information on the internet.

Medicines – I personally feel that there is a lot of validity in herbal medicine and I use it myself.  But don’t take everything you read on the internet as the truth.  Study and find out for yourself, find real experts not someone who suddenly appeared on the internet with wild claims.

Solar power – Learn about it before you buy, there are a number of products that I would not trust that are currently on the market.  Check and see where they are manufactured.

There are always going to be new and better ideas coming out and some of them really are better.  But a percentage will always be scams, take your time and learn about products before you buy.

Don’t waste your hard-earned money on scams. There are a number of patriots  for money, out there on the internet.  Remember if it sounds too good to be true, it is.




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Surveillance Cameras, the Government and You, Nothing is Private

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surveillance camerasIt seems like almost everywhere I go I see surveillance cameras.  They show up in the strangest places even on back roads in the backcountry.  Cameras are mounted on telephone poles temporarily to watch for potential arsonists.  They move them around to cover areas in which they are having suspicious fires.

Cameras are located all over in the cities, mounted on stores, overpasses, light poles and many other locations. You never know who or what are monitoring the cameras.  The reason I say what is explained in the following paragraph, sent me by a friend.

surveillance cameras

These are the easy ones to spot.

“Increasingly, smart surveillance cameras are monitoring public places in search of suspicious cues, a high-tech version of “if you see something, say something.”  By reviewing massive volumes of ordinary surveillance tape, algorithms can “learn” what type of behavior is typical right before a crime or terrorist attack is committed – like a person suddenly breaking into a run or abandoning a suitcase on a subway platform – and alert authorities. Esther Hovers, a photographer, captures some examples of the seemingly deviant behavior that these cameras pick up in a photo exhibition called “False Positives.”  These photographs, which Hovers took in Brussels, the de facto capital of Europe, are montages, partially natural and partially staged, which Hovers created by combining images from several minutes of video… (To readers develop a better sense of what some call situational awareness, I have long encouraged them to take note of those things that depart from normal patterns. I found this article to be a good exercise for such recognition.)”

Take a look at the pictures in the  attached link and see if you can spot what the government considers suspicious behavior. You will be surprised. I have included two links, because some of you may have a problem with the one from the Washington Post.

Now that you have an idea of what the government is looking for, you now have more information that will help you to avoid the government’s radar and stay a grey man.



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Indicators of Terrorism to Watch For and How to Respond

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terrorismThe following is information a friend put together using materials from the Terrorism Awareness Module that is used in Cert (Civilian Emergency Response) Training.  These guidelines can help us spot possible terrorist attacks and keep our families and others safe.  I remember that when we did searches of building, the most helpful people were the janitors and maintenance people; they knew what belonged and what didn’t.  The same thing applies to areas you are familiar with; you know what is out of place or is doesn’t belong.  If you see something strange, don’t be afraid to report it.  You may prevent a terrorist attack.


Threat Awareness and Personal Protective Measures

For the Civilian Population In The Event of Terrorism



  • Purchase, or attempted illegal access to facility blue prints
  • Rental trucks with hazardous cargo placards parked in non-industrial settings or moving outside usual trucking routes.
  • Any truck left unattended and where the driver cannot be located.
  • Any unattended passenger vehicle or van with apparent heavy load
  • Theft of explosives, blasting caps or fuses, propane tanks, rental of self-storage space
  • Delivery of chemicals directly to a storage facility
  • Rental, theft or purchase of a truck or van having large carrying capacity
  • Modification of a truck or van for carrying heavier loads…
  • Unusual electrical components, wires or batteries which appear out of place
  • Unusual plastic tubing, bottles, aerosol containers, gas cylinders, particularly if near HVAC return air intake.
  • Any pipe with end caps in place. Any vehicles parked in unusual locations.
  • Walk-in patients with chemical burns, or anyone with untreated chemical burns
  • ER patients with recent traumatic amputation of fingers or hands

Suspicious Package PRIMARY INDICATORS:

