What’s the Illuminati Planning for the 2018 Super Bowl Half Time Show?

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There’s an incredibly scary trend that’s been developing over the past couple of years with regards to the illuminati.  The name of the game isn’t child’s play “gang…

The Agenda: Lowering the Authority of Jesus Christ

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In a recent video, we examined the subtle ways in which Pope Francis seems to be undermining the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith. Even more alarming, Francis…

Pope Francis is Accused of Heresy by his OWN CHURCH

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A great awakening had already happened back in 1517 when Martin Luther started the reformation against the Catholic Church.  However, we are seeing another such reformation within the…

What’s With the New Upside Down Christmas Tree Trend?

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One of the strangest things to trend the social media-sphere lately is purchasing an upside down Christmas tree for your house.   Originally, it seems like this idea…

Mystery Solved? Mysterious Booms Happening All Across the World

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For about the past decade, there have been reports of mysterious booms happening across the world.  The majority of these sounds have been limited to the USA and…

Common Mistakes Nearly Every Prepper Will Make (If They Admit It!)

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prepper mistakes

After years of prepping, I’ve been reflecting on what I would do differently if I were starting to prep right now. I’ll bet some of my mistakes are pretty common among all preppers and survival-minded people. These are some of the mistakes I made. Do any of these sound familiar?

1)  I read too much Survival Blog when I should have watched more how-to videos on YouTube.

Survival Blog gave me a big kick in the pants for getting started in preparedness, but it also sucked my wife and I into near-panic attacks and bouts of despair. One day I came home from work to find her at my desk, still in pajamas, hypnotically reading article after article on Survival Blog. Doom and gloom articles had her frozen with fear, and although that blog and others like it motivated us, they also didn’t encourage us to learn more skills. It was all about stocking up and being afraid.

YouTube is filled with massive amounts of great information but in smaller doses and often accompanied by a friendly face and voice. I would have learned more about waxing cheese, bushcraft skills, primitive water filters, and stocking up on veterinary antibiotics, all of which would have been more practical than reading tips for buying property safe from rifle fire.

James Rawles is one of my prepper heroes, but for a beginner, YouTube videos would have been more helpful and encouraging. Just one of many prepper mistakes I made early on.

2) I should have bought less crap and more high-quality products.

Preparedness is best done in this order: awareness, education, and then action. In our initial panic, we steered clear of education and jumped right into the action phase. That’s my style, I guess. Early on I bought a lot of cheap “survival” products that were recently sent to a thrift store as a donation. My wife was quite the couponer and because she had a stack of “awesome” coupons, she bought bottles and bottles of salad dressing we never used. After a year or two, they turned all sorts of weird colors and she threw them out. I didn’t argue with her.

I’ve since figured out that buying the best quality we can afford is smart, even if we have to wait until we have the money. A high-quality pair of walking shoes could make the difference between life and death someday. We want tools, supplies, and even food that is meant to last for the long haul, not bargain basement specials that are cheaply produced and quickly fall apart.

3) I wish I had spent less money early on

I imagine that most preppers start off in a panic mode and begin amassing enormous quantities of stuff, just for the sake of having stuff. However, I have learned that doing a fair amount of research first is the smartest way to go.

We didn’t know much about food storage conditions, for example, when we first began buying extra food and soon found ourselves with packets and boxes of potato flakes infested with tiny black bugs.

4) We should have networked with others sooner

It’s always hard feeling as though you’re the, “only one”. The, “only one,” with a certain health condition or the, “only one,” going through a personal crisis. Feeling as though you’re the only prepper in town is just as hard. You feel isolated, a little paranoid, and yet there’s a deep need to talk with others who are on the same wavelength, but everyone you know isn’t a prepper for any number of reasons.

I felt very alone, year after year. A couple of fledgling prepper MeetUp groups began around that same time, but I didn’t take advantage of their meetings, and I should have. Joining in on forum discussions is a good option but it can’t take the place of face to face conversations. It would have helped me identify more quickly what my priorities should have been, and it would have been comforting to know that I wasn’t the, “only one.” Preppers University live classes offer one of the best ways to network with others who have the same survival perspective and get an education at the same time.

