Truth or Spin!

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Truth or Spin!

Truth or Spin!
Allen Getz ” Behind The Headlines” Audio player below!

For the fourth broadcast of Behind the Lines, the use of public relations (a. k. a. propaganda) for the purpose of manipulating the masses for business gain receives attention. After a short review of the subject matter of the previous episodes, we will submerge ourselves in how companies perfected the mechanisms of involuntary coercion now used so deftly in the political arena.

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Book Review: To Ride Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth

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To Ride Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth was one of the first gun books I put into my library. Jeff Cooper is a gun cultural icon. This book shows why. It is full of Cooper’s wisdom and gun knowledge. His ideas on tactical residential architecture are priceless, and I have incorporated many of his concepts into my running mental plan for my dream home (scheduled to be built as soon as I can get out from under my underwater current mortgage). This is a small book, but it has had a large impact on how I think about conflict.

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Reverse culture shock – going ‘on-grid’

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Prisoners in fron of the fire see only their shadowsIf you ever study the faces of people who have recently returned from time off-grid or long periods of adventure travel, they seem to have this strange sharpness in their eye. It’s almost like they mistrust their newfound mod-con environment (perhaps rightly so).

I think of it in a Plato’s Cave kind of way. Plato’s Cave is an allegory written by the Greek philosopher Plato, and describes a situation where many prisoners’ are living in a cave and only have fire light to see by. They see their own shadows cast by the fire behind them onto the wall in front of them, and conclude that is the reality.

This cave is the prisoner’s entire reality until one escapes and realises they had been living in a cave all along.

The point of the story is meant to show that without education and knowledge of things greater than ourselves, we are confined to live in a distorted reality and mistake superficial appearances for truth.

Going off-grid is rather like moving from the cave to the sunlight. It’s also why going back can be difficult too; it feeling strange to suddenly bury yourself deep underground again.

Going back ‘on-grid’ after being off-grid can be even more shocking than the other way round.

As it is winter now, some of us will be thoroughly back ‘on-grid’ waiting for the summer to come back around.

But never fear, during these times of duress we will be here to entertain you, inspire you and comfort you with stories and information about getting back out there!

Also if you have any good going ‘on-grid’ stories share below or write to!

Like Charlton Heston discovering the decimated Statue of Liberty protruding out from the ocean on an island run by monkeys; returning to civilisation can sometimes make you want to scream, ‘you maniacs’ and start hysterically pounding the floor.

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Fake News on The APN Report

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Fake News Bob Hawkins “The APN Report” Audio in player below! From the very beginning, there has been controversy concerning the press & it’s apparent bias over how it reports the news. But of late, a new controversy has appeared that throws fuel on the fire. The rise of “Fake News.” Up until the last … Continue reading Fake News on The APN Report

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You’ve Been Lied To… Discover the Truth

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 One of the titles of our Adversary is “Father of Lies.” It is a apt title, for one of his main strategies is deception, and he has been at it for all of human history. 

We have been lied to repeatedly by the government, authorities and “experts” of the worldly system. In school we receive indoctrination, not education. The mainstream news media is little more than a PR firm for the worldly system of the Adversary. Lawyers, politicians, and bureaucrats have worked hard for generations to impose the the Adversary’s worldly system upon us through government and law. Political correctness is nothing more than a societal enforcement of his lies.

We have been lied to about Biblical Truth, history, civics, economics, science… the list goes on and on… 

I suggest prayer and the study of Scripture as the first and best defense against the Father of Lies. Next, spend time finding out the Truth for yourself. To that end, each week I will suggest a book or video exposing Truth in the face of Lies, posting the suggestion in the “Discover the Truth” section at the top of the left-hand column of this website. I will also keep a running list of past suggestions below:

Week 1Brilliant: Made in the Image of GodScientific & archaeological facts validate the Biblical Creation account.


The Untold Truths About Vaccines And Why Pharmaceutical Companies Can’t Be Trusted

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Vaccination has become a real issue lately, not only in the US, but worldwide. The controversy is far from being over, as people seem to be separated into two sides when it comes to vaccination: those who approve of vaccines and those who oppose them. As a parent, choosing a side is a great responsibility, because in this clash, only one side can be ultimately right. And the overall wellbeing of your children will depend on your choice.  The first advocates for vaccination you’ll come across will be your local pediatrician, but don’t let yourself persuaded that easily. He’ll have nothing else in mind than your kid’s health, no doubt about that, but keep in mind that he’s the result of a medical system that has proven to be flawed before. And more so, the vaccination standards and regulations are all directed by the AMA (the American Medical Association). The obvious question is whose best interest does the AMA hold: that of our children, or that of the pharmaceutical corporations (whose only purpose is financial profit)?