  • Things that do not belong to anyone present: Packages, bags, briefcases, luggage
  • Delivered by unknown service / person
  • Unusual location, not normal, out of place
  • Just “appears”, item neither expected nor requested, listed sender did not mail or ship
  • Postmark doesn’t match return address, any parcel not delivered by a usual method
  • Hand-written labels, Poor penmanship, misspellings, Excessive tape, protrusions
  • Merely “looks odd,” trust your intuition! Too much postage, particularly stamps
  • Stiff or thick envelope over 1/4” or 2 ounces. Handle note or envelope as little as possible to preserve evidence.
  • “Bulging” or misshapen containers, capped containers with muddy liquid, or textile wick
  • Releasing vapors, odors, “hissing” ! If suspicious item leaks liquid / powder call 911!
  • Treat as chemical-biological-radiological threat, If package or box, isolate, evacuate the area.

WMDs are hazardous materials:

B-NICE = Biological, Nuclear, Incendiary, Chemical, Explosive 

Important indicators and clues:

  • Small explosions, Presence of spray devices,
  • Dead insects, birds, animals,
  • Similar symptoms appearing in many individuals.


Accompanied by fire, smoke or unusual odors, unusual colored smoke

  • Don’t touch anything, EVACUATE!
  • Warn others to get away and stay away
  • ASSIST others to EVACUATE the area, in an orderly manner.

IF you have an EXTINGUISHER and are TRAINED to use it,


  • The fire is SMALL and CONTAINED (NOT spreading)
  • EXIT IS CLEAR, and there is no imminent peril
  • You can you fight fire with your back to an exit!
  • You can stay low and avoid smoke
  • Use “Buddy System” – have someone back you up!
  • 911 has been called and building evacuation is underway



  • Minimize the TIME exposed to the threat
  • Put DISTANCE between you and the threat

Use terrain features or solid objects as shielding, below grade depressions in terrain, curb and gutter, drainage ditches.  If evacuating INSIDE a structure go to farthermost lateral point at least several floors below the device.

You want between you and the threat minimum of 8 inches of solid masonry, concrete, stone walls, structural steel pillars.  Face down behind cover, protect head with arms covering ears, mouth open.

Plaster walls, furniture or automobiles are concealment only and are not bullet proof /blast proof.

Avoid building evacuation assembly areas within 300 ft. of building near windows, or any overhead glass.

Get at least 300 ft. away or two vertical floors below from hand carried devices if you have shielding, 1000 ft. minimum for a backpack or suitcase sized device in the open.  If any vehicle bomb is suspected don’t stop at 1000 ft. get “as far away as possible.”  Avoid areas with flammable / hazardous materials storage. 

Only then perform SIZE UP and REPORT as you can from a safe distance. 

  • REPORT the incident to 911 by landline, if possible!
  • WRITE down location, time, license plate numbers, descriptions of any observations while your memory is fresh
  • DO NOT use cell phone or 2-way radio as may trigger secondary device, if present.

What to tell the 911 Operator?

  • LOCATION FIRST! Where are you now?
  • Where did it happen?
  • What happened (best as you can determine)
  • Number and types of known injuries
  • What is happening now?
  • Who you are, and how you can be reached to give your statement to investigators
  • INFORM call taker where you are, how to reach you. Follow all instructions of public safety personnel

What if you are contaminated?

Use basic decontamination procedures:

  • Remove everything, including jewelry
  • Cut off clothing normally removed over the head
  • Wash your hands before using them to shower
  • Flush entire body with cool water
  • Blot dry with absorbent cloth
  • Put on clean clothes
  • Report to responders for thorough decontamination, medical assessment and treatment.

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12 Ways to Protect Your Family Against a Terrorist Attack

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terrorist attackMany years ago when I attended the FBI Hazardous Device School at Huntsville Alabama, I came away with one idea, that when you were working with explosives you needed to always play the odds.  In other words, you always needed to take as few chances as possible.  The same applies to a terrorist attack.  Always try to keep the odds on your side.

