What Do You Know About Hunting Blinds

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What Do You Know About Hunting Blinds
What Do You Know About Hunting Blinds


What Do You Know About Hunting Blinds?

Today I have a guest post for you on hunting blinds. I don’t know a lot about them but my guest will give us a solid starting platform. 

If you’re looking for one of the coolest activities you might even enjoy, then check out ground blind hunting. It’s pretty awesome and for more than one reason. For starters, you’ll be at eye level with wildlife like deer.

Types Of Stands

Ground blind hunting is something that comes in many forms. You can build one from available natural vegetation, or you could use something more obvious that’s constructed using artificial materials.


Hunting from treestands is not uncommon across the Midwest and Southeast states. What’s not to like about it? The elevation of being up in a tree means you get better views and you have better views. Your shot angle will be different if you’re bowhunting, but then again, that’s par for the course according to allcampingstuff.com.


Box blinds can either be ground level or elevated, but in either case, they provide robust concealment. Add a few things like carpet or even noise-dampening foam on the window sills, and you can have a clink or clunk now and then without penalty.


To me, personally, ground blinds are a retro thing, harkening back to yesteryear when hunters did things like stump-sitting, long before the outdoors industry took over everything. You would put on your hunting clothes, get your gun, and then go sit on one stump for a while. You might even find a brush pile to cuddle up into for a day.


Ground blinds are what I love hunting from. Finding a great little hole to hide in meant whipping up a quick blind using clippers and assorted limbs set up against a tree. Portable blinds can be put up for better concealment. Each one works, although today’s portable blinds can be rather nice, given their space and their fast assembly using a hub-spoke model.


Tips For Ground Blinds


If you intend to hunt using a portable ground blind, I do have a few suggestions you can use to get the upper hand:


1) Brush Things In: Even when you’re enclosed, take some time to brush your blind in using the available natural vegetation around you. A good saw or even a pair of hand pruners can trim limbs that you can lay on top of the blind and around your sides. A lot of the current market models even have external loops you can use to attach vegetation.


2) Avoid Scents: Even when enclosed, have great scent-control products you can use inside your blind, as well as on your clothes and boots. Hose everything down with them if you’re not going to bother being enclosed.


3) It’s Not A Cloaking Device: Even though you’re sitting inside a pop-up ground blind and the sun has set, you’re not free to jump around, dance, or twerk. Some movement is okay, but stay calm and quiet. The behavior of a whitetail is rather keen and quick, so you can’t afford to take chances when setting things up. As you make your blind, clear out leaves, limbs, and anything and everything that might break, snag, snap, rustle, or otherwise make noise.


4) Hunt With The Appropriate Wind: Some wisdom from tree stands still applies to any area you enter intending to use a ground blind. You certainly need to know the direction of the wind. Either pick the best possible route of entry, or just hunt a different day. If your blind is an enclosed one, then you might be able to just get away with things.


5) Stay Comfortable: Hunting in a ground blind doesn’t need to mean personal suffering. Let the kids bring a game or even their iPhone. So a sleeping bag and snacks might also be essential if they’re with you. Comfortable chairs can mean a world of difference too.


6) Keep Your Options Open: One aspect of ambush hunting I personally love when on the ground is the power to move around fast should I need to make changes. What if the wind shifts? It’s time to move. Does the first ground blind have a snake in it? It’s definitely time to make a move. You might even get a text from a friend or relative who is taking his ATV across part of the land you’re on. As a result you’ll notice what direction the deer take off in as they hear the vehicle. Having options is always a good thing.


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