How To Use Zip-Ties in An Emergency Situation

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How To Use Zip-Ties in An Emergency Situation Your imagination is the key to survive an emergency situation. It doesn’t matter if you’re stranded in the woods or in the concrete jungle. Putting your mind to good use and using the items you have can save the day. Having a few simple zip-ties in your …

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10 Survival Uses for Zip Ties

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10 Survival Uses for Zip Ties I normally use zip ties to keep my chicken coop wire together, it works great and I can cut them off when I want to make the coop bigger, Easy and less hassle than using metal wire. Zip ties were primarily used for electric cables or wires. Because of …

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Preparing Your Emergency Storage

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Preparing Your Emergency Storage

Emergency survival preparation can vary a lot from situation to situation, depending on what is being prepared for, and who is doing the preparing. There are some essentials that work across the board, however, and there are also many unique items that can help any situation out. Read on for five unique items that would make any emergency situation safer and easier for you and your family.

zipZip Ties and Cable Ties

  • Incredibly useful and hardy ties primarily used by electricians for securing cables together, zip/cable ties can perform in so many other ways. They are excellent fasteners and although they can only be used once, they last pretty much permanently, and can stand up to the elements. You can use them to build shelter out of a tarp with grommets, or to secure stakes and poles together. They are an excellent, small, and lightweight thing to throw into your repair kit.




Survival Bandana

  • Another unique item with many uses. Survival Bandanas can be used not only on your head for warmth or as protection from sunburn, they can be worn around the neck for warmth or as a sweatband in the heat. They can also, however, be used in a medical situation as a bandage or cleaning implement, or as a sling or tourniquet. Highly versatile, keeping several around your kit are a must-have.

wash board





  • Regardless of how dire the emergency that you might end up in is, you will need to at some point keep clean. It is important in the psychological aspect of staying human. Washboards are surprisingly effective at cleaning even the toughest stains. They are inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to use and keep around.






Feminine Products

  • These are excellent for wound management. Even the military uses them to treat and clean bullet wounds. Tampons fit into a bullet wound and expand as they absorb blood to fill the hole and keep it plugged until it can be treated properly. Pads can help staunch heavy bleeding. Keep several in your extended medical kit, and stockpile more than a few to have when in need. (Editor’s Note: I highly recommend using Olaes or Israeli Bandages in you kits so you are able to treat all wounds with proper dressing. Tampons are good in an emergency but they are not sterilized.)


81WOKHlxT7L._SL1500_UV Water Purification Pen

  • This is an item that is a relatively recent addition to camping/outdoors/survival situations because of its modernity. It is highly useful and compact “pen” with a light bulb inside, which when immersed into water, purifies it through the action of UV light which kills all bacteria and viruses. Water is vital for survival, and this pen is the perfect addition (either as primary or back-up water purification system) to ensure that you and your loved ones have enough drinking water. While this high-quality product can be costly to your wallet, search online for the product and consider using available Brownells coupons at to help you save money.

Emergency situations can only be manageable with proper thought given to preparation. By obtaining these items, you will be more prepared than the average person to meet the struggles of emergency survival.


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