 Protect yourself and your family from a terrorist attack

  1. Pay attention to what and who is around you. Be aware of your surroundings.  For example if I am sitting in a restaurant I always sit where I can see the doors.
  2. Always know where the exits are. Whenever I sit down in a restaurant or other public building, I always look for the quickest and easiest ways out.  If I am staying in a hotel, I will count the number of doors to the nearest exit stairs, in case I have to crawl because of smoke and lack of visibility.  This can make the difference between you being found dead in in an empty room or closet or getting out alive.
  3. If I am out in public, I avoid crowds or stay near the edge in a position to leave quickly if something were to happen.
  4. If I see a disturbance, I head the other way. There is no need to be sucked into something because you are curious.  Terrorists may stage an incident to cause a crowd to gather.
  5. If I am at a store and I see someone coming dressed in a manner that attracts my attention, I head in another direction. An example could be bulky, heavy cloths on a hot day.  The same thing applies to vehicles that are in strange places or illegally parked
  6. I try to always park in well-lit places that are in the open. I want to be able to see who is around.
  7. Trust your intuitionIf something makes you uneasy, trust your instinct.  Your subconscious may have picked up subtle clues that you can’t quite put your finger on, but are real.
  8. If you can legally carry a concealed weapon, do it. And don’t forget to train and practice often.
  9. Act decisively if you are a victim of a terrorist attack. Don’t hesitate or wait for instructions.  Get away from the attackers.  If you hear unexplained loud noises take cover, better to look a little silly that end up dead.
  10. Stay away from likely targets. With the current threats from ISIS and the possibility of a lone wolf terrorist attack, I would avoid venues that are likely to be targets.
  11. If all else fails and you have no other choice, fight, fight dirty and use any improvised weapon you can get your hands on.
  12. Always have a meeting place for your family and a message phone that is a substantial distance away. Often long distance calls or texts will go through when local calls will not.

Fortunately, for me most of these rules come naturally, I don’t like crowds or large groups and by nature I am suspicious.  I realize that for some people following rules like these are hard.  But take the time to talk to your families, in particular your children and teach them what they need to do to survive a terrorist attack.



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Is There Such a Thing as Overreacting To a Threat or Perceived Threat?

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Los Angeles closed all of their schools, leaving some 640,000 kids without a classroom. The threat was real according to experts, so real, in fact, they took the unprecedented step of cancelling classes for the entire district.

Crying wolf to many times may cause some people to ignore the threat, write it off as another false alert. The government up to this point doesn’t seem to know what the threat is let alone deal with it, so can we believe them when they say it is a credible threat, dare we ignore them.

Maybe that is what the enemy wants us to do however. We have to be careful. It is hard to envision that terrorists would warn anyone of an attack, but tactics change, and we all have to be aware that what was normal yesterday, may not be considered the norm today.

Communities cannot ignore any credible threats, and therein lies the rub. What is credible, who gets to decide, and just how far should we go to counter the threat or to protect the community, when warned of a possible attack.

We expend resources, upend communities for hours or days at a time, and nothing happens, a hoax, a crank call, akin to some kid pulling the fire alarm at school so they don’t have to take the math test. Watch the scared people run, watch them huddle together, watch them gather and grab their cell phones to spread the fear even more.

Parents feel their hearts in their throats when they get a text alert or hear on the news that their children’s school is locked down or closed due to a credible terrorist threat. This is the very definition of terrorism. Terrorist will instill fear, sow discontent, and confusion, and then let people’s imagination do the rest of the work for them.

Keep Us off Guard

Send threats, and then gauge the response, so the enemy can then adjust their tactics based on how law enforcement responds to various scenarios, scenarios that the terrorist control. They are testing us, and we will never know when the threat is real or when it is a hoax and they want it that way.

This country has found itself in a defensive posture. Forced to defend a position, we can’t move toward the enemy and neutralize the threat, because we are too focused on holding what ground we have.

What Can We Do What Can You Do

Frankly, at this point as an average citizen, we can only react. We rush to school to get our kids before the bombs go off. We listen to the experts. We hear the phrase repeatedly “out of an abundance of caution”.

We react, and always after the fact. The second largest school district in the country brought to its knees by a single email, a worded threat, unspecific, and yet the implications are clear. Your kids are not safe, your staff and educators are not safe, and the parents that rush in to grab their children are not safe.

