Camping Trips Go Wrong, Could You Survive In The Wild?

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By Staff Writer – The Survival Place Blog

Camping trips, fishing breaks, and adventure holidays can all provide amazing memories.
On the other hand, any leisure activity in the wild has the potential to serve up some very
difficult moments. As a responsible traveler, being ready for all eventualities is essential.
After all, it’s not only your safety that could be at risk. Friends and family could be in danger

To stay in control of those situations, just remember to stay S.A.F.E!


Even if you’re lost without any power resources, you’ll have time to find help during the
daytime. Unfortunately, the nighttime is where real danger starts. While you may think that
this is due to animals and critters, it isn’t. The cold is the far bigger danger.The right products are key. However, you also need to know how and where to put the tentup. Making a poor decision here could open the door to a host of problems. Meanwhile,
sleeping bags will be crucial as you try to stay warm during the early hours.

Once again, as long as you’re safe at night, you have the day to find a solution.


A positive mindset can enhance your life in a whole host of ways. This is especially true in
life’s most challenging moments. Being stuck in the wild certainly falls into this category.
Whether you’re alone or in a group, your attitude will influence everything.

If you aren’t prepared to attack those problems, you may land yourself in serious danger.
Conversely, when you keep a clear mind and believe that a solution can be found, those
hopes will look brighter. Smart decisions made with clarity will always bring better outcomes.

If nothing else, it should prevent disagreements and fighting with your companions.

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Depending on the nature of the problems, it could be several days before you’re rescued or
find a way out of the predicament. Desperation can soon sink in if you don’t have the energy
levels required to stay positive. Nutrition is key.

Food and drink are two crucial aspects of a 72-hour emergency kit. These are primarily
thought of as home emergency resources. In reality, though, taking this package on your
next wild adventure could prove to be a life-saving decision.

First and foremost, it’s a matter of survival. The fact it will boost your comfort is a bonus.


If you’ve become lost, trapped, or in an unenviable situation, the right tools are key. A Swiss
Army knife should be kept on your possession at all times. In truth, though, this basic facility
is just one of several items that need to be mastered.

Do you know what is static rope? Are you able to tie various types of knots? Can you use a
compass and navigate yourself without Google Maps? All of those questions are crucial, and
the answers will guide you to the right resources and knowledge.

When combined with the other three points above, your survival hopes will look better than


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I’m Lost! What Do I do?

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