Shocking facts about vaccination that you should know

Throughout modern history, there have been several issues with many vaccines on the market. Those who claim otherwise are simply ignorant or ill-intentioned. RotaShield (the Rotavirus vaccine) falls into this category. It was removed from the market in late 1999, when it was demonstrated that there are links between bowel malfunction (obstruction, chaotic bowel twisting) and the vaccine itself. It was a great deal at the time, and the case is real as you clearly see for yourself here. The vaccine that followed (RotaTeq) was supposedly the new and improved version of the RotaShield vaccine. Although it doesn’t appear to be as destructive as its predecessor, it too seems to be causing bowel afflictions; you might find it hard to believe, but RotaTeq is still available on the market. Another famous and controversial case of vaccine malfunction has been recorded in February 2002, when GlaxoSmithKline (a preventive vaccine for Lyme Disease) has been withdrawn from the market. The manufacturer claimed poor sales, but the truth of the matter was that compelling evidence pointed out that the vaccine itself was responsible for worse cases of arthritis than the disease itself. You can read all about the untold truths about vaccines in this full report here.

In 2011, the I.O.M. (the Institute of Medicine), has submitted a report for further proof that certain vaccines can cause undeniable side effects. They’re studies have shown that the Chickenpox Vaccine can afflict children with immunodeficiency (but not only) with hepatitis, meningitis, encephalitis or pneumonia. The Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) Vaccine favors encephalitis, febrile seizures and Arthralgia (Short-term joint pain) in women and children. The HPV vaccine seems to be the cause of anaphylaxis in yeast-sensitive females and as overall side-effects, all vaccines can cause syncopes (fainting) or arm inflammation.

Dangerous chemicals and compounds found in vaccines

When it comes to purchasing processed food or sodas or whatever else intended for human consumption, the first thing you should do is to not focus the price of the product, but on the ingredients section. A vaccine is no different. You should be very aware before administering such a drug to your child. Most vaccines (if not all) that are on the market contain many substances and chemicals that can be extremely harmful to a human being. These potentially harmful components and their terrible side-effects are not given the proper attention and respect, mainly because of the marketing policies that the pharmaceutical moguls impose. Here’s a list of some commonly found chemicals in vaccines:

  • Formaldehyde is a carcinogenic fluid (used primarily in embalming corpses) that can cause respiratory distress, liver damage, reproductive deformation, gastrointestinal problems and various forms of cancer. Another flaw of this chemical is that it can neutralize the virus in the vaccine, which will make the vaccine completely useless
  • Thimerosal is basically mercury. Every vaccine contains about 25 mcg of Thimerosal, and according to the EPA the safe limit for humans is about 5 mcg. It’s very neurotoxic and it’s been linked to autism
  • Aluminum phosphate it’s dangerous because it reacts to mercury and it increases its toxicity. Considering that every vaccine already contains about 25 mcg of mercury, the recommended dosage is exceeded from the go
  • Sodium chloride inhibits growth, prevents normal muscle contraction and affects the circulatory system
  • Monosodium glutamate (MSG) when injected, it becomes chemical unstable and turns into a neurotoxin; it’s been linked to brain damage in children and CNS (central nervous system) disorders
  • Phenoxyethanol can disrupt the central nervous system and can gravely affect the liver or kidneys
  • Glycerin is known for causing gastrointestinal damage, lung damage, liver and kidney shutdown
  • Bovine cow serum causes chest pain, low blood pressure, lupus, arthritis and can damage connective tissue

These are only some of the most damaging chemicals used in vaccine. The list is much longer, be sure of that.

So before considering vaccination (for yourself or your family), do some research first. Listen to both sides and make up your mind whether the shot is worth it or not. At the end of the day, the damage cause by the “cure” can be far greater than that of the affliction you’re trying to prevent. Stay safe, stay informed and don’t be fooled by advertisements.


By Alec Deacon




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