5) I should have kept my mouth shut around family and close friends

To this day, no one in my family or my husband’s family is on board with preparedness. In short, I could have saved myself a lot of awkward explanations and times of feeling defensive if I would have stayed quiet.

Eventually, preppers “self-identify” when they’re around people they know and trust. They are suddenly familiar with names like Gerald Celente and Alex Jones. City-dwellers develop an odd interest in raising chickens and turning their backyard pools into tilapia ponds. It’s not hard to figure out who’s prepping if you pay attention, and keep your mouth shut until you’re pretty darn sure they’re on the same page as you.

6) And, we should have focused on financial survival first instead of third, or fourth

In the beginning I felt a mad rush of urgency to buy, to stock up, to preserve, to read. I wish I had felt that same urgency when it came to money. I should have doubled down on paying off debt, saving money, learning about and buying precious metals. We did these things eventually, but it would have made life easier if we had taken financial survival a little more seriously from the get-go.

As an experienced prepper, I now realize the importance of financial prepping. In fact, you could almost say that it sets the stage for all other prepping steps but it’s overlooked by most prepper writers and websites, and that’s a shame. From finding ways to earn extra money to creative ways for cutting back on expenses, it’s possible for just about anyone to come up with enough extra dollars each month to afford a good first aid kit, freeze-dried food, a Sun Oven, and many other helpful products. I’m also a big fan of having extra cash on hand for emergencies.

Looking back, what prepper mistakes did you make?

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A Guide to New Income Streams

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A Guide to New Income Streams I am obsessed with the idea of diverse income streams. I think as preppers we should never be latched onto a single income stream. The days of the big salary just aren’t doing it for me anymore. The funny thing is I look at the big salary as far …

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Cold Steel Broken Skull Review

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Cold Steel Broken Skull Review: Old School Cool The Cold Steel Broken Skull has a few old school touches that hearken back to simpler time in the knife industry. It’s classic clip point blade and easy to use Triad Lock are things that I appreciate. It seems to me like a modern iteration of the […]

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2017 New Year’s Eve Illuminati Symbolism

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Every New Year, we find the elite occultists slip some type of illuminati symbolism into their ritual.  This year is of no exception, albeit much more subtle.  This…

Pope Francis False Prophet – “Faith is Fighting with God”

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Out of all the things the False Prophet Pope Francis has said, this goes down as one of the worst.  With all the end times symbolism going on,…

70,000 Witness Ancient Demonic Apparition in the Sky

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The Sun Miracle of Fatima, otherwise known as the Miracle of Fatima, The Miracle of the Sun, or The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima is revered by…

How Another REPUBLICAN Can Steal Donald Trump’s Presidency

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Right now, there is a change.org petition asking for the electoral college to vote for Hillary Clinton on December 19th.  In addition to that petition, two electors from…

Is Donald Trump a Christian?

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All across the internet, there are multiple articles with Donald Trump on full display with Christian believers praying over him.  He claims to be a protestant Christian, but…

Occult Message Spoken from Empire State Building on Election Night

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Below is an image of the Empire State Building lit up for election night by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.  When I saw the ESB lit up, I knew that…

BOMBSHELL! Pope Francis Protestant Ceremony Unveils CERN and Child Sacrifice Symbolism

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I’ve been saying this for awhile now, that Pope Francis is indeed the False Prophet ushering in the One World Religion prior to the tribulation period.  He has…

Pope Francis “Ties the Knot” on a One World Religion

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If you don’t already know, there is an enormous amount of evidence to suggest that we are living in the terminal generation spoken about in the prophetic end…

In Plain Site – Satanic / Illuminati Symbolism in Disney Films

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Many do not know that Disney films are filled with more than just princesses and rainbows.  In fact, Disney films have a history of containing very strange and…

Together 2016 Christian Event Hijacked with 9/23 Satanic Agenda

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Right now, Christians see the apparent persecution of them in the United States.  Whether it is threats from our own government, ISIS, other religions, etc., Christians feel like…