A simple email now means that at any time, they can bring a city to its knees without firing a shot. This is just the beginning however. There will be shots, there will be explosions, and they will come when we least expect it, because already the LA school district is being criticized for what they did, and so next time a school district, a town, or a city will hesitate, and that is when the shots will ring out and when the bombs go off.

We could fill page after page of recommendations about what you can do, and should do, but it will not do any good. It will not do any good, because we really don’t know what to do. We only know something must be done. We as humans are designed to be thinkers, to work out the problem on paper, on slate, and we carve the questions and answers into rock, and yet the problem still exists.

Learn how to shoot a firearm and carry it wherever it is legal. Doing nothing is not an option. You will always run towards your children if they are in danger, and when you have to, at least run toward danger with some way of defending your children, yourself and your community.

We have stated it before and we will state it again. The police only show up after the shooting starts. They are not your personal security force. They are sanctioned to enforce the laws. They are not your bodyguards, they will show up, but who will be there first besides the shooters. Will you be there with a way to defend your children and yourself?

Will you stop waiting for others to step up, who out there will grasp the reality. Understand that the country we live in today has changed. It is time we all adapt to the new normal.

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Vehicle lights and Avoiding Surveillance

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vehicle lights

Turn off your dome lights and don’t forget the dash lights

During my years as an arson investigator, I had the chance to do a fair amount of surveillance and sneaking around. Most people were fairly easy to follow and did not pay attention to what went on around them. Now whether you are following someone or are trying to avoid being seen, there is one change we should all consider making to our vehicle lights in case of TEOTWAWKI.  That is retake control of the lights in our vehicle.

For example, dome lights that come on automatically every time you open the door.  You want to be able to enter or leave your car without the entire neighborhood seeing the vehicle lights go on.  The first thing we figured out for any vehicle that was used for surveillance was how to enter or leave the vehicle without the lights coming on.  Many times this made the difference between a successful or a failed surveillance.

Don’t forget the headlights, on today’s cars many of them come on as soon as you start the car, day or night.  You may want to take a look at developing the ability to bypass this system.  In many cars it can be done as simply as removing a fuse.

vehicle lights

Brake lights really stand out at night

The brake lights can be another problem; I have seen surveillances fail because some tapped their brakes.  While it is probably against the law to alter these safety systems, in a TEOTWAWKI situation, knowing how to do it may make the difference between sneaking off quietly or attracting the attention of unwanted people.

I suggest that you don’t  make any changes to your vehicles until it becomes necessary.  Making these types of changes to a car’s safety system may subject you to potential liability in case of an accident.

But take some time to find a mechanic who will show you how to make the changes to your vehicle lights and have any required tools or parts on hand before you need them.  Having the ability to leave an area at night without lights  may let you avoid a confrontation with dangerous individuals.




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Can We as Individuals Learn From the Terrorist Attacks in Paris?

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terrorist attacksThis morning some of my friends ran a tabletop exercise based on yesterday’s terrorist attacks in France.  First, I want to give my condolences and prayers to all of the victims their families and loved ones.

Second, I want to mention that I am only using a portion of what my friends did.  Some of the intelligence that they used in the exercise has already changed.  For instance, the latest information shows that a Syrian passport was found by one of the terrorists.  Information from Greece indicates that he only arrived in Europe about one month ago.  Now over the next few days more information about the terrorist attacks will surface.  But at the same time, much will be hidden.  We as individuals may never know all the information.

So what does this mean to us?  Can we learn from these terrorist attacks?  I think the answer is a definite, yes.  The following comments came out of their exercise.

Tabletop Exercise:

Reality check. How many here watching the news reports of the Paris have thought about personal/family protection?

