Survive a Winter Storm Power Outage

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Survive a Winter Storm Power Outage Winter storms must affect more people in the nation than another disaster. They hit giant metro areas like Boston and New York City. Even with underground power lines and a fleet of powerful plows the city and surrounding areas can be paralyzed by powerful winter weather. If the power …

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Winter Storm

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One thing that is important to know about winter storm advisories is to know the difference between a WATCH (conditions are right for the named event to occur) and a WARNING (the named event is occurring or imminent). Have a battery-powered radio available and stay tuned to local weather forecasts for storm updates. Last winter […]

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Winter Survival

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Winter Survival Josh “7 P’s of survival” Listen in player below! In this episode of the 7 P’s of Survival Radio Show we will be talking all things winter survival and preparedness. While we are all most likely a few weeks away from out first major winter storm now is the time to stock up. Get … Continue reading Winter Survival

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Winter Storm Preparations!

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Winter Storm preparations!
James Walton “I Am Liberty

Winter Storm preparations!Not entirely sure if this show will even come to pass. We are expecting high winds and heavy snow across my area at showtime and frankly this area doesn’t tend to fair well under such conditions. Power will go out and all the fun that goes along with that may take me away from honking on the microphone for an hour with the rest of the gang.

1-29-16 1366830765Does this mean your faithful host is not prepared? Does it mean I cannot do the show because of my ill attempts to do what I say and say what I do. NO WAY. Not only is your host ready for whatever comes falling out of the sky I plan on talking about it on the show! I plan on going into cold weather preparation and some steps I take during a winter storm.

Also winter storm food. What do we have to eat? There is nothing better than cooking when you are snowed in and I would also like to talk about the menu at the Liberty household during the snowpocalypse on the east coast. We will be warm and we will be full and I hope the same for you. So barring any cataclysmic event I will be with you live on the prepper broadcasting network.
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Surviving 72 Hours Stuck at Home

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72 Hour Kit for Surviving a Winter Storm Stuck at Home @MamaKautz


How does one survive 72 hours stuck at home? What if there’s no heat? Or worse, no Internet?!


The winter of 2008 we got 36 inches of snow in one dumping. The Principal was out of town and my car was a mini van. Read: No 4×4. No plow for our driveway to get to the main road.
We weren’t peppers at the time so none of these things had ever occurred to me before. I was born and raised in the Seattle area.
Thankfully, we didn’t loose power. I also wasn’t going anywhere. The driveway was impassable. I had enough food for myself and the 4 kids. I also had enough TP. The important stuff. I don’t think I could have gone more than a week though.

This is my list for surviving 72 hours stuck at home.

#1 Heat
We have a wood-stove that heats the house nicely. If it gets in the Sub-zero range we start closing doors to direct the heat into other areas. I can count on one hand how many times we’ve lost power, for any length of time, in 12 years, but it still nice to have. Plus it makes winter bearable.

#2 Clean
If it’s close to the storm’s arrival, and we know it’s going to be a big one, then I usually clean. You know, in case the power does go out. I want clean floors, clothes, and dishes.

#3 Games
I have games on hand in case we do loose power. Or, heaven forbid, internet. You know your computer is worthless without it don’t you. We like Wits and Wagers and Risk. Card games are also fun. Basically, something to break up the boardroom.

#4 Pay attention to the weather report
We use this radio most of the time. We pay attention to the weather report closely during the months of December, January, and February. If it looks like we are going to get dumped on then we get the wood in and the chickens ready before hand so we don’t have to go out in it. This goes for sub zero temps or snow. Not because the kids don’t want to, but if it’s windy, it is a safety issue.

#5 Supplies are Important
We have plenty of water stored for 72 hrs. 1 gallon per person, per day. If we lose power we lose water. I do have water for flushing the toilet, too.
We do have a hand pump for the well if we need it. Also, have a plan.
In case The Principal or The Girl are at work, and we get a ton of snow, we have a communication plan. They both have stuff in their cars like blankets and a couple of MRE’s. They also have FRS radios in case cell service is down.

Other stuff would be:

  • Flashlights
  • Candles
  • Matches
  • Food
  • First Aid Kit/Essential Oils
  • Blankets
  • Long Johns
  • Alternative Cooking Source
  • Manual Can Opener

#6 Enjoy!
Not much more forces you to slow down life than a good snow storm.
Enjoy it. Have hot chocolate with that Bailey’s at the back of the cupboard.
Read a book.
Put down the cell phones.
Embrace the slow for awhile. You will survive, and you may even make some great memories.

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Winter storm to blast central US with blizzard conditions, severe weather and life-threatening flooding

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By Brett Rathbun AccuWeather

Travel problems will occur across the south-central United States this weekend as a major storm brings everything from blizzard conditions to the threat for tornadoes.

This storm will slowly track northeastward across the South Central states into Monday with the likelihood of closed roads and flight cancellations.

This storm will create a travel headache for anyone trying to get home following the Christmas holiday. Those that do not need to travel this weekend are urged to stay home.

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JUMP TO: Blizzard to unfold across New Mexico, southern High Plains | Ice to coat central Texas to northern Missouri | Major flooding to threaten eastern Oklahoma to Missouri | Severe thunderstorms to roll across Texas, lower Mississippi Valley

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