Cold Steel Broken Skull First Impression

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Cold Steel Broken Skull First Impression The Cold Steel Broken Skull is a relatively new folding knife. It was designed with input from wrestling legend “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Mr. Austin is a life long outdoors man and ranch owner. Like it’s designed the broken Skull is big, brash, and tough as nails. I haven’t […]

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Pope Francis Responds to Critics Calling Him The Anti-Christ

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I’m back temporarily from a short blogging leave as I’m overwhelmed with home improvement projects!  I should be back full steam within the next 2 weeks or so,…

Donald Trump’s False “Christianity” Influenced by a 33° Freemason

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For anyone who is holding out hope for either Ted Cruz and Donald Trump as president, you should really take a look at this video.  Both of these…

PROOF You Are Living in The End Times

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The prophecy of Saint John in Revelation is becoming startling true!  One can simply not deny how current events are aligning perfectly with what he had envisioned!  Watch…

End Times – Will “Christians” Turn on The Remnant Church?

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Don’t think that it won’t happen in the future.  History teaches us it has happened at least two major times in the past…

Fight Breakdown: Big Guy Sucker Punches Smaller Guy and Pays For It

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1- Sometimes people get offended/ violent at things you would not expect. There are cultural components to it but heck, people are crazy. Alcohol or drugs compound this. 2- Note the pre punch facial grooming. 3- Note the feet moving prior to the punch. If a person goes from standing squared up to you how we normally talk to dropping a foot back get frickin ready. 4- The bigger guy was real dumb for not following up his first punch. 5- The smaller (but not small and also apparently pretty athletic)guy had some knowledge of wrestling the way he changed levels, clenched, took the guys back then dropped him on the ground. 6- Staying standing and striking was smart. In a non recreational fight you do not want to be on the ground. Don’t get me wrong I train BJJ and stuff but a black belt won’t help if Cletus has a friend who puts a size 11 work boot through your face. 7- Fight hard until the other guy is no longer a threat. Even ugly punches count.

Berenstain Bears 666 Satanism – Circa 1984 :(

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History just bit me in the arse…. Funny how the Berenstein or “Berestain” books all the way from my childhood had such prominent acts of Satanism weaved through…

McDonald’s Happy Goggles – Plugging Children into the All Seeing Eye

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Hold your children close. This world of lies and distraction is eagerly looking to consume our children.  McDonald’s is now beta testing cardboard virtual reality headsets and integrating…

The Pope Cartoon – Indoctrinating our Children

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The NWO religion is now down to indoctrinating the pre-school and elementary children in this series of Catholic cartoons that is already in school curriculum across several nations….

Experience the Art of Fire – Flint & Steel Primitive Fire Review

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Physical preparedness is so much more than acquiring hard assets, cramming knowledge, and getting the latest survival gadgets.  While these things can be important, physical preparedness provides an…

Justice Scalia’s Death Relates to Justice Roberts and Obamacare

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  What we are witnessing is a true enemy of the state moment with Justice Scalia being downright assassinated.  Right now, tons of high profile people are questioning…

Off Grid Prepper Communications with goTenna!

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Visit goTenna by clicking HERE I’ve been immersed in all sorts of communication gear from walkie talkie’s, to hand held HAM radios, to base station HAM radios, and now…

Did the Illuminati Kill David Bowie?

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The whole world has been captivated by David Bowie’s death.  Even more captivating is the occult symbolism that he left the world with his final “gift” – a…

Camo Effectiveness, Silent Hiking & Tracker Dog Escape and Evasion

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In this video, I’ll describe why it might actually be better to have a “hunter’s” camouflage rather than military type BDUs if you want to REALLY blend in…

Prepper Counter Tracking, Escape & Evasion

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Counter tracking is an essential technique that preppers must know.  It does not only apply to being “actively tracked” or pursued by someone.  What about “passive tracking”.  What…

Pope Francis – God was Destroyed and is a Failure!

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This is UNBELIEVABLE!  The pope now just said that God was destroyed and is a failure this past November.  This is in line with his September quotes saying…

Warning! Gun Control Measures ALREADY Activated since 1998

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I’ve never really been concerned about full on door to door gun confiscation.  However, whistleblowers have uncovered stunning gun control measures which have been illegally implemented since 1998…

Citizen Bailout & Free Money Coming! Don’t Be Fooled!