  • First thoughts probably about packing a concealed weapon. Not altogether bad thing, BUT…
  • Now, honestly… think about it… How many brushed up on Trauma management and made sure they had some trauma supplies?
  • Google blast injuries? You walk up on the cafe after being rocked by the blast wave from just around the corner of a building, are you comfortable that you would know what to do and start giving aid?
  • Everyone always envisions themselves as the Hero shooter to take down the bad guy and preps for such…
  • Many don’t prep for trauma management where they may have a daily chance to actually apply their skills in such a random incident as a vehicle accident or a local situation.
  • When was your last first aid class?
  • When was the Last time you increased your level of medical training?
  • Motivation moment. You might be the first one to show up on a lonely road where one of my loved ones is injured…. could you do more than call 911?

(I suggest that you sit down with your family and friends and study how you would react if such a situation were to occur in your neighborhood.  Have you talked to your children about what to do if faced with this type of event.  Howard)

Paris attack sitrep:

Paris has been rocked by a multiple, coordinated terrorist attacks, leaving at least 140 people dead. President François Hollande has declared a state of emergency and ordered national borders closed.  Police have reported four of the hostage takers killed as elite units brought their operation at the Bataclan concert hall to an end.  Paris residents have been asked to stay indoors as about 1,500 military personnel have been deployed across the city.

  • Terror operations in Paris were apparently intended to fracture French society.
  • The terrorists want to provoke inter-religion frictions.
  • France will have to work hard to make sure they don’t allow them this success.
  • There will be little doubt that so-called Islamic State is top of the list of suspects.
  • France has the highest Muslim population in Europe.
  • Many peaceful and patriotic followers of the faith live in the poorest banlieues of the nation’s cities. Some feel left out of the wider French social structures even though the country has, for years, followed a policy of assimilation to try to reinforce the notion of ‘Frenchness’ among all its citizens.

As you can see my friends spent some time examining the terrorist attacks that occurred in Paris.  Now I have not included all the information that they sent me, because some of this has already changed and will continue to change in the future.

Now I am not going to spend a lot of time speculating on why or how, or who was involved.  There are plenty of other people who are better qualified than me to do this.  What I am going to do, is use the terrorist attacks as a training aid. Learn what we can to help keep our families and friends safe when terrorist attacks occurs here.



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Pandemics The Unknown Threats!

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The Pandemics Threat The Media Isn’t Talking About
Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live

11-1-15 Prepping for a PandemicsThis episode of Herbal Prepper Live will be cover the latest news on infectious diseases that should be in the news, but haven’t been. More importantly, how to do a Self Imposed Reverse Quarantine (SIRQ).

Unless you’re actively looking for information about infectious disease, you won’t hear much about pandemics threats on the nightly news these days. While the major new outlets may post a short article on their websites, the television new broadcasters have been silent on current, ongoing pandemics.

11-1-15 Hazmat_DEAThis has been the case ever since Ron Klain was appointed to the position of Ebola Response Coordinator, aka “Ebola Czar”. With no background in health or medicine, Klain’s appointment to this position is a shining example of the revolving door in politics. Within two week’s of being on the job, the media fell silent on Ebola, and any other potential pandemic disease.

There have, however, been some major developments:

  • The first recorded case of sexually transmitted Ebola
  • Ebola lives in the body much longer after symptoms are gone than previously thought.
  • 5 Super-Spreaders are responsible for 83% of the MERS cases in South Korea
  • Ebola and MERS can both relapse even after a person is “cured”.
  • New clusters of MERS patients are not from contact with camels, but from other people.
  • Military loses samples of plague and equine encephalitis viruses, and accidentally sends anthrax to the UK.

11-1-15 Food JarsSo, what can you do about any of this? Learn how to impose a successful SIRQ! This episode will cover various ways to secure your boundaries, what kinds of supplies you will need, and how long you will need them.

Pandemics happen. Between modern travel and human error, it is only a matter of time before the United States faces a major medical crisis. We have all seen how our government handles a crisis (Hurricans Katrina and Sandy jump to mind). Don’t get risk getting sick or stuck without necessary supplies. Learn how to protect yourself and your family with the information in this episode.
Herbal Prepper Website:

Listen to this broadcast “Pandemics The Unknown Threats” in player below!

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Refugees Over Run Germany, From an Expat’s Prospective

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refugeesThis is a letter from Germany describing the refugee problem that they now face.  This letter comes from what I believe is a reliable source and should give us some idea of what can occur here during a refugee crisis.  Remember refugees can be from external or internal areas.  This description could apply if the refugees were from large urban areas and they were desperate.


Life in Germany Today Is Getting Dangerous!

A perspective from an ex pat living in Germany for the last 30 years.  Interesting considering she is a musician with left leaning politics. —

My dear family,

You can’t imagine how life here in Germany has changed. The refugee is a big issue, as you may have been hearing on the news. Unfortunately, life in Germany is turning into a nightmare.

I will fill you in on a few things that are going on here knowing that this all sounds like something from Hollywood, but for us it is pure reality. It is not my intention to frighten you and if you don’t believe what I have written, no worries. At the end of this mail I have enclosed a few links.

For many, many months refugees have been flooding into Europe, Spain was hit the hardest because that is where they landed from northern Africa. Then all of a sudden their goal turned towards Germany. Since approximately 3-4 weeks these never ending masses of people are coming in from the south. There is a “small” land space between the mountains where they can cross the border from Austria into Bavaria. And they are now using other passage ways to get in.

The war in Syria has been going on for 4 or 5 years and now all of a sudden we are supposed to completely open up our borders and allow ALL the Syrians, Ukrainians and other war refugees in?? The fact of the matter is that the fewest of them are from those countries and MOST of them are young Muslims and black African men, mostly economical refugees. Many of them have thrown away their identity cards saying that they lost it on the way, and most of them aren’t even registered. Where are their wives and children???!!!! They are ALL given cell phones and are always checking them.  How does Germany house, feed and support all of these Muslims?

In one of the following links there is a women politician crying because she doesn’t know how to deal with all these people flooding into in Munich. There is no possible way to register thousands coming in EVERYDAY and finding places for them to stay, feed them, etc. They are now even placed in the “Olympia Stadium” where the Olympics were held. Kids are being removed from their schools and put into containers you find for workers at construction areas. The week Germans, unable to defend themselves, are being removed from their apartments saying that they need the space for refugees, without given an alternative place to stay.

It is only a matter of time until we all will be forced to take in refugees in our own homes. The mother of a student of mine works in a camp. 10 days ago it started to get cold and rainy and they are now given thicker blankets. Electric heaters are being put at each bed so they can keep warm. Most of them come from very warm countries and they are not at all accustomed to rainy or cold weather. A different tent was put up so that the Muslim women can take off their burkas without the men for a few hours a day.

Men, women and children from different countries all live together in the same tent or apartment etc. This alone is very explosive since we all know how the “Arabs” hate one other. But now they are placing them into any available housing they can find: empty office buildings, containers, etc.  If you look into these places after a short period of time, they are all trashed, disgustingly dirty. And the Germans should clean up after them?! Just look at pictures of buses when they leave them, trash everywhere. That is normality!

The tension is enormous. Not only against one another but also against the German helpers. These “invaders” throw back food that is being given them saying that they want different food or drink. There are some who have gone on a hunger strike saying that they want 2000-Euro a month. A dentist we know says that the government will pay him 2000Euro per person for free dental treatment for EVERYONE because their teeth are in a rotten condition. (What about the Germans who need help??!!) When they are offered water, they throw it back at the workers, and often say that they want a coke instead, whereas, they should be glad to even have a roof over their heads or get anything to eat, for that matter.

In one camp a retailer comes everyday to replace the washing machines placed there because the blacks are too impatient to wait until the door open up at the end of a washing cycle, so they destroy the door and expect a new machine. And they get it!!

We have been seeing videos that the refugees don’t even know (and are unwilling to learn) how to flush a toilet, because they are familiar with a hole in the ground. So the toilets in these camps are full of excrements and toilet paper lying all around. They have been throwing away the food, clothes, etc given them. We saw and heard of them coming to a camp and just demolishing it for no reason at all. It is very unfortunate, but the blacks and Muslims are very near sighted and have no perception of the future. The police are refusing to go into the camps anymore because they are being attacked and they are NOT ALLOWED, by the German government, to lock up the trouble makers or even hit back!!! The helpers are also being spit on and hurt and many have stopped helping, with soon more to follow their example.