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Incredible prediction from a financial analyst just manifested itself partially this week.  When this event happens, don’t be fooled. By some black swan event, there will be a…

Video’s of the Week: Chuck Woolery and his wisdom…..

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YouTube is an absolutely incredible source of information on almost anything you can think of. Every week we feature a new video related to a variety of topics such as firearms, first aid, gardening, security, food storage, water filtration….and current events. 

I am a huge Chuck Woolery fan. Here are a few video’s from his YouTube channel. The top two are very recent while the older one at the bottom is still very timely.










Rihanna’s Satanic #AntidiaRy Celebrates End Times as Imminent!!

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Dear friends, I’ve been discussing this with many prominent Youtube bloggers – the fact that the entertainment landscape has drastically changed over the last 5-10 years, and ESPECIALLY…

COP21 Psyop Conditioning for Geological Event?

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Why in the world would you gather all the world nations together for two weeks and meet every 5 years for something that is NON LEGALLY BINDING! Well,…


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Amanda Gang is weary of consumerism – appalled at the way her own parents are such avid shoppers.

She just wants out. so she is hoping to wander across the USA on a bicycle. She lives in Manhattan.

In this video, Amanda tells us she is looking for passionate and like minded people that feel her need to go living off the grid. She would like land, where she can just be and a community which will let her do what she likes to do and that is to get back to mother nature. This appeals to her and her friends.

She would like to attach herself to what her heart tells her where to be within a community that she relates with as gardening and building a home. She thought the art community was this but the four white walls and zero eye contact makes her think what her mind and heart tells her — that an alternative of living in contact with the earth is the answer.

Amanda is starting from scratch and she is surrounded by a cycle of destruction where her body yearns for nature. She has to learn from trial and error.


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Cheap Prepper Trip Wire Perimeter Alarm

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Whether you are home, displaced in the woods, or in a foreign building/structure – First warnings are imperative so you have an edge on your intruders. For under…

Fiat Lux Satanic Vatican Light Show Decoded

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Lots of satanic, luciferian and illuminati symbolism in this light show that was casted over the Vatican. Fiat Lux is the SAME company that put the image of…

Bugging Out & Sleeping Bags – Outdoor Vitals

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This IS the cheapest and best quality down sleeping bag you will find manufactured in the USA! I came across a small startup company here in the US…

Video of the Week: Islam, US Policy and Violence: What Nobody Wants to Say

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YouTube is an absolutely incredible source of information on almost anything you can think of. Every week we feature a new video related to a variety of topics such as firearms, first aid, gardening, security, food storage, water filtration….and current events. 

  *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Some may find The Patriot Nurse’s words controversial. I find them factual. The division in this country and the threats against it are growing. Although speech such as this and many things I say may be called “divisive” I know I have converted people and educated others. I believe in the Constitution and the America that the Founders created.

For record I do not believe that all Muslims are terrorist – not even close.



This video was created BEFORE the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California. Very prophetic.



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Gathering Information: Simple method for downloading YouTube Video’s

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As I build my preparedness library I am finding video’s are becoming a larger part than I originally intended. If a picture is worth a thousand words…well….a video is worth even more.  I am using multiple tablets and Kindle Fire’s to store my electronic library including the video’s.

You name it it can be found on video. This includes movies for entertainment, how to dress a deer, how to take care of a broken arm, instructions on building fences, etc.

The biggest challenge to putting together this video library is actually downloading the video’s so they can be viewed offline. Well – there is actually a very simple method.

Here it is:

Step #1 – Find the video you wish to download.


Step #2 – Find the url for the video at the top of the screen – see below. It starts with http://www.youtube .

maxresdefault (2)


Step #3 – add a ss between www. and the youtube – then click enter



Step #4 – at this point another website opens. Now click the green “Download” button and the video will download automatically.

Notice the box next to the green Download button. You can change the video format if you wish.




That’s it!! Super simple and it works great.

Take care – Rourke