Burglary, rapes (not only by one man, but by groups of men), people being beaten up for the “fun” of it, are happening on a daily basis. In an open swimming pool 10 Muslims raped a 7 year old girl just a few weeks ago, and that is only one story of MANY. I could cry!! There are communities with up to half of them refugees, harassing the German citizens in all ways imaginable. We have heard stories about groups of them showing up at grocery stores and just taking things out of the shelves and damaging it all on a daily basis, until security guards were finally hired. Today we heard that a small town of 300 now has a camp with 1200 refugees, and the Germans are afraid for their lives!!

XXXXXX was almost harassed 2 times from black Africans just wanting to start a fight and feeling strong. Luckily, XXXXXX took self-defense for 20 years and knows how to defend himself. A neighbor was beaten up by a gang near our apartment and is still in intensive care. We are familiar with a number a rape victims. We have been seeing gypsies scouting the area for places to break into, and many robberies have taken place around here, alone in our neighborhood. XXXXXX borrowed a car on Monday and while driving down a busy road and some blacks were walking in the middle of the road, as if they owned them, not caring if they were interrupting traffic or not.
We went to a flee market a few months ago across the street from us. There were so many foreigners. I said, “I feel like we are in different country, but I don’t know which one.”

Did you ever ask why the ALL suddenly want to come to Germany? We have heard that they were promised a Muslim land where houses will be built for them and they will get money, or what other fairytale told to them. Angela Merkl has been inviting them in. Indeed, they all receive money when they arrive. We see them buying and buying. Those who come here are naïve enough to believe that they could go to a country x that they are absolutely not familiar with; neither the culture, the climate, the language, etc, and what, start a new life? They can’t even read a sign because they are not familiar with our Latin letters. My Aunt told me that in her town only 12 out of 70 refugees showed up for German language lessons.

Our canceller and her fellow politicians are TRAITORS to the German people and they have been breaking laws left and right. What country would allow conditions like this to happen, especially in Europe? The courts and judicial system is highly corrupt. We know this through firsthand experience.

The last 2 years our German “traitors” have been letting more and more (mostly) Turks and black Africans into Germany with almost all of them on welfare. XXXXXX and I live on the outskirts of Hamburg and when we started to see them move here we started to get worried. In the subway every third person you see is a foreigner. Hamburg has (had since recently) approx. 2 million citizens. About a month ago I was at the foreign office to get my new passport stamped with my residency permit. The foreigners waiting in line were very cocky. Years ago, they were all afraid to be deported.

The German unemployment is in reality very high, contradictory to the false statistics being presented. The economy is doing very, very poorly with more and more businesses are going OUT of business. Wages are at an all time low, which was unthinkable in the near past. The German streets are in a horrible condition, which was unheard of a few years ago. The social project aren’t supported anymore. Need I go on??? Just ask Mary Ann, she was here last year.

There are (were) approximately 80 million people living in Germany, and this is a very densely populated country. Who is left to pay for all of this??? Besides, who is paying for all of this now? They have electric heaters in the tents because since one week the weather has been getting cold and rainy. Now the government is trying to drop wages even more, because of the new possible workers that have just arrived. Most of them are uneducated and are highly unqualified. What will our life standard and quality turn into??

Many police, military, and workers who are dealing with the refugees are so fed up and feel so betrayed by our government. The police doesn’t have enough manpower, equipment and not allowed to act accordingly to the dangers they and others are facing. Our military has been sent to Afganistan etc although they are desperately needed here. The borders to Germany are still open and only “guarded” by a few patrolmen who are helpless against the masses pouring in each day. The “Hilfswerk” was supposed to remove all their equipment from their hall to let refugees live there. But this hall HAS all the equipment to help these people and it is ridiculous to move it! Most of the volunteers quit working because of the absurdity. The sound of sirens has turned into an everyday sound, more than ever before.

People here have been brainwashed with a guilt complex since World War 2 ….. guilt, guilt, guilt is written all over them. In schools the smaller children have to watch the concentration camp victim videos and are already traumatized at a young age. That is why so many hold their tongue when it comes to saying anything against foreigners. Apart from that it is against the law to say anything against certain racial groups and you can go to jail because of it. This is reality pure even though many of the Germans remain oblivious of this.

The official media is so manipulative and writing lies left and right. They are not allowed to write anything that the refugees do.
Unfortunately, so many Germans believe what is written and will experience a rude awakening when all of a sudden the banks don’t open on Monday and all of their savings are gone, no cash will be had to buy food or drink etc, or when the fighting begins. Our infrastructure will soon become lame and then nothing will function anymore The Euro could crash any day, and will do so. Germany was always the economic stronghold of Europe. If Germany falls, Europe falls. If Germany stands strong, Europe stands strong. That’s how it has always been, even before the European Union (which was a disaster from the beginning).

Inflation and higher taxes are hitting us hard already and this is only the beginning.
Other European countries are being warned to prepare for worst, but not the German people, which is such a crime!!! Our Polish friend said that many people he knows in Poland tell him how absurd and dangerous Angela Merkl is, letting so many people in. They see what is going on and know where this is heading for!!!! These Muslims are SO aggressive and are one of the few cultures who do not assimilate even after many generations. We know this as a fact because so many have been living here for decades. They think and act so differently that we can’t even imagine it, and their religion allows them to hate us (Christians or non-Muslims).

Our latest information is that more and more soldiers are being spotted, (for ex. through facebook) and are wandering freely through Germany. We can well say that when we look around that there are more and more men who look very dangerous!!! There are so called refugees who are being “housed” in military camps. I call them soldiers who are ready to take over Germany.

On my way to school today I looked around and there are so MANY Muslim and black men that look so dangerous. The other foreigners don’t even bother me anymore because this overshadows our reality. The newspapers are writing about burglaries from gangs but are holding back vital information. There is enormous tension in the air, and the aggression between people in everyday life has skyrocketed. Most people I talk to have trouble sleeping. Those who are not directly involved in any “problems” try to ignore what is going on probably thinking that if they don’t look everything bad will go away. I witness this every day. Talking about the events is fruitless because no one wants to hear anything.  As you can imagine, in Germany and in all of Europe, a time bomb is about
to explode.  I am afraid for all those unprepared: the old, the sick, the children etc. etc. etc., and for us.

It sounds so outrageous because most of us have never experienced a war before and this is GERMANY, this is EUROPE. We have included a few links and in the internet you can find so much more, or contact us and we will be happy to pass on more information to you. The world is so closely knit that what affects us here, affects everyone in the world. Especially because Germany is (was) a world leading country.  I have heard arguments that our family went through the same thing, and I say it is NOT the same thing. The Ebinals were forced to move and they went to the land of their own culture.

When our Polish friend was young his grandmother always told him that war comes silently. And then it is there.

I’m so grateful to be with XXXXXX!! He is so loving, clear and calm, and I couldn’t have a better partner!!!! WE are preparing as good as we can so that we can stay at home during the oncoming civil war. Without him I would be lost. He is keeping his eyes open and checking daily our very reliable sources, contacts and insider information to see what the latest status is. Thank God for his common sense!! XXXXXX and I still have 2 apartments not far apart, but we are moving most of his things here because this apartment is situated in a private driveway with a dead end surrounded by trees and even unknown to the local taxi drivers. We live on the second floor with no balcony, which now seems a comfort. A few of our neighbors are reliable men who will do what needs to be done when the time comes. Emanuel doesn’t really want to see what is going on yet, although he a has great perception  of situations. But at
least he listens to what I tell him.

My Mother’s family in Bavaria are aware of what’s going on and are nervous, trying not to think of what the consequences will soon be. Winter is coming. Through all this craziness, XXXXXX and I think of Opa’s words in his

“But through the love and help of God, we have gotten over everything. I thank God for all the good and the evil.

My dear family, with God’s help we will somehow get through this, as well. You are in (our) my heart(s) and I am thankful that you are in my (our) life (lives). I will fill you in if anything major happens.


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